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Selecting your engagement ring can be a herculean task-A simple guide to make it easy
December 18 , 2015 | Written by:

Engagement rings are preferably diamonds for they symbolise the true love that prevails between the couple. From times immemorial, diamonds have always found a very significant place in stories of love and romance. Fairy tales depict the prince asking the princess hand for marriage with a beautiful solitaire diamond ring.

Why Diamonds for engagement ring?

Have you ever wondered why diamonds are used for betrothal than any other precious stones? The answer lies in the properties of the diamond that is amazing and perfectly matches the occasion. It is a hard stone that comes with a lifelong guarantee. It doesn’t get destroyed by daily wear and tear. The purity and the innocence of this stone make it the ultimate choice to witness the best memories of the life.

Today youngsters bestow their lady love with rich gifts and since diamonds are the most cherished gifts by women, diamond rings are much in demand.The diamond is durable and portrays the everlasting love that exists between the two individuals. The radiance of the stone doesn’t fade over time and remains to shimmer even after many years. A pricey possession, the diamond rings is usually handed over to the coming generation as an heirloom.

Look for four Cs

Picking your dream engagement ring can be a daunting task. But, as a newbie to this jewellery store you can do some homework to avoid being a prey to fake stones. Just look for the four C’s that decides the quality and price of the diamond.

– Colour

– Clarity

– Carat

– Cut

Pure white diamonds with no flaws can be difficult to get. However, the purity of the diamond lies in its radiance. Pick diamonds that has very little spots and inclusions. Diamonds come in different cuts and the workmanship of the jeweller decides the precision of the cut which enhances its radiance ad sparkle. Diamond is always measured in carat which is the weight and not the quality measure.

Custom design or Designer rings

If you are ready to shell out some money and make a unique and ravishing piece of engagement ring then pick the best crafted ones by master jewellers. The latest trends of engagement ring include, custom designs wherein your ideas, dreams, desires are transformed into a beautiful ring special made for your loved one. Though this involves meticulous discussion with the artisan and designers, you ultimately get a ring that is unique and made perfectly for your love.

Through the blend of modern cutting technology and the class of traditional designs, several contemporary designs are crafted on designer engagement rings. Details and intricate designs are created by concentrating on every nuances of the design and you get an engagement ring that is sophisticated and classy in style.


Solitaire can be an expensive affair but it truly represents the personality of the individual. Elegant, simple and precise, solitaire diamond engagement rings can just leave your lady love dumbstruck. The single diamond emits radiance and brilliance that is unmatched.

Online stores

You can also check out the online diamond store which will have a wider range of designs. Besides, shopping online always gets you some benefits through savings. Check for the reviews before finalising the store and enquire about their customer services and so on.

Warranty and grading card

Don’t forget to get the grading card for your diamond. This is a kind of certification about the authenticity of the diamond and its reasonable pricing. It gives you a sense of confidence and in case of any issue you can always present this card.

Factors to be considered when you buy gemstone online
December 14 , 2015 | Written by:

Internet has taken the world by storm with its prevalence in almost every field. Business has become simpler with internet cutting across the barriers of countries and continents. People use this medium to access information and products of their choice. Jewellery business has also forayed onto the online store where the precious stones like diamond and other gemstones are put for sale online.

If you are intending to shell out money to own a unique piece of jewellery studded with your favorite gemstone, then check out the following points.

Choose the gemstone

Gemstone comes in different prices and quality. There is the synthetic and the real ones which can be difficult to distinguish unless you do some research on the same. Synthetic are man made ones while the real ones are naturally dug from the earth. Synthetic gem stones tend to sparkle much more than the natural stones. However, to make your possession a classy and pricey one, choose the real stone which will have an innocent radiance and glimmer.

Next pick the gem stone from ruby, sapphire, and emerald and so on. Not all the online store has a collection of all the stones. You need to finalise on what stone interest you and then start off with the next step that is searching for the reliable online store.

Browse online stores

Online platform has opened opportunities for even small jewellers to make a niche in the jewellery industry. With so many shops online, you need to make a comparison based on price, quality and reputation to pick the right one.

This can be a time consuming process but worth the time spent. Browse through as many sites as possible and enquire about several aspects like collection, designs, quality, price and services.

Square down the list

Once you have checked out the various sites, then it is now time to square down the list to only four or five stores. Now prioritise by concentrating on these stores and start evaluating their features and qualities. At this stage you can enquire about the store through online reviews and friends referrals too.

Price comparison

Get the quotes from the jeweller for your favourite piece of jewellery. Look for store that can create custom jewelry so that you become a trendsetter by flaunting a unique piece of jewellery. This can be a major point that makes the stores stand out from the rest. Also, look for interesting deals and offer during the festive season which help you save money on making charges and likewise.

