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When Is The Best Time To Buy Wedding Rings in Calgary?
September 18 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Shopping for wedding rings Calgary is an exciting and special time. Whether you are looking for something traditional or custom, wedding rings are something to cherish. Here’s a look at the best time to buy wedding rings in Calgary.

Shop for Wedding Rings Calgary Three to Four Months Before the Wedding

It often seems like a good idea to buy an engagement ring and wedding band together. While there are times that this makes sense, it’s usually better to wait until three or four months before the wedding. This gives the bride a chance to get used to wearing her beautiful diamond engagement ring before deciding on a wedding ring. What you want out of a wedding band changes, so allow time to figure what you really want. Both the bride and groom should love their wedding rings Calgary.

Look for Diamond Rings in Optimal Shopping Months

If you have time to shop around for the best deals on diamond rings, try shopping in March, July, and August. These are typically times when prices are lower than normal for the following reasons:

  • March – The holidays, including Valentine’s Day, are over and many shoppers don’t have much money left, so jewelry stores tend to reduce prices.
  • July – Vacation time means less demand for diamond rings, resulting in better bargains for prepared shoppers.
  • August – Last-minute vacations and back-to-school shopping fill people’s time, again causing a decrease in sales that leads to lower prices.

Find Custom Jewelry Calgary

If you’re looking for something extra special, consider custom jewelry Calgary. When creating a custom wedding ring, give yourself more time before the wedding. Finding the right custom jewelry Calgary requires extra effort, but it’s worth it to have a beautiful ring that’s all your own.

Get the style you want with the price you love when purchasing a diamond ring from Marlow’s Diamond

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How to Take Care of Heirloom Jewelry to Make it Last
May 24 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

There are few things more cherished than jewelry that’s been passed down through generations to be worn as a legacy that honours the past. Wedding rings, brooches, necklaces—no matter what the keepsake, they are admired and adored heirlooms that one will wear until it is their time to pass it along to someone else. To keep your heirlooms safe and free of blemishes or an unfortunate accident, follow these steps:

#1: Remove Your Rings Before Exercise or Strenuous Activity

It’s easy for us to forget we’re wearing a great-great-great grandmother’s wedding ring when we wear it every day, but it’s important to keep your rings far away from heavy weights or sweaty hands. Many heirloom rings are made of fine gold, which is quite malleable and soft. The salt from your sweat is also enough to corrode the alloys in your jewelry and turn it black. Keeping your precious heirlooms in a dry place will prevent them from tarnishing.

#2: Avoid Corrosive or Harsh Chemicals

Your great aunt’s pearl bracelet may have lasted for half a century, but there is a limit to its durability. There are many household chemicals that we use every day without considering how harmful they are to our jewelry. To avoid metal abrasion, apply your makeup before wearing your jewelry and spray perfume away from your necklace. For housecleaning, remove your jewelry altogether.

#3: Have Your Rings Fitted

You may have inherited your grandmother’s ring but that doesn’t mean you inherited her size. Having your ring properly fitted will not only prevent the nightmarish possibility of it slipping off without your knowledge, but it will also make sure that the gems don’t twist to the inside of your palm, which may cause some injury to your hand—not to mention the ring—if it hits something. The ring is yours now. It’s time to wear it with pride!

Not all antique jewelry can be resized. Contact your jeweler to find out more.

#4: Have Your Jewelry Cleaned Professionally

Jewelry is meant to be worn—which means that, like all jewelry, it should be cleaned from time to time. But whereas you might be comfortable cleaning your new jewelry at home, antiques should be taken to a professional jewelry cleaner who has the tools and the experience to meticulously clean away the oils and dirt from any fine edges and precious gems.

#5: Keep it Somewhere Safe

You’ve been entrusted with a very special antique, one that you will hopefully pass on to the next generation. That’s why it’s important to keep your heirloom in a safe, clean place away from moisture and heat. We’re not suggesting to keep it under lock and key (thought that might not be such a bad idea); but a regular jewelry box with soft lining will do the trick.

One of the reasons we wear jewelry is to pass it on to our children who will pass it on to theirs. That’s why we think selecting the perfect ring, necklace, or earrings is an important choice. Visit Marlow’s Diamond & Design today to browse our wide selection of fine jewelry or shop Online.

How to Choose and Pack Your Jewelry Summer Vacation
May 17 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Summer is just around the corner, which means that many of you are counting down the days to your big vacation. Whether you’re surfing the waves in Hawaii, exploring ancient European ruins or going on a South Pacific adventure, you will probably be asking yourself 1) what sort of jewelry you should pack and 2) how you should transport it. No matter what’s on your itinerary, follow these simple tips to enjoy a relaxing and bedazzling vacation.

