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How to Choose the Best Groom’s Wedding Ring?
January 28 , 2016 | Written by:

Choosing the right wedding ring for the groom can be even more difficult than doing the same for the bride. Interestingly, there are so many metal and design options available nowadays. Unfortunately, with so many options, it is difficult to make the right choice. It is apparent the design will be different from the one worn by the bride, but even the choice of metal can vary depending on many factors.

So here are the most important things to be considered when choosing the best wedding ring for men.

Consider the Groom’s Personality

The ring – its metal, style, use of stones and the setting must match that personality of the groom. If the man has a more conventional personality, a plain gold or silver ring could perfectly complement his nature. Simple gold band can be always the perfect classic option, but some may even choose silver.

Adding diamond and precious stones can add personality to a plain ring. But be careful with what color you choose for the ring.

Go for red stones if you have a bold personality. If you have a reserved nature, look for adding some modest pieces of diamonds. If the groom has a showy and outgoing nature, choose a ring that features elaborate designs. If you are tech-savvy and have a modern outlook, go for something creative and out of the ordinary.

It is not surprising to see such men wearing tungsten, which is cost-effective yet highly durable.

Groom’s Lifestyle

Also consider the work and hobbies. You don’t want to wear something that could be easily damaged by your work. If your work doesn’t pose any threat to what you wear on your fingers, you could choose almost any type of metal.

On the other hand, you should choose a durable metal for the ring if your work involves high level of repetitive activities or something that could damage the jewelry. You don’t expect to remove your ring every time you are back to work.

So if you are looking for high-durability metals for men’s rings, consider the following options:

  • Choose lower karat gold because it is more durable than its higher-karat counterpart.
  • Platinum is highly durable (but it is heavy too).
  • Titanium is even more durable and also weighs less.

Choosing the Right Metal

Diamond is considered the standard stone of choice for men’s wedding rings. Diamond rings have a classic and sophisticated appeal to them, but more and more men are experimenting with other precious stones too. The groom’s personality will play a key role here. But you will have more freedom with the choice of the metal.

Yellow gold has its unsurpassed classic appeal to it. But white gold is quite popular and is increasingly trending. But if the groom doesn’t have a knack for gold, platinum could be the ideal alternative. Platinum and diamond, when combined, can work as the perfect combination with rich, sophisticated and classy appeal.

Men can also try other metals like titanium, tungsten and palladium which are highly durable.

Matching with Bride’s Ring

While considering the groom’s personality and the choice of the right metal, it is also important to match the ring with the bride’s wedding ring. It is not essential that the two rings should be similar. However, they should complement each other flawlessly.

Even if there are many differences between the two, try matching these elements:

  • The choice of stone
  • Metal
  • Width of rings
  • Ring details & engravings

In simple terms, the two rings should not work together rather than working against each other.

How to Choose the Best Engagement Ring for Her Fingers?
January 19 , 2016 | Written by:

When it comes to choosing the right engagement ring, you want everything to be perfect – the choice of the metal, the color, the stones, and also a match with the shape and size of the finger and hand. It is easy that the last factor will skip your mind.

Remember, not every ring will look great on your finger as it does in the case. It will be best to have an engagement ring that is customized to your fiancé’s fingers and hand.

Consider Her Fingers & Hand

Start by considering the length and width of her finger. The overall size of her hand will also matter. All these factors should be compared against the size and shape of the primary stone, and the width of the ring. The ring’s style is also a factor and it should also fit in well with the overall picture.

Even the shape and length of the nail are to be considered. The ring’s design will also vary based on whether she has manicured, shaped, long or short trimmed nails. For example, longer nails will make your fingers seem longer.

Smaller Hands – If your fiancé has smaller hands, choose a ring with smaller features. It will be best to choose small princess-cut, round, heart-shaped or oval stones.

Larger Hands – If she has large hands, choose large rings with creative features. You could also try massive and stocky styles.

Style Considerations

At the same time, you should also consider her lifestyle and style.

You should also consider the ring style that matches with her style.

Most ring styles will match with long and slender fingers. But you have to consider a few advanced points:

  • Long fingers have a bold style of their own. You should however consider if she wants to flaunt a bold style with her ring or not.
  • Round and princess-cut stones are specifically flattering to your long fingers.
  • Wider rings also help in complementing long fingers.

When it comes to slender fingers, make sure that you don’t have a ring that seems to overwhelm the slimmer fingers. Follow these 2 tips with slender fingers:

  • Create thicker rings that help in giving your fingers a wider look.
  • Choose smaller stones that can make your simmer fingers seem wider.

