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How to care, clean and store the most prized possession of a woman-Diamonds?
November 24 , 2015 | Written by:

Diamond jewellery is special for women and is treasured for lifetime. It is a natural stone and the durability comes naturally. However, when diamonds are ensemble in jewellery like rings, earrings, necklaces and so on it is prone to get chipped, smudged and scratched. Such incidents may rip off the sparkle and brilliance.

Many women flaunt their pricey possession and use them every day. Diamonds at time bear the brunt of soaps, lotions, oils, cosmetics and many more. These may form a smudgy layer on the top of the stone creating a dull look. Maintaining this precious stone does not require any cumber some procedure nor does it require investment in any big devices. A simple maintenanceroutine is all that is needed to get back the radiance of the stone without much effort and time.

Care your diamonds

Diamonds is always the best friend of a woman. Be it on engagement rings or ear rings, women just look awesome when the stone gives out a sparkle on their faces. To maintain this natural shine, it is essential to take special care of your jewellery piece. Protect the stone from blows and direct sunlight for long duration. If you are handling any kind of chemical cleaning substance make sure that you have the gloves on. Certain chemical may leave blemishes on the stone which again strips off the sparkle.

Working women overwhelming make use of the designer diamonds that is light, stylish and easy to wear. Such pieces have intricate designs and chances of dirt getting accumulated are higher. After the day long work, never ignore the cleaning of your diamonds. It is ideal to remove your jewellery and wipe it with a wet cloth. Gardening may interest you but do not forget to remove the diamond rings before you plunge into mud and water. You can also opt for the gloves which can protect the diamonds. Chlorine is major foe for your diamonds so avoid lengthy dips in swimming pools.

Keep your diamonds clean

Cleaning must be done regularly which will keep up the properties of the stone in good condition. Diamond loses its light refraction property when dirt is smudgedon it. Lack of light refraction will mean that your stone will no longer give out a brilliant radiance. The following are simple yet effective cleaning tips for your most cherished piece of diamond jewellery:

Soapy solution

Take a soft bristlesbrush and a very mild detergent, preferably liquid soap. Make a diluted solution by mixing water and liquid soap or detergent. Dip the jewellery in this solution and leave for few minutes. Make use of the brush to remove any of the tough dirt and foreign particles. Finally, rinse using mild warm water and pat it dry using soft cloth.

Ammonia solution

Another interesting yet mostpopularly used cleaning method is the household ammonia solution. Mix ammonia with water in the proportion of 1:6 and let your precious stone lie in this solution for 15 minutes. Take out and brush gently using a very soft brush. Rinse with cold water and use a tissue to absorb excesswater.

Jewellery cleaner

Another viable option is to get jewellery cleaner from the store where you bought the diamond piece. If you are buying from any other store make sure that you go through the instructions. Pick only suchcleaner which can be used for diamond stones.

Invest in Jewellery box

People often neglect the proper storage of the diamond. It is advisable to keep them in jewellery boxes preferably in fabric lined ones. You get different varieties of boxes for storing your precious jewellery.

Know about the significance and types of diamond engagement rings
November 19 , 2015 | Written by:

Diamonds can be an excellent investment that holds its value for a lifetime. From time immemorial diamonds have been regarded as a symbol of love and romance. Several fairy tales portray a prince asking the princess for marriage knelt down with a beautiful solitaire diamond ring in his hand. The tradition of gifting diamond rings to the special one dates way back in the 16th century.

Significance of diamond engagement ring

Engagement ceremony is incomplete without the exchange of the Diamond studded rings. They were to be worn on the third finger of the left hand where the veins touch the heart. This significancehas passed down for several years and still couples pick their unique piece of diamond rings for their engagement to cherish an everlasting love blooming between them.

A woman’s best friend, diamonds strikes a special chord in their hearts when it is gifted by the person they love the most. Recently, the designing of rings for engagement has witnessed revolutionary changes and the outcome is amazing. Plethora of choices is thrown before the woman who wishes to pick a diamond ring.

Brief overview of factors that decide the quality of diamonds

Purchasing the perfect diamond can be a herculean task. With so many players in the market and so many varieties of diamond flooded in the market, picking the right one needs meticulous analysis. A simple guide for a layman in diamond selection is four Cs namely

Cut-cut is what differentiates one diamond from the other. A beautifully cut diamond will give out natural radiance as there will be perfect light refraction.

Colour– the white colour signifies the purity of the diamond but can be expensive too.

Clarity– diamond comes with natural blemishes and flaws. But stones with lesser flaws will have better sparkle and are most demanded.

Carat-The weight of the diamonds is measured in terms of carat. However, it does not mean that heavier diamond will have better quality. There are even small diamonds with good cut and clarity that may be very expensive.

A sneak peek into the latest trends in engagement rings reveals the flourishing status of the diamond market.