#1: Leave the High-End Gems at Home
Sometimes the urge to bring that perfect set of sapphire and diamond halo earrings is incredibly tempting, especially if the jewelry you have your eye on goes perfectly with that little black dress you bought just for the occasion. But trust us when we say that the more valuable your jewelry, the more you will worry about it. Instead of taking in the culture, you’ll be preoccupied with anxiety over the safety of your jewelry back at your hotel. And weren’t vacations invented to give you a break from your fears and worries? If you think you’ll be too worried to enjoy yourself, why not swap your precious gems for imitation gems or consider leaving your jewelry at home?

#2: A Honeymoon Without Your Wedding Ring?
Okay, ladies. Let’s be real. One of the perks of getting married is that you get to walk around wearing that special piece of jewelry on your finger that your new partner not only picked out just for you but that you will wear with pride for the rest of your life. You just said your “I Dos” and, after months or years planning your big day, your wedding and engagement ring are finally reunited. So when we say that maybe it’s a good idea to leave your brand new wedding set at home, we understand you immediate reaction. Depending on the value of your wedding or engagement ring, leaving it safely tucked away in your jewelry box may be the best thing for you.

Worried about suffering from extreme separation anxiety? Try replacing your wedding ring with a less expensive but also beautiful alternative, such as stainless steel and crystal or white gems.

#3: Pack Carefully
We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be allowed to adorn yourself with your favourite pieces simply because of the risk of losing a precious piece or getting it stolen. We understand that it’s your vacation and therefore you should be able to dress and accessorize how you see fit. Sometimes, wearing your more expensive jewelry can’t or won’t be helped. If you do decide to bring your fine jewelry, keep these simple things in mind:

-Always pack your earrings together. It’s not enough to shove them in a pouch. This website suggests using buttons to keep your earrings side-by-side.
-Don’t leave your jewelry loose in your luggage. Keep everything contained in a soft cloth or jewelry travel pouch.
-Always keep your jewelry in your hotel safe, even if you’re just going out for a quick minute.
-While travelling, bring your jewelry in your carry-on luggage to have it with you at all times.
-Consider jewelry insurance for your more expensive items.

Looking for that perfect piece of jewelry to bring on your dream vacation? Come into Marlow’s Diamond & Design in Calgary today.


May’s Birthstone: The Most Beautiful Green on the Planet
May 2 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Happy Birthday, May Babies!

May is a wonderful time year to be born. After months of cold weather and minimal daylight, May is the first month of the year where we start to feel a little more invigorated as we shed our winter coats and feel the fresh air through our open windows. Flowers are in bloom, the fragrant smells of tree blossoms float through the breeze, and the sun’s warmth is finally strong enough to add some colour to our skin. Is it any wonder that the busiest month for the planet is represented by an emerald, a gemstone famous for its incredibly rich green texture and colour?

All About Emeralds

While emeralds are found all over the world, they are mainly mined in Egypt, India, and, most frequently in Columbia. Their chemical composition is beryl and chromium, and, like other precious stones, the quality or value of the gemstone depends on its colour, clarity, cut and carat. Because of its deep, rich colour, the emerald has been a popular adornment for thousands of years. Emeralds are usually bezel-set, which means that they are protected on all sides with a metal setting. Diamonds and gold are traditional accompaniments to emeralds, as they draw out the emerald’s unique and mesmerizing green tones.

Famous Emeralds

Emeralds have been worn by exotic princesses and British royals alike. They are popular gemstones for family jewels, such as the the Seringapatam Jewels, given to a Major-General after the victory of the Battle of Seringapatam in 1799 in India. What came out of the bloody battle was an incredibly beautiful jewelry set consisting of earrings, necklace, brooch and bracelet, all encrusted with diamonds in a gold and platinum setting. Today, the Seringapatam Jewels are sitting in the Victoria and Albert Museum to be admired by the world.

How to Care for Your Emerald

Unlike diamonds or sapphires, emeralds have a slightly weaker resistance to breakage. Because of their tendency to scratch, they should be treated very carefully and not worn while showering, swimming, or doing anything highly physical. Remove your emerald jewelry before handling chemicals like hairspray or all-purpose cleaner, as this can damage the surface of your stone. Have your emerald professionally cleaned a few times a year. To clean your gemstone at home, sit it in a solution of mild soap and lukewarm (never hot!) water and gently brush the stone with a soft toothbrush. To dry the emerald, wipe it down with a clean microfibre cloth. To ensure the longevity of your birthstone, take your jewelry to a professional to have it oiled down.

