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Current Jewelry Trends Shaping the Industry
August 28 , 2015 | Written by:

After several seasons of ambitious statement trinkets, your favorite celebrities have shown a trend of scaling back for the summer and fall. You will come cross thinner cuffs and rings, layers, and rose gold. The focus seems to be shifting towards smaller sizes, but they are still making big impact.

So what are the latest designs in fashion jewelry which are going around the trends?

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been here for some time, but it makes a comeback every now and then. It makes great choice for wedding and engagement rings. The beautiful metal, a mixture of copper and gold is known for its warmth that can accentuate different skin tones. Besides, you will be able to wear it with various styles – whether you are wearing pretty vintage rings or contemporary organic earrings or anything in between.

Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry have long been known to have unique character. The manufacturing processes are more rustic and the result is something more ‘organic.’ Handmade jewelry are usually made in small volumes, which also makes the pieces more unique. You cannot expect the same necklace to be worn by anyone in your peers.

Parallel to this trend, there is a growing demand for custom, unique pieces. More and more women, and even men prefer having a piece of jewelry that’s unique to them and is still affordable.

Unconventional Accessories

We can see that there is a growing trend to wear unconventional accessories. Athletic jewelry is one case but asymmetrical pieces are also gaining some popularity. Sports versions of wrist wears and high end gadgets have been seen through the spring and summer trends. An increasing number of designers are offering asymmetrical pieces, especially jewelry for their buyers. You can find the trend across everything – from fine jewelry to more fun pieces. Don’t be surprised if you come across pieces which are longer from one side and shorter from other or pieces that have total color mismatches.

Decorative Romance

This is a more romantic and feminine trend that has caught up with those who are bold enough to state their girly side. This trend is all about elaborate decorations of love displayed through intricate designs, crosses, pearls, fancy flowers, and sparkling jewels. Some of the notable features seen this season are rose gold accents, sweet rose-toned gems, and diamond crusts. What is even more interesting is that you can come across matching sets including everything from the earrings to the ring to the necklace.

Splash of Color

It will not be wrong to claim that marsala has been one of the most popular colors of the year. It is known for its warmness and mesmerizing shade. There are many examples of gems that have gained massive popularity in this shade, with pink tourmalines , topaz, spinel, and ruby being in hot demand.

These hues have the power to make your jewelry more appealing. Mixing them with hues of greens and blues makes any pieces stand out.


The craze to showcase their personality across their jewelry pieces has caught so much with so many fashion enthusiasts that there is a growing trend to wear monogrammed jewelry. Monogrammed necklaces, earrings and other pieces feature both shaping and etching letters. So if you also want to wear something more personal, this is a recommended trend. You could also gift these pieces to your loved ones.

These are some of the most popular jewelry trends which are hot this season. You have seen them through the spring and summer, and they are highly likely to make it through the year.

Expo Prestige Montreal & The Seasonal Trends
August 27 , 2015 | Written by:

The dangly collar necklace, sparkly spheres, and the palm cuff are the biggest trends of the season. You can expect these and many other jewelry trends to be present at the 45th Expo Prestige exhibition to be held in Montreal this month.

The Jewelry Expo
The Expo Prestige is back again. The 3-day grand jewelry exhibition will be held at the Montreal Convention Centre and brings the leading jewelers from all across Canada. The event displays some of the most innovative designs and trends from the season across all the products including different jewelries, gold, silver and other metals, bracelets, diamonds, and related products.

The event has entered its 45th year and brings representatives from the industry, and aficionados from across North America and Europe. The expo takes place every year in the heart of the city, surrounded by high-fashion centers, museums, and historical sites.

Positioned just before the holiday season, Expo Prestige brings you some of the widest selection of jewelry that is more included towards a European finesse. You can find everything from diamonds to gold jewelry, from semi-precious to precious stones, to exquisite watches and other jewelry accessories.

Jewelry Trends
Through spring and summer, different jewelry trends have shown consistency in terms of their popularity. The most notable ones have been the palm cuff, the sparkly spheres, and the dangly collar necklace. These trends are highly expected to make it to this year’s Expo Prestige too.

Palm Cuff
This year the classic cuff has seen a fascinating improvement, where the weight has gradually moved to the hands. There’s a growing inclination towards a thinner metal band instead of the stockier statement bracelet. People like to wear more complex cuffs and the trend appears to remain here for some time.

Hanging Collar Necklace
There has been a gradual shift from the more classic bib to

The traditional bib necklace has made way for necklaces with trimmings, chain, and loop additions. It is probably time the bold necklace change its form.

Glittery Spheres
Magnificent and large pearls have been the inspiration throughout the year. You must have come across larger trinkets, both plain ones and double sided ones. Add to them some sparkle and you have got some bold and glittery spheres.

Fall Trends
It is also expected that many of the trends from the last year will also be making a return. You can expect stacking of rings, earrings and necklaces. Hues of pinks and turquoise are already trending. You can stack necklaces of different length and even add a lariat.