Round cut

Round cut diamonds personifies the symbol of unconditional and unending love between the couple as the round shape doesn’t have an end in itself. These are the most sought after design among the youth.

Princess cut

Another outstanding model is the princess cut that is the perfect combination of class and style. Celebrities sport this type of cut that comes in square or even rectangle shapes to strike a stylish statement.

Three stone

This design symbolises the various stages of love as past, present and future. Couples believe that wearing the three stone diamond rings portrays that their love will remain the same today, tomorrow and forever.

Vintage look

As the name signifies, these come with an authentic antique look. Rose cut diamonds is one such type that has recently taken the diamond market by storm. A forgotten cut in diamonds they are now very popular for those who love to flaunt a bygone era style.

Designer rings

Exclusively designed to fit the engagement outfits, these designer diamond rings are picking market for their uniqueness and brilliance. They are pricey possession but worth the money spent for they have intricately carved out design depending upon an individual’s personality.

Colourful designs

Floral designs with intricate petals and vines are latest fashion trends. Colourful diamonds are yet another entry into diamond market. Colour like yellow, pink and chocolate brown are most preferred as it stands out from the usual white shades.

Multi-Gemstone Rings Gift Ideas this Holiday Season
November 10 , 2015 | Written by:

A gold ring studded with multiple gemstones could be the perfect, unique gift you could be giving away this holiday season. There are many reasons why multi-gemstone rings are growing in popularity more recently.

Multi-Gemstone Rings
Gemstone rings can be made from precious or semi-precious stones and add a level of sophistication to your personality. Similarly, you can have the ring made in all types of precious metals including yellow, rose or white gold, sterling silver, platinum or titanium. You can choose any metal or gemstone combinations based on your budget and how special you want to make the holiday gift.

Diamond Rings
Diamonds have always been cherished for their everlasting aura. They are also dubbed as the best friend a girl can have. A diamond ring gift this pre-Christmas season can be the perfect symbol of love, simplicity, trust and belief in the woman you love the most. Rings have long been seen to be the symbols of love and marriage. Since the last few years, there has been a growing trend to gift versatile multi-gemstone rings to all family members.

Diamond rings calgary are perfect gifts for your spouse, girlfriend, sister, mother or daughter, which she can wear casually or to her work. The best thing about diamonds is that they can be worn with all kinds of outfits.

Multi-Gemstone Rings
If you want to create a more enchanting effect, multi-cluster gemstone rings can be the perfect gift. You can have multiple-colored gems in the ring including ruby, citrine, amethyst, and garnet, creating a rich and beautiful effect. This effect can be created with different metals including yellow, rose or white gold, or sterling silver.

Ruby Studded Rings
Rubies can look great in rings, individually and in combination with other gemstones. The red stone is a symbol of power and stands out for its dark hues and vibrant color. The best rubies originate in India, Burma and neighboring countries, but they can also be cultivated in other parts of the world. The colors can range from bright red to almost orange to the darkest shades that could fringe on purple.

Ruby studded rings can blend perfectly with dresses of opposite hues. They can also match well with darker textures like velvet, raw silk and corduroy.

Sterling Silver Rings
While multi-colored gems look great against the classic yellow of gold, they can also go well with the white of sterling silver. Silver has been used for centuries for producing jewelry. The precious metal is relatively affordable and can create the perfect contrasting effect against brightly colored gems.

Sterling silver rings are designed in a wide range of designs. They can have shiny or matte finish. You can choose from rich and simple bands with high level of intricacies.

Custom multi-colored gemstone rings can be designed for everyone. While sapphire and ruby are widely popular, topaz and aquamarine are increasingly becoming popular for jewelry items given away as seasonal gifts. Blue topaz and aquamarine are especially cherished for their calm aura and character. Because gemstones are relatively cheaper than diamonds, they make more affordable rings for this holiday season.

There are many other gemstones that make great options for holiday-gift rings. Some of the best examples include turquoise rings, sunstone rings, quartz rings, opal and pearl rings. You can choose the perfect jewelry gift this Christmas season based on the birthstone of the receiver. You may also determine the color combinations based on what the recipient likes. All these gemstones make it more affordable and easier to create the perfect custom rings that can sit ideally within your budget.

Gold & Diamond Jewelry – Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion
November 7 , 2015 | Written by:

Gold and diamond jewelry has long been known as the perfect match when it comes to creating the perfect gift for someone you love. There is an element of simplicity yet sophistication to this combination. It doesn’t matter whether it is a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings – they all have a unique class in this combination. So what makes yellow gold and diamond such a great choice for any holiday gift idea?

Endless Variety of Options

The malleability and versatility of gold and the large variety of diamonds and gemstones gives this combination so much room for creativity and customization. You can customize a diamond jewelry ring to your specific liking for design, size, and choice of stones and colors. Gold and diamond jewelry always has a classic appeal to it that is more lovable. It is difficult for anyone to ignore its magic.