The Perfect Birthday Gift

Emeralds are an extremely versatile gemstone. The hypnotizing green colour is perfect as a pendent or as a pair of stud earrings. There are so many styles of emerald jewelry to choose from that the possibilities are endless. To treat that special May baby in your life with a present that they’ll cherish for the rest of their life, visit Marlow’s Diamond and Design in Calgary today.

The Best DIY Mother’s Day Gifts She Won’t Be Expecting
April 28 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Mother’s Day is around the corner, which means that many of us are scrambling to figure out how to show our appreciation for all that our dear moms have done for us over the years. Sure, she probably does love that bouquet of flowers or that fancy box of Belgian chocolate, but after years of receiving the same gifts, she knows what’s coming. This Mother’s Day, make your mom feel extra special by surprising her with a handmade gift she will not only love, but won’t expect.

#1: Heavy Duty Gardener’s Hand Scrub

May is the time of year where your mom starts to really get her hands dirty…literally. Whether it’s raking up old leaves, planting seeds, tilling the soil, or simply giving the house a top-to-bottom spring cleaning, her hands will end up dirty, dried-up, and in need of some TLC. Easily make a heavy-duty hand scrub—you know, the kind that gets the dirt out of every small crack—with simple ingredients that you may already have lying around the house.

Mix together sea salt, baking soda, sugar, soap shavings and essential oils with some hot water to form a thick paste. Spoon the mixture into a fancy jar and adorn it however you see fit. The abrasive, yet nourishing ingredients will make sure to clear out the dirt, while the essential oils will restore moisture back into her skin. Try lavender or grapefruit essential oil for the added antibacterial benefits.

#2: Birth Flower Seed Kit or Starter Pots

Put a thoughtful spin on Mother’s Day flowers by printing out or making your own seed envelopes and filling them with your birth flower seeds. Include your siblings and parents to give her a truly unique present that commemorates your family bond. She’ll love planting these seeds together and watching them grow. Or, if you have time, plant the seeds yourself in a decorative flower box and present her with the flower starts that she can place anywhere.

If your birth flowers are out-of-season or difficult to find, no problem! Find out what her favourite flowers are and make your mom her own grow-it-yourself bouquet that is guaranteed to win some brownie points.

#3: Mother’s Ring

Unless you’re a designer, jewelry isn’t technically DIY, but there are ways to give your mother jewelry that shows you’ve put time and effort into creating the perfect token of your love. Personalized family jewelry is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift that gives you the freedom to design something special you know she’ll absolutely adore. Birthstone rings are beautiful, elegant and meaningful. No matter what month you and your siblings were born in, your mom will cherish the beautiful combination of colours because of the significance behind it.

Marlow’s Diamond and Design family jewelry allows you to customize nearly every detail of your Mother’s Day ring, from gemstones to engravings. This year, make Mother’s Day extra special with a timeless ring that you and your siblings designed especially for your one and only mother.

Diamonds: Celebrate Her Birthday With April’s Birthstone
April 13 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Happy birthday April babies! were born during the month of diamonds! Diamonds have long since been a favourite gemstone in weddings, anniversaries, and milestones.

Most sources on the history of birthstones believe that the origins of this tradition dates back to the Breastplate of Aaron from the Old Testament. The breastplate was adorned with 12 precious stones, one of which was a diamond. And considering that diamonds are the purest form of carbon—the element upon which every living thing on the planet is based—it is no wonder that this precious stone regales the month of new beginnings and new life.

What is a Diamond?

What makes diamonds more valuable than rubies, sapphires, emeralds or citrine isn’t their rarity but and impressive properties. Diamonds are allotropes of carbon and are formed over billions of years under intense heat and pressure. They are found 160 km under the earth and are the hardest substance on the planet. Unless you are an expert, you wouldn’t recognize a raw diamond in the ground, as they require buffing, shaping and cutting to look like what you’d see sitting on top of an engagement ring. Find out more about diamonds here

Because of their unique characteristics, such as their durability, high conductivity and heat resistance, diamonds are not only used as beautiful adornments, but have been incredibly useful in microchip technology, machinery and drill bits.

Diamond Colour

It surprises many people that diamonds are not only white. Although April’s diamond is represented by the traditional white colour, there are many coveted colours this precious stone comes in, the purer the diamond, the clearer the colour. Interestingly, colour is indicative of a technical impurity in the stone, admirers of these beautiful gems rarely consider them impurities.

One of the most famous coloured diamonds in the world is the Hope Diamond, a large sapphire-like stone that now rests at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and is worth $350 million dollars.

Alternatives to Diamonds

Presenting your would-be spouse with a diamond engagement ring is not a very old tradition. Prior to diamonds, precious stones like sapphires, emeralds, rubies and even pearls were used to profess our love and devotion. oday diamonds are automatic signifiers of a woman’s status, but all are designed and chosen with the wearer’s personality and character in mind.

