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What Makes Sapphire So Special as a Precious Stone?
September 28 , 2015 | Written by:

Emerald is known and cherished for its deep green colors; diamond for its pure white delight of ‘starlight’; and sapphire for its deepest blues! This is despite the fact that all these stones are available in other colors and tones too! The blue sapphire has a mysterious appeal to it. It has always inspired and captivated the human race with its mystifying fascination.

Powers of the Stone

People in powerful positions – from kings to politicians to military generals have worn sapphire jewelry since ancient times. It is believed to instill you with strength, wisdom and honor.

Blue sapphire is also believed to have natural healing properties. Besides, it is considered to have certain mysterious benefits of its blue color. The stone emanates deep clarity and brightness.

What makes Sapphire So Special?

The name sapphire originates from the Greek term, ‘sapphires’, which refers to ‘blue.’ It is known to have the deepest blue among all minerals found on earth. So when you wear a blue sapphire ring or necklace, you will know how unique your jewelry is. It is also the strongest blue stone you can wear.

Sapphire is one amongst the 4 popular and highly sought after precious stones. The other three are ruby, emerald and diamond. But when it comes to strength, it is second only to diamond.

The deep blue of sapphire comes from its trace composition of titanium. The metal compounds deposit in the stone over millions of years in the earth’s crust.

White sapphires contain aluminum oxide as their main constituent. When titanium oxide mixes into a white sapphire, in the presence of the perfect pressure and temperature, it results in the formation of deep blue stones.

Slight variations in other substances such as iron, can alter the colors from dark to lighter tones!

Sapphires Beyond the Blue

Sapphires are available in many other shades. Although the stone is known for its blue colors, you can also choose other options based on your requirements.

They are available in colors ranging from green to indigo, from orange to pink and many other options. You can expect to spend more for a sapphire with subtle shade of violet and a few other shades.

Emotional Properties of Sapphire

Generally, sapphire is considered to have deep association with devotion and spirituality. For thousands of years people have worn it to bring happiness and peace into their lives. It is also believed to help strengthen your trust in the fructification of your destiny.

Sapphire engagement rings are quite popular because of its perceived benefits. It is also considered to help induce the energy of honesty, dedication and loyalty.

Some of the other benefits of this precious stone are considered to be protection against negative powers, promotion of prosperity and intellectual clarity. Sapphire is also believed to help eliminate depression and impart wisdom. Amongst its physical benefits, the precious stone is believed to help improve eyesight.

Sapphire is associated with the month of September. If you are a Virgo or Taurus, it is recommended to wear it as your birthstone. Besides, it also has place in the Chinese zodiac system. It represents the Tiger and the two days of the week – Thursday and Saturday.

Whether you are mesmerized by the enchanting blue of sapphire or want to wear a jewelry that brings peace and contentment in your life, this precious stone makes a great adornment in your jewelry.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Sapphire for Rings & Necklaces?
September 24 , 2015 | Written by:

Sapphire rings and necklaces are highly cherished for the colors, strength and elegance of the stone. The gemstone, second only to diamond in strength, is valued for its clarity, variety of colors, and cut. The quality of the stone can vary from one stone to another. But with so many options available, how can you choose the right one? Here are 4 factors to consider when choosing sapphire jewelry.

Sapphire Colors

There are different colors of sapphire, ranging from blue to orange to pink to black to tons of shades in between. In fact, the colors can be so varied that gemologists describe sapphire colors in different forms. They can vary on the basis of hue, tone, intensity and the distribution of colors.

There is no fixed rule that the same tone can spread through the entire stone. It can vary in different places. The way the color is saturated will also have an effect on how the sapphire is cut.

Cut & Size

Once you have determined the color and associated factors, you will want to determine the cut and size. 6-mm round is the most popular size and cut for this gemstone.

But you can always choose other options based on your requirements. It is most important to create the perfect balance between size and cut. The shape should ideally match your own personality.

In fact, when you are looking for jewels studded with sapphire, you will find that they are calibrated by size and not by carat. This is because these stones are even denser than diamonds.

So you will find that 1-carat sapphire is typically smaller than a diamond of the same caratage!