Reliable and genuine

Fake gemstones are available in the market and be prudent not to fall a prey to such jewellers. Ask for guarantee or carat card and so on which will prove the authenticity and genuineness of the gemstone. Well reputed store will be able to give you a gemstone that is natural and is perfectly priced for its quality and properties.

Reviews and referrals

Online stores cater to the desires of customer across the globe. The services of these stores spread across wider region which creates better customer base. So, you can check out the reviews of the customer online to know about the store and their products.

Yet another way is through the referrals of your friends and relatives. Understand their personal experience while they ordered for gemstone online and get their feedback. This can be a vital point for selecting the right store.

Sales and service

Service is major element as you may need them in case of polishing, repair, and maintenance and so on of your gemstone. Check out their customer care and after sale service.

Pamper to retain the intense green and soft stone-Emerald
December 9 , 2015 | Written by:

Emerald, a royal possession that comes with a brilliant green is one of the sought after gemstones. Many women love to flaunt this naturally mystical stone in their rings. The stone is known for its soft nature and so its durability depends on the way it is taken care of. If you have invested in an emerald stone, then make sure that you feed it with tender love and care.

To retain the richness and maintain its sheer shine, pamper it with the following caring solution. This not only will keep your emerald sparkling but also helps in avoiding scratches. Emerald like any other piece of jewellery requires regular cleaning but not many people indulge in taking care of their gemstone. Claims of durability of these gemstones are true only if proper care is taken. Otherwise the stone will lose its shine and radiance thereby making it look dull and lifeless.

Avoid daily wear

If the radiance of Emerald fascinated you then you are sure to invest in an exquisite piece of jewellery studded with this magnificent stone. Although you may be tempted to wear it every day to flaunt it with style and pride, never do so. Emerald is very delicate as they are naturally soft stone and can get easily chipped and scratched. Also, they cannot bear the brunt of everyday cosmetics, oils, rough work and so on. Preserve the charisma of this stone for that special occasion which can adorn you and leave the onlookers mesmerised.

Avoid heat

Emeralds are ensemble on to the jewellery pieces after it undergoes oil and other treatments. This is done to make it stronger and flexible. Also, the stone comes with natural fissure and some cracks which may not look good when studded on the rings. Such things can be removed when they pass through the oil and heat treatment. When you again expose the stone to extreme conditions the stone loses its property and may become more vulnerable to chips and scratches. Women must avoid using the emerald rings while doing kitchen chores.


Emerald requires regular maintenance to extend its life and maintain its shine. The heat treatment is not a onetime process and there is a need for frequently updating the same. Make sure that you take the emerald for reheating process regularly to the jeweller. Be prudent to pick the experienced and reputed jeweller to do this process or it may actually damage the emerald.


Unlike other precious stones, emerald should not be soaked in water for long hours to remove dirt. This will not only rip off the shine and elegance of the stone but also remove the oil treatment making it very soft and fragile. Take extreme care in cleaning the emerald with mild soapy solution. Avoid using warm water and even strong detergents. Make use of a soft wipe cloth and gently rub the surface of the stone to remove dirt. Harsh cleaning and chemical must be strictly avoided.


In case of any  calgary jewellery repair required that is studded with emerald, make sure that the jeweller removes the stone and perform the repair work. As rough blows cannot be borne by the delicate stone and it may chip or even break.


Abrasion can be a major problem if emerald is stored with other gemstones. Invest in a good quality fabric lined jewellery box and keep your ring safely in it. You can even store it wrapped in tissue in a box. Avoid cosmetics, lotions, hairsprays and body sprays as these might strip off the charismatic radiance of the stone.

Understanding the various types of diamonds
December 5 , 2015 | Written by:

The hardest and natural substance that is always dear to women is the diamonds. Every woman dreams of owning this pricey jewellery. Diamonds are not always white and the following post gives details of the various types of diamonds and its qualities.

Diamonds are broadly classified into two types namely type 1 and type 2. Type 1 comes with a little nitrogen molecules and type 2 does not have nitrogen but instead contains other impurities. Diamonds are not only used for jewellery purposes but it has several industrial uses too. Statistics reveal that around 80% of the diamonds are mainly used for the industrial purposes. However, the remaining 20% which is used to carve out excellent designs on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces comes in the following types:


These are the most sought after variety of diamond for its natural radiance. The white colour helps in better refraction of light giving a sparkle that will leave the onlooker stunned with awe. They are mostly found in various parts of the world and specifically the argyle mines boasts of a good quality of white diamonds. White diamonds are mainly studded into the engagement rings.