To celebrate the April birthday of that special someone, diamonds are an appropriatebut expensivechoice. Depending on the age of the birthday girl, a diamond may not be the best choice as a birthday present. However, in keeping with the birthstone tradition, there are many ways to gift the April baby with an imitation diamond or similar-coloured crystal. Affordable alternatives to diamonds are cubic zirconias, crystals and white sapphires.

If your spouse or sweetie is having a milestone birthday, they deserve something extra special this year! Take a look at our impressive catalogue of styles. Marlow Diamond & Design offers a unique solution to creating and designing the perfect birthday gift—from tennis bracelets to diamond stud earrings. Say Happy Birthday with the gemstone she was born to wear.

5 Gorgeous Push Presents to Make Your Partner Feel Special
April 3 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show our wives and girlfriends just how much we appreciate all they do for our families. Push presents are slowly becoming the standardized way to demonstrate our admiration to the new moms in our life at a time when they need it most. If your wife or girlfriend just gave birth to your first child, why not mark her first day as a mother with a special gift? Here are some thoughtful push presents for the new mom in your life.

#1: Spa Package

We all know that the first few (or 6 or 12 or 18) months of a child’s life is hectic and hardly leaves times for her to shower and sleep, let alone enjoy a spa day. This simple gesture tells her that you know that tiring times are ahead and that she deserves a day of relaxation. She’ll go when she’s ready and will absolutely love a day of pampering.

#2: Manicure, anyone?

Being a first-time mom is a deeply rewarding and life-changing experience, but it hardly leaves time for her to enjoy the small pleasures in life that she used to have time for—like getting her nails done. A trip to the nail salon doesn’t take that long, and a fresh manicure will make her feel more like her old self. A manicure isn’t as time-consuming as a spa package, so she’ll certainly appreciate an easy few hours to herself.

#3: Flowers

There are no rules for push presents. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to demonstrate how much you admire your wife or partner for bringing life into the world. Every woman is different. For some, flowers are the most thoughtful token of affection. Their fresh, fragrant blooms can easily put a smile on her face.

#4: Baby’s Birthstone Charm

Your baby’s birthstone is automatically special to your wife or girlfriend. Even if the gem wasn’t their favourite before, the fact that it represents the month of your baby’s birth means that it will be forever cherished. Dazzle her with a birthstone charm that she can adorn on her favourite necklace or bracelet, like this one from Posh Mommy.

#5: Personalized Name Necklace

Family jewelry is the perfect push present. Personalized name jewelry that is both stylish and meaningful is something she will wear and adore for the rest of her life. Choose from simple designs, like a 14k gold engraved bar necklace—or really spoil her with a birthstone or engraved ring. No matter what you choose, this thoughtful gesture will be as unique as the family you helped to create, so feel free to contact Marlow’s Diamond & Design to discuss our designs.

No matter what you indulge your partner with, the most important gift you can give her is the gift of team work. As long as she feels that you’ll always be there with her, sharing the responsibilities of late-night feedings and diaper changes, you’ve given her the greatest push present of all.

Stackable Rings: How to Wear Them with Elegance & Style
March 27 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Whether you’re planning on spoiling someone for her birthday or you want to add to your own personal collection, stackable rings are the perfect way to go. This style has been the hottest trend in both costume and fine jewellery for years. As new fashions and bold designs become available, there are more ways than ever to express ourselves with rings. Not only are they stylish, but like charm bracelets, they can be personalized to suit your own style. If you’re worried about getting the right rings to start your collection, remember that there is no wrong way to wear a stackable ring. However, to make a statement that says elegance and style, here are a few tips.

#1: Mixing Materials
There are so many combinations of metals, gems and designs, that the choices can sometimes overwhelm us. If you can’t decide between silver, gold and rose gold colours, why not stack them all? There are plenty of pictures of stackable sets online that prove that mixing metals makes for interesting combinations that catches the eye and completes the outfit. Make sure to choose one metal that dominates the others to ensure you don’t overwhelm the overall look. This can be accomplished by wearing a chunky or eye-catching piece on your index or middle finger, like our 14k yellow geometric ring or the 14k rose gold geometric rope ring, and adding a midi ring of the same metal.

#2: Less is More for Formal Wear
The beauty of stackable rings is that you can mix and match depending on your outfit and the occasion. We’ve seen stackable rings complement styles for every outing. For more formal wear or to add a sophisticated and elegant look to your outfit, we suggest downsizing your stackable rings. A single ring on your fourth finger, like our 14k white gold skinny rope ring will pair perfectly with a statement piece on your forefinger, such as an accented two-tone ring or a tall stack of alternating rose, yellow and white gold beaded V rings. Adding an asymmetrical diamond and pearl ring will give you a touch of sparkle. Alternatively, stack your rings on your middle finger like a cocktail ring, leaving all other fingers bare.

