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  • Calgary Jewelry: 5 Trends to Try in 2018

    March 16 , 2018 | Written by:

    You might hear the words, "New year, new me," and you might be thinking about reading, diet and exercise goals. However, what if you were to completely rearrange your fashion by following some of the latest Calgary jewelry trends?

    1. The Classic Setting

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  • Diamond Engagement Rings: Which Setting is the Best?

    February 27 , 2018 | Written by:

    The setting you choose for a diamond will have a big impact on what the stone looks like. Normally, settings covering a large part of the diamond will cause it to look smaller. Meanwhile, if you allow a larger part of the diamond to show, it will give it the appearance of being larger. When the mounting covers the diamond, it lets less of the light enter the stone. In addition, the flaws might look more

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  • Everything You Need to Know When You Start Looking at Engagement Rings

    January 21 , 2018 | Written by:

    An engagement ring is a big purchase, and one that many people don’t know a lot about. If you’re ready to look for a ring for your partner it’s important to get an idea of the process. Here’s what you need to know before you start looking at Calgary engagement rings. Your Budget

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  • How Much Should You Expect to Spend When You Need Jewelry Repair

    December 14 , 2017 | Written by:

    Your beautiful jewelry is meant to be worn and loved, but it’s natural for it to show wear. Jewelry eventually needs a little care, whether it’s a simple polish or major repairs. You might be wondering what it will cost to restore your special pieces to their former beauty. The answer depends on the type of repair needed and the condition of your jewelry, but here’s an idea what you can expect to pay for some common

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  • How Long Does It Take To Make a Custom Engagement Ring?

    November 27 , 2017 | Written by:

    If you’re getting ready to propose, you want a special ring to symbolize your love. A custom ring is something unique that you’ll both be able to cherish for years to come. But the creation process takes more time than simply walking into a jewelry store and picking out a ring. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to get the perfect ring with this timeline for creating a

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  • Tips for taking care of your diamond engagement ring

    October 24 , 2017 | Written by:

    It’s hard not to stare at the beautiful sparkle of your new engagement ring. Keeping it sparkly and in good condition for years to come isn’t difficult, but it does require some care. Here are six tips for taking care of your diamond engagement ring.


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  • When Is The Best Time To Buy Wedding Rings in Calgary?

    September 18 , 2017 | Written by:

    Shopping for wedding rings Calgary is an exciting and special time. Whether you are looking for something traditional or custom, wedding rings are something to cherish. Here’s a look at the best time to buy wedding rings in Calgary.

    Shop for Wedding Rings Calgary Three to Four Months Before the Wedding

    It often seems like a good idea to buy an engagement ring and weddin...

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  • 4 Tips To Help You Select Your Custom Engagement Ring

    September 4 , 2017 | Written by:

    Your relationship is unique, and you want a ring that is unique too. If you are shopping for engagement rings and feel like they all look too similar, consider getting a custom ring. These four tips can help you select a custom engagement ring.

    Get Inspired by Diamond Rings

    Pay attention to the jewellery your partner wears to get a sense of their tastes and pre...

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  • How to Take Care of Heirloom Jewelry to Make it Last

    May 24 , 2017 | Written by:

    There are few things more cherished than jewelry that’s been passed down through generations to be worn as a legacy that honours the past. Wedding rings, brooches, necklaces—no matter what the keepsake, they are admired and adored heirlooms that one will wear until it is their time to pass it along to someone else. To keep your heirlooms safe and free of blemishes or an unfortunate accident, follow these steps: #1: Remove Your Rings Before Exercise or Strenuous Activit...

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  • How to Choose and Pack Your Jewelry Summer Vacation

    May 17 , 2017 | Written by:

    Summer is just around the corner, which means that many of you are counting down the days to your big vacation. Whether you’re surfing the waves in Hawaii, exploring ancient European ruins or going on a South Pacific adventure, you will probably be asking yourself 1) what sort of jewelry you should pack and 2) how you should transport it. No matter what’s on your itinerary, follow these simple tips to enjoy a relaxing and bedazzling vacation. #1: Leave the High-End Gem...

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  • May’s Birthstone: The Most Beautiful Green on the Planet

    May 2 , 2017 | Written by:

    Happy Birthday, May Babies! May is a wonderful time year to be born. After months of cold weather and minimal daylight, May is the first month of the year where we start to feel a little more invigorated as we shed our winter coats and feel the fresh air through our open windows. Flowers are in bloom, the fragrant smells of tree blossoms float through the breeze, and the sun’s warmth is finally strong enough to add some colour to our skin. Is it any wond...