The colour of the diamonds resembles the champagne and is light straw colour. However, they are available in varied shades of straw and cognac. Some of the diamonds under this type are also available in darker shades and are often flaunted by the celebrities as style statement.


They are also popularly known as the canary diamonds. Available in shades of yellow and canary colour, these diamonds are also very expensive. The price tags increases with the brightness of yellow. Yellow diamonds are increasingly used to make fancy contemporary designs of jewellery.


It is the rarest and the most expensive type of diamonds. It is believed that from the total diamond production there are only 1% in pink diamond variety which makes it rare and irresistible piece to possess. The pink diamonds are symbols of love and romance. They can enhance the elegance of any gift like rings and earrings. However, due to its rarity there are higher chances of imitation diamonds.


One of the rarest types of diamond is the blue ones. It is rare and pricey possession. Many of the jewellers have even claimed to have never seen this variety of diamond but there are few dealers who make extravagant designs using this rare diamonds.


They come in very lighter shades of green as they lose their density when furnished. Green reflects hope and well being. When the diamond is exposed to radioactive material it turns green under given conditions.


A subtly coloured diamond, they give a very classy look. The colour in itself goes along well with any kind of attire. Its neutral colour is the reason for its extensive use in daily wear diamond jewellery and a hit among the working women.


They are much easier to select as one may not fall a prey to fake ones. They are thicker and harder. However, these diamonds will weigh lesser and a very adored form of simulated diamond is the cubic zirconia.


They are also categorised under the diamond segment but these are not natural stones. Manmade diamonds are called as synthetic diamonds and quite often jeweller may mix such inexpensive diamonds with the real ones. So, as a buyer you must be aware of such frauds and check for the four Cs to confirm if the diamond is real and natural.

If you are planning to take the plunge into the diamond jewellery, it’s worthwhile to be aware of the different varieties.

Various shapes of diamond to choose for your prized possession
December 2 , 2015 | Written by:

The most precious stone, diamonds are available in different shapes. Every shape gives out a special kind of radiance and comes with an inherent lustre. When you pick the diamonds, its shape matters a lot. Shapes such as round and oval are most preferred for engagement rings while there are other designs which are used by the designers in several modern designs.

The following brings out the significance of several shapes of the diamonds:


The most commonly found and used shape of the diamond is the round shaped ones. Traditionally diamonds were cut only in such round shapes. It is believed to bring out the maximum fire and radiance of the precious stone. It comes with 58 facets and is used in most of the rings used for engagement purposes.


This shape is preferred by women who have long fingers but short hands. It comes with a symmetrical design and snugly fits into most of the design patterns.


They are very lavishly used as a solitaire for their unmatchable shine and attraction. The name for this cut comes from the smile of Francis Louis. An elongated shape with sharp ends these look stunningly beautiful on any lady’s finger.


The shape depends upon the skill of the cutter. It is a rather difficult cut that curves in the centre to give the beautiful heart shape. Selection of the perfect stone that is shaped evenly and comes with the intricate outline is important.


Also known as the step cut, the shape resembles a step like structure. The centre is broad and has flat planes. This cut looks magnificent if the clarity of the stone is good. Colour of the stone would also be given priority as a dull coloured diamond may not bring out vibrancy in such cut.


Resembling a tear drop, pear shaped cut is a blend of the oval and the marquise cuts. A simple chain with the pear shaped pendant drop will look gorgeous on any women. Thin finger and not so fat women can flaunt this type of diamond cut on rings. It is also used for earrings especially the droplets models correlates well for this cut.


This type of cut is very new and has become popular in contemporary designs. They are usually cut in rectangular and square shapes. Longer fingers can flaunt such cut in style as they can be very neatly placed in rings. The radiance for this cut tends to increase with its weight. Most commonly used density ranges between 70 and 80%.


With as many as 70 facets, this cut gives out maximum light refraction. They combine the beauty of the emerald cut with the elegance of the round cut. Radiant cut is often done in rectangle shape and at times even square is also preferred.

Cushion cut

A rather antique type of cut, these are still in vogue among the vintage collection lovers. They were introduced and popular during the 19th century and was also called as the old mine cut. Their fascinating point is the placement of large facets.

Asscher cut

Developed by the Asscher Company who specialised in diamonds during the 1920, this cut is an antique pattern. The cut has its foundation in Amsterdam and was completely forgotten cut after the great depression. But, with the resurgence of the vintage style, this cut is soon becoming popular among the young couple for engagement rings.


A triangular shaped cut, the smoothness and radiance depends on the cutter’s workmanship. Some people also prefer the same cut in rectangular shape.