#3: Gems, Stones and Pops of Colour
Metals aren’t the only thing to make your fingers pop! Add a beautiful touch of flair to your fingers by matching your stackable metal rings with hints of colour. The possibilities are endless. While diamonds, amethysts and rubies are always a safe bet, don’t forget to try different textures, like opals and turquoise. To make it easy on the eyes, we suggest separating your eye-catching gemstones with plenty of interesting metals in between.

What we love about stackable rings is that no one’s assortment is the same. Start your collection today or spoil that special someone with a stylish and elegant ring to suit any occasion. Visit Marlow’s Diamond & Design to browse our wide collection of stackable rings.
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Precious Stones and Semi-Precious Stones: Misconceptions
March 15 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Both precious and semi-precious stones are types of gemstones that are categorized according to their rarity and beauty. The two terms are said to have derived from old Western traditions; however, nowadays, most stones are considered precious, since there is a limited supply of them.

The gemstones that are traditionally precious are:

All other gemstones are considered semi-precious, some of the more known ones crafted into fine jewellery pieces being:

  • Amber
  • Alexandrite
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Coral
  • Garnet
  • Jade
  • Jasper
  • Larimar
  • Onyx
  • Opal
  • Quartz
  • Topaz
  • Turquoise

Gemstone Myths

The idea is that previous stones are higher in value because of their extraordinary colour, shine, and extreme rarity. While precious stones are particularly exquisite, the conventional distinction between the two gemstones is actually full of misconceptions.

Semi-precious and precious stones date back to old tradition: MYTH

Actually, the terms can only be traced back to 1858, when the first use of “semi-precious” meant “of less commercial value than a precious stone”.

The four precious stones have always been the only ones: MYTH

In fact, Pearl, Opal, and amethyst were all at one point considered precious stones. Only following a discovery of large quantities of amethyst in Brazil and Uruguay in the first half of the nineteenth century was amethyst considered semi-precious.

Diamond is the rarest stone: MYTH

Funnily enough, coloured gemstones such as ruby and sapphire were more highly sought-after than diamond—they were, and actually still are, rarer. In the twentieth century, very large quantities of diamonds were discovered in South Africa. At the same time, the superficial value of diamond had risen to the point where now, diamond is considered the most precious stone of all. This is all thanks to a 1920s advertising campaign selling diamonds as expressions of love. This set a cultural expectation of diamonds and is still in effect today. Though diamonds do sparkle the most brilliantly compared to all other stones, in reality, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are all rare finds.

To Marlow’s Diamond and Design, all our gemstones are precious. Contact us today and find the highest quality stones for the best value.

March Birthstone: Aquamarine
March 9 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna




Aquamarine is known for its clarity and transparency. It’s also quite hard, ranging between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale and has a glass-like luster when it’s cut.


This beryl-variety gem is notable for its striking blue to blue-green hues. The word, “aquamarine” is actually derived from an old Latin expression for “seawater,” due to its sea-blue colors that can range from light to dark. The most valuable color for the gem to be is a dark, deep blue.




Most of the gem-quality aquamarine comes from Brazil, but it is also mined in Zambia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Mozambique. Different shaped aquamarine gemstones have recently been found in China. These pieces are flat and hexagonal. These more recent aquamarine gems are less expensive than those found in other countries.

Mythology and alternative healing


The legend is that aquamarine originated in a treasure chest that belonged to mermaids. Since these ancient times, it has been referred to as the “sailor’s lucky stone.” Even the Greeks and Romans viewed aquamarine as having the power to provide safe passage across the stormy waters.


Other folklore states that aquamarine can increase intelligence, youth, foresight, happiness, courage, and it’s also thought to reduce the effects of poison.


Proponents of alternative medicine believe that aquamarine, worn close to the skin on a troubled part of the body, can ease ailments such as arthritis, varicose veins, inflammation of the eyes, and even sore throats.


The efficacy of such theories is debatable, but there are some people who truly believe gemstones have such properties.


Aquamarine jewelry


Aquamarine is a popular choice in jewelry for women all around the world due to its availability and its reasonable price. The hardness of the stone makes it ideal to be set in any kind of jewelry, even pieces that get worn every day. The shapes that best show off the beauty of an aquamarine stone are a rectangular or a square cut, though the most popular choices are round, oval, pear, and cushion.


The most popular pieces in which to find aquamarine gemstones are earrings. They are also beautiful in rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches.


In addition to being the birthstone for the month of March, aquamarine is also the traditional gift for 19th wedding anniversaries.