Even plain diamond rings in yellow or white gold can be lovely. You can set them with multiple small diamonds or other gemstones for more glamorous looks. They can be perfect gifts for anyone in your family.

Gold and diamond stand as the perfect example of jewelry if you are thinking of something that sparkles and glitters! The best thing about gold is its versatility. It can take any form – from a graceful gold ring to a chunky necklace to a pair of stud earrings. Besides, it can go well with all types, shapes and colors of diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Tradition of Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has long been given away as gifts to women, both in and out of the family, as part of special occasions and ritualistic occasions. Jewelry pieces in the yellow metal have always been given away as gifts on engagements rings, weddings, and to newborn babies in both western and eastern cultures. In modern times, custom gold and diamond jewelry pieces have become an integral part of special occasions like Christmas season, New Year, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In fact, gold is also seen as a great gift option for other occasions related to occupational celebrations such as promotion and retirements, not to mention they are common on anniversaries and birthdays.

There is a slight difference in the way gold jewelries are bought in western and eastern markets. Low carat gold is usually the standard in the western markets and they are often seen as fashion items of adornment. But in the Asian markets, gold jewelry is cherished in its high carat form. While 22k gold is more commonly used in the eastern markets, 14k and 18k is part of modern gold diamond jewelry in markets like Canada.

Gold Jewelry Gift – Empowerment of Women

Gold is a form of investment tool in many places. In many cultures gifting gold is seen as a form of woman empowerment. When you gift gold and diamond jewelry to your mother, spouse or daughter, it becomes her property. This can be more or less true for 22k gold jewelry.

Just like diamond, although to a different class, gold also has a standard for offering long lasting quality. When you gift a gold diamond ring, necklace or bracelet to someone you love, the jewelry will maintain its physical integrity forever. This is why the item can also stand as a symbolical representation of your eternal love for the person.

This holiday season when you think of finding the perfect gift for your family, gold and diamond rings or pendants could be the perfect options. The receiver will cherish such a precious gift for many years. Besides, when someone receives a custom jewelry item on special occasions, it will remain as a reminiscence of the important times in their lives.

Why Custom Jewelry Could be the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season?
November 3 , 2015 | Written by:

Why custom jewelry is the perfect gift for your family this Christmas season? There are many good reasons. A custom piece of jewelry will make your spouse, mother and/or daughter feel special. It will also be a gift they could cherish for a long time. Let’s explore all the great reasons to gift a beautiful personalized ring, a pendant or a bracelet to the girl who matters the most in your life.

Why Custom Jewelry this Christmas Season?

– You can never be sure with other Christmas gifts. But personalized jewelry will always make a woman happy and feel special. Who wouldn’t love to receive a piece of jewelry that has something special in it that is related to them in one way or the other? It could have a matching birthstone or their name on it. The fact is that Christmas or not, jewelry has always been one of the best gifts. Despite being so popular as a gift option, it has never failed to surprise and move a woman.

– Jewelry is one of the best ways to express your love, respect and recognition for a woman. It can never fail when it comes to leaving an everlasting impression.

– There are so many options available to you including Engagement rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and pendants. You can always find something that ideally fits into your budget and meets the expectations of the recipient.

Ideas for Christmas Jewelry Gifts

There are almost endless gift ideas when you think of the pre-Christmas occasion.

Bracelets – These jewelry pieces can be affordable and available in lots of fun options. The options can range from festive-themed charms to the most basic yet elegant cuffs. You could create custom designs and choose selective designer elements to ensure that you are designing pieces that suit the recipient in the best possible way.

Rings – If you want someone to gift something that will always remain in front of her eyes so that she will always remember your love, nothing can beat a custom designed diamond ring. Whether you choose gold, silver, or any other precious white metal, diamonds can play the perfect lifelong magic.

Pendant Necklaces – If you are thinking of something more classic and traditional, necklaces can be the ideal holiday season’s gifts for your spouse, mother or daughter. Choose a design that shows her how important she’s in your life. It can be a heart, flower, ivy, snowflake or any other design that she likes the most. A heart shaped pendant can be perfect for all the women in your family including your girl friend. But you can never be sure about giving it to someone like your secretary or a friend.

Earrings – These jewelry items have always been popular as gifts, especially because they are available in endless designs, precious metals, and stones. Diamond or other gemstone studs, gold or sterling silver hoops are just few of the options. A lot of women love to flash the more contemporary bangle-like earrings. Make sure to look for designs that ideally suit the personality of the recipient.

Importance of Custom Jewelry

When thinking of custom jewelry, there is a lot that can be done to personalize the pieces. You can stud the ring, bracelet or necklace with one large stone or multiple pieces. Favorite color, birthstone, custom designs and styles, choice of precious metals, combination of different colored gemstones, and engravings are some of the most common personalization ideas for your jewelry.

If you are unable to come up with a unique gift idea this holiday season, custom diamond jewelry is an unmistakable option to think of.