Geometric Shapes
Geometric shapes may be bold, yet they are considered to have minimalist design. Considered to be more contemporary, geometric shapes give a more refined look with smoother textures, metals and stones. Such solid pieces can be worn well with soft knits and give a feel of advanced touch.

Chain is also in hot trend. Highly versatile, it can fit into different fashion styles. Available in different designs including link bracelets and multi-layer chains, they look more glamorous. You may also wear chain jewelry to get a more fierce look.

With things heating up as the shopping season approaches, it is recommended to keep things simpler. You want to make a balanced statement. For example, if you are wearing something more vibrant, choose delicate jewelry that balances it.

With the Expo Prestige here and the festive season round the corner, you don’t need to spend tons in looking great. The season features gorgeous jewelry pieces, both delicate and bold, and are available in almost any budget. The best thing about the seasonal trend is you can look great even in simple outfits.

Emerald and Opals: Non Traditional Wedding Stones & Settings
August 9 , 2015 | Written by:


Diamond is the stone of choice for wedding rings. But this summer, many couples are trying something different. Opal and emerald are the two hottest stones riding over a wave of craze for something unique and more colorful.

Opal Rings

Opal is considered as the second line of expensive class of gemstones. The most interesting point about these stones is that no two opals can ever be same. These are the only kind of stones that express all the colors in the spectrum.

Don’t expect it to be too durable. Besides, opal will require frequent care so that it doesn’t dry off. It starts developing cracks once it dries off. The best way to keep the stone moist is to wear it regularly and it will keep absorbing moisture from your skin.

It is however recommended to keep your opal ring protected against extremely dry conditions. If you can take care of opal, there could be nothing more colorful and ‘magical’ than this stunning piece of stone to serve for your wedding or engagement ring.


Emeralds are easily recognizable for their unmatched green hues. They have continued to fascinate human imagination for over four millennia. They have been worn by the kings and queens, from the ancient Egyptian era to the ancient Greeks and more recently by the royal families worldwide.

Emeralds are known for their green hues that range from light yellow green to dark green shades. You could even find emeralds with bluish tints.

Emerald makes a fear better option for wedding rings as compared to most other stones except diamond. But before you consider choosing these precious green stones for your wedding ring, keep in mind that they needs some amount of care to maintain their looks.

You will have to oil an emerald occasionally to retain its luster. Other treatments include ultrasonic effects and steam cleaning.

Setting your Wedding Rings

While emerald and opal are increasingly gaining popularity as alternatives to diamond, the choice of the stone’s setting is another factor to consider for your wedding ring.

Four Prong Setting

Four prong setting is quite popular. It is ideal for rings where you want to shine the maximum amount of light through the stone. In this case the prongs are bent and spaced evenly around the center stone. Besides, four prong setting can be used with different shapes of stones.

Six Prong Setting

Choose 6 prong setting if you want to give more support to the center stone. Then there are multiple prongs that keep the diamond more securely in the place.

Full Bezel Setting

An increasing number of couples are choosing full bezel settings for their wedding rings. As the name suggests, the center stone is encircled fully with the metal. It can be used to fit any shape of stone and provides the best possible protection.

Semi Bezel Setting

While full bezel offers maximum protection, semi bezel allows displaying more of the diamond. It allows light to enter from more angles.

Flush Set

A flush setting provides additional protection to the stone against wear. In this setting the gemstone is kept under the band.

Pave Setting

In pave setting the gemstones are closely set and separated by tiny metal beads. These wedding diamond ring designs can help in enhancing the center stone.

Pave with millegrain and channel set are the other options available for setting wedding rings.

So if you want to create a unique wedding ring, choose from these different stones and settings. While clear diamond and four prong is the ideal option traditionally, you could also experiment with non-classic options like emerald and opals.

How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring?
August 5 , 2015 | Written by: engagement rings

Wedding rings stand as a symbol of love and as exemplary fashion accessories that you will cherish for a lifetime. When it comes to choosing a man’s wedding ring, it must match your personality. Style is also an important factor, but it keeps changing with time.

So how to choose the perfect men’s wedding ring for yourself that’s not ordinary?

Choose Something that Stands for your Personality

The consideration about your personality is something best left to your fiancée. She will be better able to tell if you are a more classic and straightforward guy. A more classic gold wedding ring will be the perfect choice.

But there are men who will not be interested in wearing something more plain and classic. In such a case, a dual-tone ring could be the right option. Wedding rings with inlaid stripe or woven/textured pattern are also perfect for wearing something nontraditional.

Scientifically engineered rings or titanium bands are more suitable for men who are interested in something more technological. A man who gives lots of importance to his cultural background should have something related to his identity integrated into his ring.

Choose the Right Metal Type

Choosing the right metal for men involves a different process as compared to choosing a precious metal for women. The choice of the metal will depend on several factors including its durability, looks and comfort.

