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The Best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Be Expecting
April 28 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Mother’s Day is around the corner, which means that many of us are scrambling to figure out how to show our appreciation for all that our dear moms have done for us over the years. Sure, she probably does love that bouquet of flowers or that fancy box of Belgian chocolate, but after years of receiving the same gifts, she knows what’s coming. This Mother’s Day, make your mom feel extra special by surprising her with a handmade gift she will not only love, but won’t expect.

#1: Heavy Duty Gardener’s Hand Scrub

May is the time of year where your mom starts to really get her hands dirty…literally. Whether it’s raking up old leaves, planting seeds, tilling the soil, or simply giving the house a top-to-bottom spring cleaning, her hands will end up dirty, dried-up, and in need of some TLC. Easily make a heavy-duty hand scrub—you know, the kind that gets the dirt out of every small crack—with simple ingredients that you may already have lying around the house.

Mix together sea salt, baking soda, sugar, soap shavings and essential oils with some hot water to form a thick paste. Spoon the mixture into a fancy jar and adorn it however you see fit. The abrasive, yet nourishing ingredients will make sure to clear out the dirt, while the essential oils will restore moisture back into her skin. Try lavender or grapefruit essential oil for the added antibacterial benefits.

#2: Birth Flower Seed Kit or Starter Pots

Put a thoughtful spin on Mother’s Day flowers by printing out or making your own seed envelopes and filling them with your birth flower seeds. Include your siblings and parents to give her a truly unique present that commemorates your family bond. She’ll love planting these seeds together and watching them grow. Or, if you have time, plant the seeds yourself in a decorative flower box and present her with the flower starts that she can place anywhere.

If your birth flowers are out-of-season or difficult to find, no problem! Find out what her favourite flowers are and make your mom her own grow-it-yourself bouquet that is guaranteed to win some brownie points.

#3: Mother’s Ring

Unless you’re a designer, jewelry isn’t technically DIY, but there are ways to give your mother jewelry that shows you’ve put time and effort into creating the perfect token of your love. Personalized family jewelry is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift that gives you the freedom to design something special you know she’ll absolutely adore. Birthstone rings are beautiful, elegant and meaningful. No matter what month you and your siblings were born in, your mom will cherish the beautiful combination of colours because of the significance behind it.

Marlow’s Diamond and Design family jewelry allows you to customize nearly every detail of your Mother’s Day ring, from gemstones to engravings. This year, make Mother’s Day extra special with a timeless ring that you and your siblings designed especially for your one and only mother.

Diamonds: Celebrate Her Birthday With April’s Birthstone
April 13 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Happy birthday April babies! were born during the month of diamonds! Diamonds have long since been a favourite gemstone in weddings, anniversaries, and milestones.

Most sources on the history of birthstones believe that the origins of this tradition dates back to the Breastplate of Aaron from the Old Testament. The breastplate was adorned with 12 precious stones, one of which was a diamond. And considering that diamonds are the purest form of carbon—the element upon which every living thing on the planet is based—it is no wonder that this precious stone regales the month of new beginnings and new life.

What is a Diamond?

What makes diamonds more valuable than rubies, sapphires, emeralds or citrine isn’t their rarity but and impressive properties. Diamonds are allotropes of carbon and are formed over billions of years under intense heat and pressure. They are found 160 km under the earth and are the hardest substance on the planet. Unless you are an expert, you wouldn’t recognize a raw diamond in the ground, as they require buffing, shaping and cutting to look like what you’d see sitting on top of an engagement ring. Find out more about diamonds here

Because of their unique characteristics, such as their durability, high conductivity and heat resistance, diamonds are not only used as beautiful adornments, but have been incredibly useful in microchip technology, machinery and drill bits.

Diamond Colour

It surprises many people that diamonds are not only white. Although April’s diamond is represented by the traditional white colour, there are many coveted colours this precious stone comes in, the purer the diamond, the clearer the colour. Interestingly, colour is indicative of a technical impurity in the stone, admirers of these beautiful gems rarely consider them impurities.

One of the most famous coloured diamonds in the world is the Hope Diamond, a large sapphire-like stone that now rests at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and is worth $350 million dollars.

Alternatives to Diamonds

Presenting your would-be spouse with a diamond engagement ring is not a very old tradition. Prior to diamonds, precious stones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies and even pearls were used to profess our love and devotion. oday diamonds are automatic signifiers of a woman’s status, but all are designed and chosen with the wearer’s personality and character in mind.

To celebrate the April birthday of that special someone, diamonds are an appropriatebut expensivechoice. Depending on the age of the birthday girl, a diamond may not be the best choice as a birthday present. However, in keeping with the birthstone tradition, there are many ways to gift the April baby with an imitation diamond or similar-coloured crystal. Affordable alternatives to diamonds are cubic zirconias, crystals and white sapphires.

If your spouse or sweetie is having a milestone birthday, they deserve something extra special this year! Take a look at our impressive catalogue of styles. Marlow Diamond & Design offers a unique solution to creating and designing the perfect birthday gift—from tennis bracelets to diamond stud earrings. Say Happy Birthday with the gemstone she was born to wear.

5 Gorgeous Push Presents to Make Your Partner Feel Special
April 3 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show our wives and girlfriends just how much we appreciate all they do for our families. Push presents are slowly becoming the standardized way to demonstrate our admiration to the new moms in our life at a time when they need it most. If your wife or girlfriend just gave birth to your first child, why not mark her first day as a mother with a special gift? Here are some thoughtful push presents for the new mom in your life.

#1: Spa Package

We all know that the first few (or 6 or 12 or 18) months of a child’s life is hectic and hardly leaves times for her to shower and sleep, let alone enjoy a spa day. This simple gesture tells her that you know that tiring times are ahead and that she deserves a day of relaxation. She’ll go when she’s ready and will absolutely love a day of pampering.

#2: Manicure, anyone?

Being a first-time mom is a deeply rewarding and life-changing experience, but it hardly leaves time for her to enjoy the small pleasures in life that she used to have time for—like getting her nails done. A trip to the nail salon doesn’t take that long, and a fresh manicure will make her feel more like her old self. A manicure isn’t as time-consuming as a spa package, so she’ll certainly appreciate an easy few hours to herself.

#3: Flowers

There are no rules for push presents. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to demonstrate how much you admire your wife or partner for bringing life into the world. Every woman is different. For some, flowers are the most thoughtful token of affection. Their fresh, fragrant blooms can easily put a smile on her face.

#4: Baby’s Birthstone Charm

Your baby’s birthstone is automatically special to your wife or girlfriend. Even if the gem wasn’t their favourite before, the fact that it represents the month of your baby’s birth means that it will be forever cherished. Dazzle her with a birthstone charm that she can adorn on her favourite necklace or bracelet, like this one from Posh Mommy.

#5: Personalized Name Necklace

Family jewelry is the perfect push present. Personalized name jewelry that is both stylish and meaningful is something she will wear and adore for the rest of her life. Choose from simple designs, like a 14k gold engraved bar necklace—or really spoil her with a birthstone or engraved ring. No matter what you choose, this thoughtful gesture will be as unique as the family you helped to create, so feel free to contact Marlow’s Diamond & Design to discuss our designs.

No matter what you indulge your partner with, the most important gift you can give her is the gift of team work. As long as she feels that you’ll always be there with her, sharing the responsibilities of late-night feedings and diaper changes, you’ve given her the greatest push present of all.