The density of sapphire can vary from one stone to another. You may even come across two stones of same caratage that different in terms of size. So, this further increases the versatility of this precious stone.

Source of Stone

You should also consider the source of the sapphire when making a choice. Source refers to the geographic location where the stone originated, and the techniques used in mining.

Always insist on the jeweler to provide information about the source. It should be verifiable with a certificate. Look for certification of fair-trade because you don’t want to get the stones from unethical sources. You should also know that some of these stones are also lab grown rather than being natural.

Stone Setting

Sapphires are most commonly used in making rings. Consider the shape and setting of the ring. It is common to choose a diamond rings and other stones too. Whatever the configuration of the ring, make sure that the stone is secure and well protected.

Blue sapphire and white diamond is one of the most popular color combos for these rings. Many love to use such combinations for engagement or wedding rings because they always stand out.

White gold, yellow gold, rose gold and silver are considered the perfect settings for sapphire. When it comes to setting a blue stone, white is often considered the best metal option.

Larger sapphires are very rare to find. This makes them costlier than their smaller counterparts, even on a per carat basis. So with so many factors to consider, it is recommended to choose the right sapphire for your jewelry piece – something that matches your personality, style, and trend.

How to Choose the Right Sapphire Colors for your Ring?
September 20 , 2015 | Written by:

Sapphires form part of one of the 3 gem-types under corundum. Ruby and padparadscha are the other two varietals in this category. Among other colors, sapphires are known mostly for their different shades of blue.

In this guide, you will explore the different shades of this beautiful stone. But before that, it will be worthwhile exploring more about sapphires.

What Affects the Price of Sapphires?

These gemstones can cost differently based on a number of factors including their color, size, quality, cut and clarity. In fact, you can find two exactly similar sapphires with different prices because they originated from different parts of the world.

Large deposits of sapphire are found in parts of Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Africa, Madagascar, and North America. In the North American continent, these gemstones are especially concentrated in Montana. The interesting thing about these stones is that rubies and sapphires often occur together. But usually, one stone variety will be found in more abundance than the other.

Popular Sapphire Colors & their Benefits

So which are the more popular varietals of sapphire in terms of color? How do these different colors benefit you? Read on to explore!


Black sapphire is known to help inculcate confidence in the wearer. A ring with this sapphire can help you develop more confidence in your own self. Other benefits include helping relieve anxiety and feelings of sadness. It helps you relax and makes you feel secure. It is also considered as a charm that helps with your professional pursuits and financial stability.

Padparadsha or Orange Sapphire

Wearing Padparadsha is considered to help with creativity. It is believed to descend the wisdom of positive creation from around you. This sapphire works by combining the factors of creativity with spirituality, helping the wearer achieve new heights in his or her pursuits. It is considered the perfect charm for singers, writers, and artists.

Green Sapphire

You will want to wear green sapphires if you want to bring more integrity and fidelity in your life. Wearing a jewelry piece with green sapphire is believed to help encourage the sensation of compassion. It can also help stimulate vision and help you feel better towards others, thus improving your social relationships.

Pink Sapphire

You will be wearing a pink sapphire if you want to add more resilience to your life. It can help in encouraging positive emotions of love and forgiveness. It also helps in increasing your acceptance levels in social circles.

White Sapphire

Do you want to improve your inner strength? A ring with white sapphire can strengthen your spirit, giving you the power to overcome difficulties in life. It will help you think with more clarity and improve your communication skills.

Violet Sapphire

Many people wear violet sapphire to find a path to spiritual awakening. It helps by stimulating meditation and opening certain spiritual powers. You will be wearing it seeking harmony and oneness.

Yellow Sapphire

Jewelry with yellow sapphire is worn to help bring wealth and wisdom into your life. This gemstone is believed to help you achieve financial success. Besides, it brings changes in you that help you focus more effectively on your goals and pursue your ambitions.

So when you decide to have a new ring or any other jewelry designed with sapphire, it is recommended to keep these points in mind. You want to ensure that you will be wearing the best color that offers you the desired results.

How to Choose the Right Earrings for Yourself?
September 15 , 2015 | Written by:

There are so many types of earrings that you will be left confused when making the perfect choice. A good thing to do will be to choose more than one earrings. But even that could be a difficult option. So before you make any choice, it is important to know the different styles which are available.