Does she have short fingers? Choose an engagement rings that makes her short fingers appear longer. It doesn’t matter what width her short fingers may have.

  • Pear, oval and marquise shaped stones help in lengthening her shorter fingers.
  • Choose rectangular shaped stones. But don’t choose too big stones that could overwhelm the fingers.
  • Narrow-width, slender rings can also help in creating an appearance of length.

Wider Fingers

If she has wider fingers, choose an engagement ring with a style that hides a lot of skin on either side. But wider fingers give a unique advantage. It is possible to try different ring styles – from classic to something unconventional. In this case, you have the following options with the ring’s style:

  • Choose a marquise, emerald, wide oval or rectangular shaped stone. Don’t choose narrow stones.
  • Round stones and cluster styled stones in larger settings will also help in flattering wide fingers.
  • Make sure to choose medium or thick rings.
  • You could also choose asymmetrical and angular shapes and designs.

Usually, couples would prefer going for an engagement ring based on their personal preferences. The decision could be based on the stone and preference for metal. While personal choice is a major factor, you cannot ignore the hand features. So make sure consider the above-mentioned points too when choosing the perfect engagement ring.

How to Choose the Right Metal for your Engagement Ring?
January 13 , 2016 | Written by: engagement rings

The engagement ring is not just about the diamond and its setting. It is also about the metal which will hold the diamond. But choosing the right metal between gold, platinum and others shouldn’t be a complicated thing. Once it was mostly about choosing between yellow and white, but things are slightly different now.

People now love to experiment with non-traditional metals and colors, and you could also find such options more fascinating and inspiring. So when it come to your engagement ring, you should start with the choice of the metal and then you could have it custom designed to her style.

Gold Engagement Rings

We all know how versatile gold is, which makes it the most widely chosen metal for jewelry. You will want to consider the carat, as the value and hardness of the ring will depend on it. Gold rings are available in a wide range of colors – more than any other metal used for making jewelry.

White gold has been quite popular for a long time and is more expensive. When having your engagement ring designed in white gold, choose rhodium plated rings. The coating not only enhances the white color and looks, but also provides protection against wear and tear.

Rose gold is recognized to have its own aura in jewelry. It is romantic and warm, created by mixing yellow gold and copper. Yellow gold is the classic, fashionable choice that never fails to impress. It may have lost some popularity to white gold, yet it continues to remain in trend.

Platinum Rings

If it is going to be a diamond ring, it doesn’t take much thought to have your engagement ring made in platinum. It has a naturally white hue along with a luster that compliments the sparkle and brilliance and diamonds. It is increasingly becoming the popular metal of choice for both engagement and wedding rings.

But it is going to cost you the most of all these jewelry metals. This is because platinum is rarer and purer than gold. It is also highly durable, which means you will not have to consider your girl’s lifestyle. Besides, it has higher density which helps in protecting the stones.

Another advantage of choosing platinum is that its shine and color will not change over time. Unlike white gold, you will not have to replace it time and again.

If you want the best of both worlds – the value and affordability of gold and the looks of platinum, white gold may just be the perfect choice. But eventually the choice will depend on your budget, your preferences and your

Consider Your Girl’s Style

As we already mentioned, your girl’s style is the next factor to be considered once you have chosen the right metal.

Consider what your fiancé likes to wear. If she likes cooler hues and has a lot of silver-toned jewelry in her collection, it will be best to go for white gold or platinum. If she likes warmer tones, yellow or rose gold could be the perfect options.

You could also consider a combination of yellow and white gold. It will help in balancing all the other jewelry pieces in her collection.

Even if the ring is in yellow gold, you could choose to set the diamond in white metal like white gold or platinum. This will help in accentuating the diamond’s brilliance.

So consider all these points when making the right choice of metal for your engagement ring. If you are not sure about it, you could go for something that you personally like. However, it will be best to take the practical aspects into account before you make the right choice.

Purchase your favourite diamond online-prudence and diligence in place
January 8 , 2016 | Written by:

Online diamond purchasing is a latest fad among the youth. The vibrant choices and the comfort of selection make it a great medium to pick the favourite piece of diamond jewellery. When you go to real shops then you may be forced to take the designs that are presented by the jeweller. The effort and time taken to switch to different shops restricts the selection and the desire of the buyers.

All these issues can be clearly avoided when you purchase the diamond from online stores. The major element that makes it a great platform for diamond lovers is their multiple choices. You can browse through several online stores before picking the one that attracts you. Sit and relax comfortably in your home and understand the nuances of the precious stone and square down your list of stores.

