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Trusting a new jeweller: start from the basics
February 28 , 2016 | Written by:

Jewellery brands and designers are flourishing like never before. There are a number of new players entering the market who bring in lot of fresh ideas and innovative designs and patterns. But, many have their own apprehensions about trying out a new jeweller. Jewellery designing involves the right combination of creativity and skills. The new jewellery designer has the updated knowledge of the latest trends and can carve out remarkable pieces of jewellery to suit every occasion.

However, you may not be able to trust a new jeweller out of the blue moon. Building a trust between jewellers is something that comes with good workmanship and customer service and satisfaction. As every piece of jewellery is a personal possession, every individual have their own tastes and preferences. A jeweller must understand these details and try to convert their desire into designs that will adorn their clients.

Start with repairs

If you want to try out any new jeweller, start off with some initial jewellery repair works. Rather than giving a big order like your engagement ring and so on, give some basic work like cleaning or polishing of your jewellery. This will help you get a glimpse of their customer service. It will also develop a road to building relation with the jeweller and understand their potential and calibre.

Customer service

Customised jewellery is in vogue as it will make the owner look unique and classy. When you pick your jeweller, look for their team of designers. They must listen to your ideas and desires. Jewellery is an individualistic possession and the designer must not try to push their own creations on to you. A good designer is one who must try to convert your ideas into designs that can satisfy you and make you look gorgeous. Pick the designers who can give you more ideas and choices and is a store of creativity.


Many of the new jewellers may have been in the industry for only a few years. But they would have a good and impressive work profile. Never hesitate to ask for their profile which will give you an idea about their market standing. You can also get to know about their working style and type of designs that they deal in. Some jewellers may specialise in antique and vintage collection while few others concentrate on contemporary style. Profile and clientele is a very important source to know more about the jewellers work.

Services on offer

You must look for jewellers who can offer you a one stop shop for all kinds of jewellery services. This will save you from running between shops for every other service. They must be able to design your ring, resize, and remodel, repair and so on. All in one shop will save your time and effort. Also look for some offers and schemes which may benefit you like annual maintenance of your diamond jewellery for free or something like that.


Many are under the misconception that only an established branded jeweller will be able to provide good collection. It is wrong because there are so many new jewellers who come out with innovative patterns to suit every age group and occasion. You can get to know this by paying a visit to their shops and browsing through their collection. You must also try to understand the level of knowledge of the jeweller which will help you in deciding about your future orders.

Warranties and accreditation

You can also check on warranties offered by the jeweller which again gives you more confidence on new jewellers.

Importance of jewellery appraisal for insurance purposes
February 20 , 2016 | Written by:

Jewellery is a priceless possession that most people love to treasure. Some of the antiques jewellery is passed on from generations and it becomes a very pricey collection. Not many are aware of the fact that jewellery can also be insured. Whether it is your old collection or something that you have just bought, insuring every piece of the collection would be a wise idea.

In case of any unforeseen incidents, the damages which may have caused to your priceless collection can be reimbursed. Mitigation of loss on jewellery is possible if you insure the same with care and diligence. However, before you take up the insurance for your collection it is imperative to appraise the same.

Reasons why you must appraise your jewellery for insurance are as follows:

Insurance process

You may have a very close sentiment attachment to the priced jewellery, but it is equally important to find its actual value. Their worth has to be determined and for this the appraisal becomes essential. Unless this is done you may not know the actual price of every piece of jewellery and so insuring the same becomes an incomplete process. Insurance companies will look for the actual value of the items and then provide coverage to encompass all the items.

Similarly, all the other corresponding details of insurance are based upon the appraised value. Your premium amount is directly dependent on the total value of the jewellery. At times you may have to take the endorsement policy for which the underwriters will again look for the appraised value.

Valid document

It is not possible to argue with your insurance agent regarding the price of jewellery if you do not have an appraised document. When you get the jewellery appraised, a document containing the details of every piece of the collection will be properly charted out along with its value. This becomes a valuable document which can be used to get your homeowners policy.

Sales receipt is not valid

If you have a feeling that by presenting the sales invoice of your jewellery you could get a valuable items policy then you are completely wrong. No insurance company will accept this as a valid document for passing on the policy application. All the companies will ask for an appraisal of your jewellery that too from a very reputed source. Only basedon this paper can they calculate the cover required and the premium to be paid. The terms and conditions of the policy also greatlydepend on this document.

Updated value

One major reason for getting periodic appraisal of your jewellery is that you will get updated value for the same. This way you can also be assured that the current policy covers its market value. As the jewellery price in the market changes your collection also will have changes in its value. Make sure that you appraise the same and compare it with the policy coverage. If it falls short present the appraisal letter and get the extra insurance coverage. Antique collection and vintage jewellery are always in vogue and you must check for its value on a timely basis. Their changes in value will drastically affect your insurance cover. Generally speaking most insurance companies require a new appraisal every five years.

Claim settlement

Even in case of a loss or damage, you may plan for claiming the same from your insurance company. Such claims can be easily settled when you have a proper appraisal letter stating the value of individual items. This way the insurance company will also speed up their process if all other documents are presented within time. However, get your jewellery appraised only from a reputed source.

Tips for Choosing the Best Diamond Stud Earrings
February 8 , 2016 | Written by:

When it comes to earrings, diamond studs are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. You may be buying them for yourself or for a loved one. Earrings are best designed to a specific proportion. They shouldn’t be too big or too small. They should blend perfectly with your looks (and occasion).

The choice of the right diamond is the most important factor. So find out what all needs to be considered when choosing the perfect diamond earrings.