Taking care of your aquamarine jewelry


Though aquamarine is a strong and durable gemstone, it will still need careful handling and attention. Your aquamarine jewelry shouldn’t be exposed to harsh chemicals. To keep your stone from being scratched, store aquamarine gemstones separately from other types of jewelry.


Clean your aquamarine jewelry pieces with warm soapy water. Make sure your jewelry is thoroughly rinsed of all soap and soap residue. They can be dried using tissue or a soft, lint-free cloth. Store your aquamarine gemstones in a jewelry box lined with fabric or wrapped in a soft cloth.


At Marlow’s Diamond and Design, we’d love to help you choose a piece of aquamarine jewelry to include in Family Jewelry or any setting that you may want, including custom designs.

How Do You Know When To Restore Your Vintage Jewelry?
February 28 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Maybe you have your grandmother’s engagement ring from decades gone by or an old family heirloom collecting dust in your jewelry box. Vintage and antique jewelry often has a high sentimental value, a unique visual appeal, and they can be worth a pretty penny as well. For these reasons, it’s important to keep your antique and vintage jewelry pieces in good condition so their value doesn’t depreciate. But how do you know when to have your vintage jewelry restored? Here are some of the reasons why you might want to have your vintage jewelry restored from the jewelry design and restoration experts at Marlow’s Diamond and Design.

A Broken Part Needs to be Repaired or Replaced

A broken or damaged part is one of the most obvious signs that you should take your vintage jewelry piece to a professional to be restored. Vintage jewelry doesn’t need to be purely ornamental; jewelry is meant to be worn, so you should make sure you can wear it! A broken necklace clasp or earring backing can easily be replaced by a professional jewelry designer, so there minor damages should stop you from enjoying your beautiful vintage pieces.

Your Vintage Jewelry Needs a Style Update

Many vintage jewelry pieces have a classic visual appeal that can be enhanced with contemporary restoration. At Marlow’s Diamond and Design, for instance, we can change antique clip-on earrings into earrings with backings for pierced ears. We can also extend necklace chains or change ring sizing to make it fit more comfortably on your finger. We can also change necklace chains, alter pendant cuts, add engravings, and provide any other modification to your vintage jewelry piece to make it match your modern tastes.

Vintage jewelry restoration is a great way to update your older jewelry piece, extending their lifespan and making them wearable again. If you have a piece of vintage jewelry you want restored, our professional designers will work with you to create the perfect refurbished jewelry piece. For more information about our vintage restoration and other jewelry design services, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond and Design.

Diamond History: How Diamond Rings Became The Standard for Engagements
February 22 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

A diamond ring is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you picture a wedding engagement, but this hasn’t always been the case. Giving your fiancé a diamond ring to solidify and symbolize your engagement is cultural practice that has evolved over time and has a rich and interesting history. How did this transition begin, and how has it remained so popular over the centuries?

The earliest recorded instance of the pre-wedding ritual is from Ancient Egypt, where couples would exchange rings made out of braided reeds. Partners wore these make-shift rings on their left fingers, which they believe contained a vein that led straight to the heart. The circle was a symbol of eternity for Ancient Egyptians, so engagement rings symbolized a couple’s everlasting love. The Ancient Romans also gave engagement rings as symbols of a husband’s ownership over a wife, rather than a gesture of love as we understand them today.

Diamonds were not added to engagement rings until 1477, when the Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring set with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an M, which sparked a fashion trend among European nobility. In the Victorian era, diamond crafters started experimenting with different cuts and styles of engagement rings, such as rings that were sculpted into the shape of flowers, known as “posey rings.”

The discovery of diamonds in Africa in the early 20th century made diamonds much more accessible to the wider public. Diamond came to symbolize not only glamour, but also purity, love and commitment. Now more than 80% of brides in the USA receive diamond engagement rings from their future spouse.

At Marlow’s Diamond and Design, we offer the highest quality customized diamond ring designs. If you’re planning to pop the question to your partner, give them something unique to show them how much you care. Contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond and Design for more information and to start designing the perfect engagement ring for that special someone.

Jewelry Styling Tips: How to Match Your Necklace with Your Neckline
February 17 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Adding a necklace to your look is a great way to unify and stylize an outfit. Necklaces can also be very flattering, elongating the neck and framing the shoulders. However, not all necklaces go with all outfits, and there are ways to style your wardrobe that will be much more flattering than others. Here are a few tips for matching your necklace with your neckline from the jewelry experts at Marlow’s Diamond and Design.