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are simple and small, and widely worn. They will typically feature a gemstone or diamond or a metal ball (precious metal) floating on the main earlobe. They feature a post and the stud is attached to it. It has a more classic appeal that makes it the perfect design to be paired with almost any dress.

Diamonds and gemstones can add tons of sparkle to earlobes in stud earrings. Typically, plain prongs are sued for securing the stones. This gives more exposure to the stone. These earrings are also considered to be highly versatile. You could wear them with different outfits – from your wedding dress to those casual jeans. If you want to flaunt optimal fire, it is recommended to choose diamonds with SI2 (clarity) and I-J (color) grades as minimum.

Pearl Studs

Pearl studs are considered to be more traditional and timeless in their appeal. They are available in endless colors, shapes and sizes. Freshwater and akoya pearls are widely popular and they are often supported with tiny, single diamond to get the additional luster.


Perhaps the most popular of all types of earrings, chandeliers feature a cascading design comprising of a mixture of metals, stones, diamonds and pearls. They typically have a dangling shape with the earlobe. They can have multiple precious metal pieces and/or stones dangling and twinkling. If you want to draw eyeballs when moving, these are the perfect earrings for you.


Again, as their name suggests, these earrings look like teardrops. They are often made of gold or silver and feature gemstones. What makes them different is that the design makes them dangle below earlobe. This type of earrings are also available with lots of embellishments and are often promoted as dangle earrings.


Hoops are also more traditional earrings, which are made from flat or rounded metallic pieces. What makes them unique is that they run across the entire earlobe – from the front to the back. You can find them in different widths and circumferences.


These earrings have lots of similarities with hoops, but they are not as big. they will typically have a wider but smaller hoop that fastens onto your ear using a clip-on system. you could find them in precious metal and also in plastics.


These types of earrings will sit on your earlobe and can have groups of different stones and embellishments. The stones can dangle even below the earlobe. These are perfectly suited for occasions where you want to display something flashy.

When choosing your earrings, it is important that you consider your face shape. It is essential that you not only understand the different earring designs, you must also know what will suit well with your face shape.

It is often seen that you should consider the shape (silhouette) of the earring as well when matching with your face shape. It is not essential that a particular style or design must look perfect with your face. There are many earrings that come in different shapes. So make sure that those shapes also match your face. So consider all these factors when choosing the perfect earring for yourself. you could always find great pieces in precious metals studded with various gemstones in affordable prices, but make sure to choose something that suits you best.

Popular Necklaces – Features of the Most Sought After Necklaces
September 7 , 2015 | Written by:

Necklaces are available in different metals and in elegant designs. Gold may be the most popular metal option but there is a growing trend for white metals as well. White metals are seen as more contemporary and professional. Designer gold necklaces are typically customized for uniqueness. In fact, you could find different necklace designs available in the market. Choker, opera, matinee, princes, and rope are just few of the design options. Here are some of the most popular necklace designs you can wear – whether on your special day or for that special evening.

Beads are considered to be the first accessories used for wearing around the neck. Today you can come across beads made from precious gems. They could be engraved, polished or decorated and formed into different types of ornaments. Although they have always been in trend for making necklaces, you can also find the use of beads in other jewelry items.

Necklaces have always created a great influence on different trends in the industry. As beads gradually lost their significance over the centuries, chains and other ornaments started gaining popularity. Goldsmiths began linking different works, crafting necklaces from gold and precious gems.

Necklace has always featured a level of flexibility unfound in most other jewelry components. But there are some instances where they are seen to be highly inflexible. Most of the designer gold necklaces that you see today are newer inventions. The original necklaces were made of pendants and beads.

Pendant Necklaces – As the name suggests, these necklaces feature pendants of different sizes and types. These pendants could be made of gemstones, beads and other precious items for drawing attention and adding beauty.

Cross Necklaces – These necklaces feature a cross hanging, which could be used as a sign of class, beauty or religious/spiritual affiliations. They could be made in gold or silver, or even in non metals.