Choice of Diamond Cut

‘Excellent’ may be the best cut professionally, but it’s not easy to tell the difference between it and the ‘Good’ cut. When you choose round diamonds, they shouldn’t be too deep. This will reduce their visible surface in comparison to ‘Better’ cut diamonds.

Diamond Size

You will most likely choose the diamonds’ size in stud earrings based on your own preferences. If you are going to wear large and flawless stones, you don’t have to worry. But if you have chosen low-grade colors, larger stones can give away their tints.

When it comes to earrings, it is always recommended not to go for too large stones. It could be an overstatement and may make you look too gaudy.

Diamond Colors

Yellow, pink and blue are popular fancy colors with earrings. Such colors grow in value as their color deepens. Colored diamonds are rare and therefore expensive. Despite that they are in high demand. The color of a diamond is due to the presence of some other element, which gets added to the stone during its formation. There are modern color enhancement techniques too, which help you in finding more affordable colored diamonds for your earrings.

You may opt for colored diamonds which cost less than their naturally colored counterparts. Such techniques involve application of high levels of pressure and temperatures for changing the natural chemistry of the stone. Interestingly, the change is permanent.

Irradiation is another technique, but its color effects could be changed due to higher temperatures and further processing such as polishing and re-cutting. Eventually, the choice of the type of colored diamonds will depend on your budget. However, the choice of the color will be more personal.

Metal Settings for Diamond

When it comes to settings for diamond earrings, white gold and yellow gold are the most widely used options. Platinum is also gaining popularity but most people will go for gold because platinum is much heavier. However, platinum is highly durable and ensures more safety by preventing stones from coming off.

A good option could be to have the earrings built in gold and platinum used solely for the prongs. Usually, stud earrings would have the typical basket setting with 3-6 prongs to hold the stone.

Most of the time, the size of the stone will determine the number of prongs. 3 prongs could be ideal for a small stone, but a large stone will require more number of prongs.

Even the stone’s cut is going to affect this factor. If the earring has princess-cut diamonds, it will be required to have a prong each at all the 4 corners.

In the case of bezel setting, the metal will surround the stone, and only the crown facets could be seen.

So when choosing the perfect diamond earrings, you should consider all these factors. Whether you want to gift diamond stud earrings to a loved one or yourself, these can be some of the most elegant jewelry pieces in your collection. It will be best to have them custom designed to your preferences and requirements.

Considering that so many factors are involved, you can never be sure in finding a piece that perfectly matches the person and your specific design needs. So a bespoke pair of diamond earrings is the ideal option.

Why You Should Have Custom Jewelry Rather Than Pre-Made Jewelry Pieces?
February 3 , 2016 | Written by: custom jewelry

More and more people are choosing custom jewelry because it means uniqueness, more value for money, and an emotional touch that lasts a lifetime. When it comes to custom jewelry, the emotional value is much higher than for pre-designed jewelry.

It is a different experience when you realize that you are wearing a carefully crafted piece of jewelry. Besides, there are many practical benefits too in wearing customized jewelry.

Custom Jewelry Has your Ideas in It

Pre-made jewelry is focused entirely on the latest trends (so that the jeweler could maximize their profits). It is very rare that you could find something that has a touch that matches with the personality of the person you intend to gift the piece. There’s a difference between ‘liking’ and ‘loving’ something, and that is where ready-made and custom designed jewelry can be differentiated.

With custom designed jewelry, it’s about creating the pieces using your own ideas while keeping the personality of the person in mind. Your designer will update you with regard to each step so that you will have total control over the process and additions and omissions.

So you will be getting a final jewelry piece that has everything that matches with the wearer’s story as seen from your eyes.


Pre-made jewelry, as already mentioned, are mass produced. Comparatively, they may not lack in quality as much as in craftsmanship. More often, these jewelry pieces are designed to rake up as much profit as possible. So you can’t always be sure about their quality.

But that is not the case with bespoke jewelry. In this case, the focus is entirely on the customer. The designer will work to satisfy your specific needs demands and not follow the current trends. It’s all about craftsmanship where all the attention is given to designing and casting the perfect piece of jewelry that lasts for decades.

A One-of-a-kind Piece

Your custom jewelry piece will be made only once. That’s why custom wedding and engagement rings are considered so special. No one else would ever wear the same jewelry ever, so you will never come across anyone else having a similar piece.

When it comes to relationships, uniqueness is cherished above all other factors. customized jewelry lasts a lifetime and has a value that can never be imitated.

It’s not essential that your custom jewelry be designed only on special occasions. You could also gift bespoke rings, earrings, and necklaces to your daughter, mother, spouse, or sibling as a token of everlasting love.

All the Freedom You Can Have

When you have your customized jewelry designed to your specifications, you have all the freedom with the design, the choice of the metal, the stones, and other features.

You will not be trying to choose from the available ready-made designs and attempt to find pieces that connect with the person who is to wear it. On the other hand, you will be creating a new elegant piece of artwork. Working with the designer, you could have several design elements incorporated into the same jewelry to create a masterpiece.

Custom Jewelry for a Lifetime

As already mentioned, hand-made jewelry is not designed on a mass-scale. It is designed to customer specifications and has higher quality that could last a lifetime. In fact, it is something that could be passed on to the next generation as heirloom.

Bespoke jewelry is made keeping in mind the person. So whenever you are looking for a piece of jewelry that defines a special relation, you should consider creating custom jewelry that can be enjoyed for generations.

Thus, there are many advantages of having jewelry custom designed rather than choosing pre-made pieces.