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This Spring Propose to Your Lady Love in a Special Way
April 28 , 2016 | Written by: rings

Spring is the season of love. As the flowers bloom, the love also spreads its petals of several colors and brings people closer to one another. It is the season when the most people get married and propose to their loved ones. There are several of you who are planning to propose to their lady love this season but you also want to make it unique. You can look forward to a lovely proposal and an affirmative answer if you choose to propose in a certain manner. Here are some proposal ideas that will make it count.

Spring Proposal Ideas

Go Outdoors: Spring is one of the most soothing seasons and as nature dresses itself up in the essence of love. All you need to do is to color your heart in the same way and bring out an idea of your own. Choose the venue that is amidst nature, ideally a park. Sit amongst nature and propose to your lady love with a bunch of roses. You can pick any of your favorite flowers and make sure to arrange a diamond rings with it. Check out the collection and design at stores to have the best pick. Don’t forget to take her finger measurement without letting her know.

Propose in water: if you want a more interesting idea, you can just go boating. Be prepared with a sapphire ring or Aquamarine necklace to propose your gal amidst the wide blue water. You can also try crystal as an option. This may be your first gift, so make it really special. Matching the color of sky, water and stone is the best idea of proposal. Make sure to bring some flowers to compliment the gift of jewellery.

Propose on the beach: Take your lady to the beach and propose to her while playing with the waves. Let her just enjoy the waves and be happy before you spell out the magical words. Don’t make it too formal – there’s no need for that in such a scenic location. Be yourself and be the best company that you can before you actually propose.

Create a game: If the lady you are going to propose is good with games, then create a game where she will have to find her path to the engagement ring. Keep clues for her at every single point and make her understand that there is something exciting to find in the game. Keep the ring as her final destination. It need not be the diamond ring. You can choose any other stone like ruby, zircon or topaz as an option. Choose it according to your budget. Stay witty in your approach. A scavenger hunt is always a fun idea for a proposal!

Involve your friends: You can always involve your friends while proposing to the one you love. Arrange a gathering and hand each of your friends a card of emotional sentiment. The card may have suggestions such as, “I care for you”, “I adore you”, “You are pretty,” “You mean the world to me” and many more. Keep the final card with you that says, “I love You.” She is surely going to be impressed and will say yes – especially when she sees the ring!

Once you try out any of the above marriage ideas or anything else, you will understand how special it is to propose to your loved one. You will add your own innovations to it and will make your idea more special than this. However, make sure to add some glitter to your proposal with a piece of jewelry. You can take several ideas and make your own custom piece. While a gold band will be a good choice, adding a precious or semiprecious stone will add up to the appeal.

Different Methods of making rings and other jewellery: Die-Striking, Hand Rolling and Casting
April 21 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna diamond jewellery

Purchasing a ring for your loved one is a blissful task from all aspects. You think of their lovable face and you think of the love that this one step is going to bring to your life. The definitive beauty is surely going to bring smile to their face. The diamond ring can do wonders whether you are purchasing it for a proposal or you are thinking of a gift for your anniversary. But have you even considered how much hard work goes into producing a single piece of jewelry or how the piece is actually produced? You can read on to get an idea of the process of making a ring.

Die-striking: It is a popular method of making a ring from raw metal. The method is used for the design of the ring in question without adding the stone in it. Dies are prepared in the factory and metal sheets are used in order to produce the perfect shape. The method is not only used for rings but also for necklaces, pendants, studs and many other types of jewellery. For this method, the metal requirement is high though the resultant amount is not much. Many manufacturers have abandoned this method but those who believe in perfection prefer it over other processes available. This is a method that makes the product more dense and strong enough to last for a long time. Once the shape is formed, the stone is inserted into the ring at the proper places. There are so many benefits of the method but the only problem lies with the extra fine designs. The fine designs cannot be done properly with die-striking.

Casting: Casting is another popular method of making jewelry designs. It is also known as centrifugal jewelry casting which starts with a wax pattern that is built and then placed inside the plaster to form a strong cast. Shapes are carved inside and the gold or other metal is poured in liquid form to form shapes. The method is highly popular and with the hard cast it is possible to make fine designs, too. This method can be used to form any kind of jewelry including necklaces, rings, earrings and much more. This method is still in place for many manufacturers, all over the world.

Handrolling/Carving: Carving or hand rolling is one more method used for making jewelry pieces. Though this method is not quite popular, it is still used for making big jewelry pieces. Hand rolling or carving is done by hand and it is one of the oldest methods used for making jewelry items. Very fine designs can be made using this simple method which is still popular in many countries of the world. Sometimes, a piece of wood is taken as a platform to hold the metal and then heat is applied to give the jewelry a proper shape. If a unique design has to be made where casting or die-striking cannot be used, this remains as the last resource. The method is good but it takes a lot of time to make a piece.

It is always up to the discretion of the manufacturer to use one of the above methods according to the availability and efficiency. There are certain companies that use all these methods according to the applicability and have tools to support the requirement. All the methods have their flaws and but they can be minimized by choosing the right technique and right applicability. It may not be that important to ask for the method of making the piece of art before purchasing, but knowing it will make you a strong decision maker.