When you purchase from online store just ensure that you do not end up in store that is not genuine and offer fake stones. There are several stores out there which may be able to give you diamonds at very low prices. Don’t fall for such tall claims and realise the fact that diamond are indeed a pricey possession which comes with a life long guarantee. When you buy synthetic diamonds that are priced lesser you may not get the same kind of radiance and durability as that of the real natural ones.

Check for the following simple yet important factors while picking your favourite piece of diamond jewellery online

Reputation and recognition

There are so many players in the online segment that you must do some research to list out the best and dependable stores. This can be a tedious job and involves much of your effort and time. But do not give up as the end will be fruitful which will get you the best of diamonds to be gifted for your loved and special one.

Look for the reputation of the stores which can give you an idea about their presence in the field. Online diamond sellers who are in the line of business for quite many years are a proof of their reputation and long standing customer relation.

Professionalism and craftsmanship

Diamond will exhibit better radiance when light refraction is more which again depends on the perfect cut. Cut of the diamond is dependent on the workmanship of the jeweller. Look for jewellers who can offer you premium diamonds that comes with the perfect blend of the cut, colour, clarity and carat. This enhances the brilliance and fire of the stone giving you an extra ordinary piece of jewellery.

Experience and integrity

The diamond jeweller who are capable of maintaining a good customer relationship often are seen to be very much concerned about customer satisfaction. Browse through the reviews of the customer and their feedback which can give you an idea about their designs, delivery time, pricing, policies, and customer care and so on.

Designs and price range

Search for online stores which can offer a wide variety of designs from classic traditional to trendy jewellery designers to ultra-modern contemporary designs. You also must be able to pick for different price ranges. Before all this it is essential to fix your budget so that you can pick the diamond within the preferred budget range. There are some jewellers who deals only with solitaire while those who deal only in rings and so on. After you make your decision in terms of price and jewellery, pick the stores that can cater to your needs.

Warranty and certifications

Do not ignore the certification which is a way of getting the reasonably priced diamonds for its weight and quality.

Attributes of diamonds that makes it an irresistible and pricey possession
January 3 , 2016 | Written by:

The quest of finding the best and ideal diamonds can be very tedious. It requires a detailed understanding of the various parameters that can distinguish the good quality from the poor ones. In the midst of this, customers are often preyed with fake synthetic diamonds for the price of real natural stones.

The following article sheds light on some of the parameters that one must be aware of before investing in diamond. An ideal diamond is one that has the perfect combination of the four C’s namely Cut, clarity, Colour and Carat.

Size and carat

The size of the diamond determines the carat. In simple terms, carat is the weight measurement of the diamonds and not the quality. People intending to buy diamonds must not be under misconception that more the weight better is the quality. In case of the diamonds, carat is just a measurement unit and price does depend upon this point. When the size of the diamond is large the price also will be more.

At times you may have to shell out more money for a smaller piece of diamond that comes with better cut and clarity than a single large piece with lesser quality. It is this attribute that can leave the customer in a stiff situation and so they must make an informed decision.

Clarity and sparkle

Diamond is natural stone and comes with inherent flaws in the form of spots and inclusions. You may never come across a completely flawless diamond. However, the pricing strategies adopted by the jeweller depend upon this quality of the stone. Lesser spots and inclusion will mean higher price.

When you pick the diamond with minimal inclusion, you can expect better gleam and sparkle from it. This is because the light refraction is more in case of a clearer diamond and so the shimmer is more. However, many of the diamond buyers often overlook this aspect and get satisfied with a diamond that does not show visible inclusion.

Colour and value

The colourless diamonds are the most expensive range. However, buyers can pick the near to colourless range of diamond for a lesser price. As such these do look very radiant and beautiful unless they are placed in close proximity to the colourless ones.

The difference in the brilliance and fire between the colourless and the near to colourless can be seen when placed near. Whiter diamonds are most preferred and come with higher price tag.

Cut and radiance

A precisely cut diamond will be able to emit the maximum radiance as their refraction and reflection properties will be enhanced. That is the reason, cut is considered to be the most important element to be considered while picking the diamonds.

Diamonds are cut in different shapes such that the single facets together align and collaborate to give out a mystic expression of beauty. Despite the carat and clarity, absence of a perfect cut can offset the beauty of the diamond. The cut of the diamond greatly depend on the workmanship of the jeweller. So, it is advisable to pick your piece of exclusive diamond from reputed and renowned jeweller in this field.

Diamond shape

Besides the four C’s, you can also give a thought about the shape of the stone. Round is in vogue for its enhanced light performance. Besides, you can also pick from other trend setter like princess shape that comes with many facets giving out innocent shine. If you are looking for some low budget diamonds then you need to think of fancy shapes which fit well in most of the contemporary design.