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  • The Best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Be Expecting

    April 28 , 2017 | Written by:

    Mother’s Day is around the corner, which means that many of us are scrambling to figure out how to show our appreciation for all that our dear moms have done for us over the years. Sure, she probably does love that bouquet of flowers or that fancy box of Belgian chocolate, but after years of receiving the same gifts, she knows what’s coming. This Mother’s Day, make your mom feel extra special by surprising her with a handmade gift she will not only love, but won’t exp...

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  • Diamonds: Celebrate Her Birthday With April’s Birthstone

    April 13 , 2017 | Written by:

    Happy birthday April babies! were born during the month of diamonds! Diamonds have long since been a favourite gemstone in weddings, anniversaries, and milestones. Most sources on the history of birthstones believe that the origins of this tradition dates back to the Breastplate of Aaron from the Old Testament. The breastplate was adorned with 12 precious stones, one of which was a diamond. And considering that diamonds are the purest form of carbon—the element upon whi...

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  • 5 Gorgeous Push Presents to Make Your Partner Feel Special

    April 3 , 2017 | Written by:

    Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show our wives and girlfriends just how much we appreciate all they do for our families. Push presents are slowly becoming the standardized way to demonstrate our admiration to the new moms in our life at a time when they need it most. If your wife or girlfriend just gave birth to your first child, why not mark her first day as a mother with a special gift? Here are some thoughtful push presents for the new mom in your life. #1...

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  • Stackable Rings: How to Wear Them with Elegance & Style

    March 27 , 2017 | Written by:

    Whether you’re planning on spoiling someone for her birthday or you want to add to your own personal collection, stackable rings are the perfect way to go. This style has been the hottest trend in both costume and fine jewellery for years. As new fashions and bold designs become available, there are more ways than ever to express ourselves with rings. Not only are they stylish, but like charm bracelets, they can be personalized to suit your own style. If you’re worried ab...

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  • Precious Stones and Semi-Precious Stones: Misconceptions

    March 15 , 2017 | Written by:

    Both precious and semi-precious stones are types of gemstones that are categorized according to their rarity and beauty. The two terms are said to have derived from old Western traditions; however, nowadays, most stones are considered precious, since there is a limited supply of them. The gemstones that are traditionally precious are:

    • Diamond
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    • March Birthstone: Aquamarine

      March 9 , 2017 | Written by:



        Aquamarine is known for its clarity and transparency. It’s also quite hard, ranging between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale and has a glass-like luster when it’s cut.   This beryl-variety gem is notable for its striking blue to blue-green hues. The word, “aquamarine” is actually derived from an old Latin expression for “seawater,” due to its sea-blue colors that can range from light to dark. The most va...

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    • How Do You Know When To Restore Your Vintage Jewelry?

      February 28 , 2017 | Written by:

      Maybe you have your grandmother’s engagement ring from decades gone by or an old family heirloom collecting dust in your jewelry box. Vintage and antique jewelry often has a high sentimental value, a unique visual appeal, and they can be worth a pretty penny as well. For these reasons, it’s important to keep your antique and vintage jewelry pieces in good condition so their value doesn’t depreciate. But how do you know when to have your vintage jewelry restored? Here ar...

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    • Diamond History: How Diamond Rings Became The Standard for Engagements

      February 22 , 2017 | Written by:

      A diamond ring is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a wedding engagement, but this hasn’t always been the case. Giving your fiancé a diamond ring to solidify and symbolize your engagement is cultural practice that has evolved over time and has a rich and interesting history. How did this transition begin, and how has it remained so popular over the centuries?

      The earliest r...

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    • Jewelry Styling Tips: How to Match Your Necklace with Your Neckline

      February 17 , 2017 | Written by:

      Adding a necklace to your look is a great way to unify and stylize an outfit. Necklaces can also be very flattering, elongating the neck and framing the shoulders. However, not all necklaces go with all outfits, and there are ways to style your wardrobe that will be much more flattering than others. Here are a few tips for matching your necklace with your neckline from the jewelry experts at Marlow’s Diamond and Design.   Neckline: Deep-V or Plun...

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