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January Birthstone: Garnet
January 27 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Those born in January are lucky to have the stunning and versatile garnet as their birthstone. Garnet is a gemstone that is known for its beautiful deep red colour, although it can be found in a variety of colours and hues. This vibrant and eye-catching stone makes a great focal point for any piece of jewelry. Here is some more information about this beautiful and one-of-a-kind January birthstone.

What Is Garnet?

Garnet is one of the most durable gemstones found in the world. Garnet can be found around the globe, including the Czech Republic, Greece, Russian, Tanzania, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, India, and the United States. Garnet comes in a variety of colours, but most commonly it comes in a rich reddish hue that can range from a rusty red-brown to deep violet-red.

Garnet History and Folklore

The name garnet comes from the 14th century Middle English word gernet, which means “dark red,” and the Latin word granatum, which means seed. The colour of garnet is often compared to that of a pomegranate seed, which explains the origin of the gemstone’s Latin name.

Garnet has an extensive history with lots of myths and folklore surrounding it. It is believed to bring peace and prosperity to the wearer, earning it the title “The Gem of Good Faith.” Garnet has also come to symbolize deep and lasting friendships, so it makes an ideal gift for a lifelong friend.

Find The Right Garnet Piece with Marlow’s Diamond and Design

Garnet is one of the most unique and stunning gemstones available, so it makes sense that it’s the birthstone for January, the first month of the year. Garnet is a beautiful gemstone to feature as a necklace pendant or studded earring. Garnet’s signature and sophisticated colour makes it one of the most timeless options for jewelry. To learn more about garnet, and to have your own custom garnet jewelry piece designed for you, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond and Design.

Designing a Custom Engagement Ring
January 18 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Do you find that while you look at different engagement rings that you like specific aspects but can’t quite find a design that feels right? If you want to have more control over design elements, why not consider the custom design route? There are numerous benefits that come with designing a custom ring. For one, it offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to style, colour, cut and design. There are also endless possibilities and combinations that make it a versatile option that is highly customizable. Here are some aspects of custom designed rings that are trending right now!

The Vintage Feel

Engagement ring designs that emanate a vintage feel have really made a comeback. Designs that feature halos –a large centered bezel diamond circled by smaller pavé diamonds, are an example of a new design that reflects vintage values. This design paired with mixed metals, as an example, can really play up the vintage feel of a ring. Plus, this design can be adapted to look as simple or as luxurious as you’d like.

For example, one simple round cut diamond on a silver based ring with one halo is a simple, delicate and elegant design choice. Whereas, a larger square-cut diamond with 2-3 halos can create a more dramatic look. Using these parameters can help you create a unique and distinct ring that reflects your partner!

Play with Colour

Traditional wedding ring designs are often seen in white metals and yellow gold. But did you know that you can use other means of colour to your advantage? Consider hues like rose gold when thinking about the ring’s base. Rose gold is an incredible way to create a romantic hue that can balance out or accentuate other features in the ring’s design. It will also add a completely different dimension from traditional looks, if you’re looking to create something distinct and new.

Diamonds are also available in a variety of fancy colours such as a bright, clear light blue, and yellow. The variety of colours can range from light to vivid depending on the look you’re trying to go for. For instance, if you just want a subtle hint of colour, you can opt for a lightly coloured fancy colour diamond.

If you’re looking to create a custom ring design for your significant other, but you’re not sure where to start, we can help you find the right meld of elements for your design. Get in touch with us today to get the process started.




Engagement Ring Aftercare and Maintenance
January 9 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Owning a precious piece of jewellery like an engagement ring comes with a few things to know. Diamonds are forever brilliant… if you take care of them. To ensure that your ring stays in optimal shape and stands the test of time, here are some things to consider.

Treat your ring carefully

Handle your jewellery with clean hands at all times. Oils, food debris or any sticky residues can and will affect the clarity of your ring. Soaps and lotions can also contain ingredients that can affect its lustre over time. It’s best to always wash, dry and moisturize your hands before putting your ring on.

Another important thing to consider is removing your ring before using household cleaning products that can contain damaging chemicals! Exposure to chemicals like chlorine as an example can corrode base metals like gold.

Take your ring off at night. Hands can swell at night making taking off your ring uncomfortable in the morning. Plus, when you cannot calculate your movements at night, you might end up scratching or damaging your ring!

Store your ring away from other jewellery in a fabric-lined case

Diamonds are tough as nails but they are prone to scratches. Keep your diamond ring away from other jewellery in a soft fabric-lined case. This will lessen the chances of scratching.

Keep the ring away from humidity

Direct sunlight or humidity from heating can affect your ring. Make sure you store your ring away in a cupboard or drawer away from heat sources.

Clean your diamonds

Your ring will certainly come into contact with debris every once in a while — nobody is perfect! The way to combat the effects of this is to clean your diamonds regularly. A mild detergent such as a mix of ammonia and water is a great homemade cleaning solution to use between professional annual cleanings.

Have your ring cleaned professionally

Your ring should be cleaned and polished at least once a year by your jeweller. While small home-cleaning machines are available as an alternative to this, you should consult your jeweller before purchasing one to avoid using any old product that could damage your ring.

Don’t forget about ring insurance

As a new ring owner, you should consider insuring your ring — no matter how much it costs. If it gets lost, damaged or stolen, ring insurance will partially or fully cover the cost of your ring. This can be added to home or personal insurance plans however, they only come into effect when a ring has been appraised by a certified professional (so make sure to keep the original receipt!)

Following these considerations will ensure that your ring stays safe, protected and clean at all times so you can take care of it for the years to come. Have any questions on ring maintenance or aftercare? Get in touch with us today.