Neckline: Deep-V or Plunging

Necklace: Long chain with small pendant


If you’re a fan of deep-v necks or plunging necklines, the best way to accessorize that cut is by wearing long-chain necklaces with small pendants. Because these necklines are more dramatic, a large attention-grabbing pendant may make your outfit too busy. A long chain will accurate the deep cut of the neckline, and a small pendant will add a charming detailed without overcrowding your look.


Neckline: Turtleneck

Necklace: Large, statement pendant


A turtleneck is a classic winter look. You can add a bit of dimension and flair to the clean lines and minimalism of a turtleneck by pairing it with a large statement pendant. Turtlenecks and high-collared shirts in general provide the perfect blank background on which a bold, vibrant pendant can rest. Make sure you choose the right chain length—a short chain can make the neck area look overloaded, whereas long chains can weigh down large pendants, making them uncomfortable to wear.


Neckline: Asymmetrical

Necklace: Long layered chains


Asymmetrical, off-the-shoulder blouse can create a flattering and visually interesting look. With an unusual silhouette like this, it’s best not to overcrowd your outfit with big statement-piece pendants and jewelry. Layering long-chained necklaces with small pendants is a great way to offset the imbalance of the neckline by drawing focus back to the centre. However, avoid excessive necklace layering, which could end up looking costume-like.


Pendants and necklaces are a great way to accessorize your look by adding an interesting and flattering element to your outfit. Certain styles of pendants and necklaces work better with certain outfits, so it’s important to be aware of how to best pair your jewelry with your clothes. For customized pendants and specialized necklaces made just for you, contact the professional designers and artisans at Marlow’s Diamond and Designs today!

February Birthstone: Amethyst
February 17 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

The birthstone for the month of February is amethyst. People born during the shortest month of the year are lucky to have this stunning gemstone with its signature violet hue as their birthstone. Amethyst is a distinct variety of purple quartz with an interesting history and symbolizing associated with it. Here is some more information about amethyst, a bright stone to give you warmth in the heart of winter.


Amethyst Overview

As mentioned, amethyst is a variety of quartz that is most commonly found in a piercing shade of purple or violet. It can also be found in a deep red hue, although these varieties are more rare. A single amethyst stone can contain a variety of hues and colour variations, so how the stone is cut greatly influences its colour. Amethyst is a 7 on the Mohs scale, which means it is a durable gemstone that makes a great option for long-lasting jewelry.


The Symbolism of Amethyst

The word Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek word methustos, which means “intoxicated,” because people in Ancient Greece believed that wearing the gemstone could protect them from drunkenness. This mythology has carried over to present day—while it is no longer believed that wearing amethyst can prevent you from becoming drunk, it has come to symbolize a quick wit, a clear head and internal peace and tranquility in the wearer.


Amethyst As Jewelry

If you have a February birthday, you’re fortunate to have amethyst as a birthstone. Amethyst is widely available in a number of different cuts and size, so whether you want a statement piece or something more subtle, there’s a wide range of different styles of amethyst jewelry for you to choose from. Unlike many other gemstones, the purple hue of amethyst compliments both warm and cool colours so it pairs nicely with both white and yellow metals.


At Marlow’s Diamond and Design, we have a number of beautiful amethyst jewelry pieces available. We also offer customization services so you can add a stunning and unique piece of amethyst jewelry to your wardrobe. For more information about our jewelry and design services, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond and Design.

Designing a Custom Engagement Ring
January 18 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Do you find that while you look at different engagement rings that you like specific aspects but can’t quite find a design that feels right? If you want to have more control over design elements, why not consider the custom design route? There are numerous benefits that come with designing a custom ring. For one, it offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to style, colour, cut and design. There are also endless possibilities and combinations that make it a versatile option that is highly customizable. Here are some aspects of custom designed rings that are trending right now!

The Vintage Feel

Engagement ring designs that emanate a vintage feel have really made a comeback. Designs that feature halos –a large centered bezel diamond circled by smaller pavé diamonds, are an example of a new design that reflects vintage values. This design paired with mixed metals, as an example, can really play up the vintage feel of a ring. Plus, this design can be adapted to look as simple or as luxurious as you’d like.

For example, one simple round cut diamond on a silver based ring with one halo is a simple, delicate and elegant design choice. Whereas, a larger square-cut diamond with 2-3 halos can create a more dramatic look. Using these parameters can help you create a unique and distinct ring that reflects your partner!

Play with Colour

Traditional wedding ring designs are often seen in white metals and yellow gold. But did you know that you can use other means of colour to your advantage? Consider hues like rose gold when thinking about the ring’s base. Rose gold is an incredible way to create a romantic hue that can balance out or accentuate other features in the ring’s design. It will also add a completely different dimension from traditional looks, if you’re looking to create something distinct and new.