Gold – Gold continues to be the most widely used metal for men’s wedding rings, used both in its traditional yellow and relatively newer white color. But titanium is increasingly gaining popularity because of its high durability. It can also vary in its colors – from white to silver.

Platinum – Then there is platinum, which is even more popular than titanium. It is known for its high density and feeling of heaviness. These are the perfect alternative to white gold rings, while adding more value and strength. It is worth noting that this white metal is extremely durable.

Tungsten – Tungsten may seem to be one of the less popular options when it comes to creating wedding rings. But its popularity is increasing at a gradual pace. It is known for its high level of resistance to scratches. Its visual characteristics imitate that of titanium and white gold, ranging from white to gray.

Besides, tungsten is one of the rare few metals that can give you a permanent polish. You can wear it for years without worrying about any scratches or loss of shine or looks. Despite its high level of durability and longevity, tungsten is relatively cheaper.

Palladium – This precious metal belongs to the platinum group of family. It may not be as dense as platinum, but it is highly durable and resistant to various kinds of wear and tear. Most people don’t know that the metal is itself mined with platinum.

Choose the Right Gemstones

An increasing number of men prefer wearing gemstones in their wedding rings. But the choice will vary from one groom to another. Just like when choosing the right band for the ring, it’s essential to consider the personality of the person when considering the gemstones. Diamond rings, rubies and sapphires are quite strong and can be worn by almost everyone without concern for their profession.

These are the most important factors you will want to take into account when choosing the perfect men’s wedding ring. Tungsten is a nontraditional metal option that gives you the opportunity to wear something extremely durable without spending a fortune. It doesn’t require the level of maintenance and care as required for most other precious metals. Besides, it can last a lifetime and still look almost the same.

Top 8 Wedding Trends this Summer
August 2 , 2015 | Written by:

As the temperatures keep rising, the number of bridal trends is also increasing this summer. There is something new and unique – from floral bridal headbands to statement colors to sequins to chandelier earrings to natural centerpieces and everything in between. Here are the top 8 summer wedding trends that can be found everywhere.

1. Floral Bridal Headbands
Floral headbands are feminine and elegant, and can be seen on brides from almost all age groups. Make sure to wear them with subtler wedding gowns if you don’t want to look too sweet.

2. Artisan-inspired Jewellery Pieces
This summer it’s more about wearing something more personalized – whether it’s something from the vintage collection or something designed by none other than your best friend because she did that jewellery class. It’s more about looking original in real and rustic pieces.

3. Statement Colors
Crystal bridal jewellery is here to stay forever. But more and more brides are experimenting with something new. So don’t be surprised to find brides wearing bold and saturated colors including deep blues, radiant silver and black, and royal shades of purples.

While the diamond ring is another ever-green trend, there is a move towards coloured stones this summer. An increasing number of brides are wearing coloured stones as an alternative to the traditional white diamond. Zircornia, emerald, topaz and several other gemstones including canary diamonds are the hot choice this summer.

4. Chandelier Earrings
Larger wedding earrings creating the wow factor, even when worn with plain bridal gowns. Wear them with sheaths and they will still create an amazing effect. These earrings are best worn with the updo. Avoid long or half-and-half flowing styles.

Sequins give you the perfect way to add tons of glamour. Gorgeous dazzling sequined bridal gowns are the trend of the season.

5. Pineapples
How do pineapples fit into the summer wedding season? Pineapples are finding their way into bridal jewellery, adding tropical touches. They can be found across all types of bridal jewellery including, and even on bridal stationery.

6. Natural Centerpieces
Natural centerpieces are increasingly finding place in weddings this summer. So don’t be surprised if you come across cut citrus fruits making it to the centerpieces. But that is not all. There are many other options which can be unexpected yet appealing.

This can include watermelons being hollowed out and used as centerpieces (it’s both seasonal and fun) or including pedestal with moss or grass or wooden vases. These centerpieces can create a more natural and textured look.

7. New Wedding Themes
While garden and beach themes are more traditional for this summer. This wedding season, the themes are more personal. Mountain and famous beach themes are the new trends for weddings. Couples are creating their wedding themes around their honeymoon destinations. For example, if you are going to Hawaii for your honeymoon, include orchids in your bouquets and black lava rocks in the vases.

8. Makeup Trends
Bold lips, elegant pastels, and neutral grace are some of the hottest trends in makeup this summer. Create the bold lips with vibrant shade of red, orange or pink while keeping your eyes neutral to create the bold lips. A soft pink blush on the cheeks will do perfectly to accentuate them.

Beautiful pastels are ideal if you are going to have a floral or garden themed wedding. Use softer bursts of pink on the lips, eyes and cheeks. The neutral elegance look makes use of touches of colour in browns, pale pinks and peach to give a soft glow.

Whether it’s the bridal jewellery designers or outfit or the wedding theme, it’s more unique and more colourful this summer.