Chunky Necklaces – These necklaces are large and heavier. They are your perfect statement necklaces and are ideal for wearing with low cut outfits. This will help accentuate the larger pieces. You could also give them as great gifts to your loved ones.

Lariat – These necklaces are long and don’t feature any clasps. You can wear them around the neck just like scarves while leaving the 2 strands hanging. You could also knot them at the chest or slip across as a loop. It is often referred to as lasso necklace.

Princess Necklaces – Quite popular, these necklaces hang just under the collarbone. You can wear them with almost all kinds of necklines, embellishing your neckline best with a low-cut dress.

Crewneck Necklaces – Also referred to as collar necklaces, these are worn around halfway up the neck. For best results, wear them with boat necks, round necks or with outfits that flaunt your shoulders.

Choker Necklaces – These are also widely popular necklaces that easily fit onto the start of your neck. They are almost similar to the crewneck necklaces, but can be even more flexible. You could wear them with different types of necklines. For best results wear with blouses, low-cut dresses, and all the necklines that could be worn with crewneck.

Long Necklaces – Long necklaces are quite popular among women. In fact they could be as long as touching your waist – or even going further down. They are typically worn with casual outfits an give a more bold look. Long necklaces are available in various materials including precious metals. These are ideally suitable for you if you are short. Long necklaces help give a look of longer silhouette.

So consider all these necklaces before you choose the right option for yourself or for your loved ones.

Rose Gold – Evergreen Popularity & Always in Trend
September 2 , 2015 | Written by:

Despite different jewelry trends coming and going, rose gold has almost always maintains its popularity. White metal trends may be the big thing at present but there have always been fans of rose gold. You cannot wear pure gold as jewelry pieces because of its extreme softness. But there are 3 main options available to you in the form of rose gold, yellow gold and white gold. Each one has its own merits and is almost equal in terms of beauty.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold, also referred to as pink gold and red gold is an alloy of gold and the reddish-metal, copper. Copper is popular for its bright pink-reddish-orange shade. Rose gold is available in different carats. 18K rose gold has 75 percent pure gold while 14K rose gold contains 58 percent pure gold. The other metals in the alloy include copper and silver or copper alone.

The different percentage of copper in the alloy affects the color of rose gold. Pink gold has the smallest percentage of the reddish-pink metal while red gold has highest percentage.

When choosing rose gold, keep in mind that there’s nothing as pure rose gold because it is an alloy.

Why Choose Rose Gold?

There are tons of reasons why rose gold is considered a great alloy for your jewelry pieces. It is even more durable than white and yellow gold. At the same time it doesn’t cost as much as the other two alloys of gold. It has a vintage appeal to it, which makes it perfect for creating romantic jewelry items.

Rose gold is also unique in that it doesn’t require the common rhodium plating, which would otherwise increase the overall cost. White gold would usually require the plating to protect it against corrosion and physical damages. A good thing about its unique color is that it can match all skin colors. So you can always experiment with this gold even if it’s a surprise gift for your loved one.


The warm color not only flatters all skin types, it can also blend in effectively with different gem colors. You could use rose gold with different gems including diamonds, rubies, topaz, emeralds and others without worrying whether if it will match or not.

Rose gold also creates a pretty contrast with other metals. You could mix and match it with platinum, gold, sterling or other precious metals too. It could also blend in perfectly with various fashion trends.

History of Rose Gold

Also referred to as Russian gold, rose gold has a history that goes a long way. It had been in popular trend in jewelry making in Russia as early as the 19th century. Even today, rose gold is an integral part of Russian culture as most of the wedding rings there are made in this alloy.

Most Russians give preference to rose gold when it comes to choosing different types of jewelry items. It has even found its place in premium sports watches and men and women’s dresses.

Additional Uses of Rose Gold

Rose gold is widely used for making bracelets and rings. But it has also gained popularity for making earrings, necklaces, and watches. In fact, this precious metal is also used in other industries. For example, it is also used in making premium quality musical instruments like flutes. You can even find rose gold in pens, picture frames, cigarette lighters and other lifestyle accessories.

Rose gold is affordable, elegant and durable. There are many reasons why it is so widely accepted and sought after. Even though it may not be as expensive as yellow gold or other white metals, it is still chosen by many for making engagement rings.