Diamonds are also available in a variety of fancy colours such as a bright, clear light blue, and yellow. The variety of colours can range from light to vivid depending on the look you’re trying to go for. For instance, if you just want a subtle hint of colour, you can opt for a lightly coloured fancy colour diamond.

If you’re looking to create a custom ring design for your significant other, but you’re not sure where to start, we can help you find the right meld of elements for your design. Get in touch with us today to get the process started.




Engagement Ring Aftercare and Maintenance
January 9 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Owning a precious piece of jewellery like an engagement ring comes with a few things to know. Diamonds are forever brilliant… if you take care of them. To ensure that your ring stays in optimal shape and stands the test of time, here are some things to consider.

Treat your ring carefully

Handle your jewellery with clean hands at all times. Oils, food debris or any sticky residues can and will affect the clarity of your ring. Soaps and lotions can also contain ingredients that can affect its lustre over time. It’s best to always wash, dry and moisturize your hands before putting your ring on.

Another important thing to consider is removing your ring before using household cleaning products that can contain damaging chemicals! Exposure to chemicals like chlorine as an example can corrode base metals like gold.

Take your ring off at night. Hands can swell at night making taking off your ring uncomfortable in the morning. Plus, when you cannot calculate your movements at night, you might end up scratching or damaging your ring!

Store your ring away from other jewellery in a fabric-lined case

Diamonds are tough as nails but they are prone to scratches. Keep your diamond ring away from other jewellery in a soft fabric-lined case. This will lessen the chances of scratching.

Keep the ring away from humidity

Direct sunlight or humidity from heating can affect your ring. Make sure you store your ring away in a cupboard or drawer away from heat sources.

Clean your diamonds

Your ring will certainly come into contact with debris every once in a while — nobody is perfect! The way to combat the effects of this is to clean your diamonds regularly. A mild detergent such as a mix of ammonia and water is a great homemade cleaning solution to use between professional annual cleanings.

Have your ring cleaned professionally

Your ring should be cleaned and polished at least once a year by your jeweller. While small home-cleaning machines are available as an alternative to this, you should consult your jeweller before purchasing one to avoid using any old product that could damage your ring.

Don’t forget about ring insurance

As a new ring owner, you should consider insuring your ring — no matter how much it costs. If it gets lost, damaged or stolen, ring insurance will partially or fully cover the cost of your ring. This can be added to home or personal insurance plans however, they only come into effect when a ring has been appraised by a certified professional (so make sure to keep the original receipt!)

Following these considerations will ensure that your ring stays safe, protected and clean at all times so you can take care of it for the years to come. Have any questions on ring maintenance or aftercare? Get in touch with us today.


Your Necklace and Pendant Shopping Guide
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Necklaces are the most popular and classic style of jewelry. A nice necklace can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wardrobe. Accessorizing with a necklace is a great way to dress up any outfit. There are many different types of necklaces, chains and pendants available, and the right piece of jewelry for you will depend on your personal style and budget. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a necklace or pendant from the industry experts at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Pendant Styles

The pendant refers to the gemstone that provides the centerpiece of your necklace. Pendants come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours. When choosing a pendant, it’s important to think about what function you want it to serve. Do you want a pendant that makes a big statement? In that case, you may want to choose a larger or more colorful gemstone. If you’re looking for a more subtle accessory, choose a smaller gemstone with in subdued hue. Gemstones vary in price depending on colour, cut, size and rarity, so keeping your budget in mind when choosing your perfect pendant.

Chain Styles

The chain of your necklace is often as important as your pendant. When picking a chain for your necklace, think about how it will look with your pendant. Does the style compliment the pendant, or does it clash? Does the chain draw attention away from the pendant? Another thing to consider when choosing a chain is length. Do you want your pendant to rest along your collarbone, or do you want a longer necklace? These considerations will change how your necklace looks with the rest of your clothes.

Finding the right piece of jewelry can be difficult, and choosing the chain and pendant styles that work best for you can be its own challenge. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we offer custom jewelry design services, so we can help you design the perfect necklace for you. For more information about our custom design and jewelry repair services, contact us today.


What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

An engagement ring is symbolic of the love and dedication between you and your partner. It represents the enduring commitment you have to one another, and the beginning of a new stage in your relationship. It’s important to choose an engagement ring that reflects the personal style of your partner, fits within your budget, and is classic enough to remain stylish for many years to come. Here are a few things to consider when shopping from an engagement ring from the jewelry experts at Marlow’s Diamond &Design.

Choose the Right Band

Many people are so preoccupied with choosing the right diamond for their engagement ring that they totally forget about the band. The band is almost as important as the central feature of your engagement ring—the band provides the frame for the central focal point of the ring’s diamond, so it has the potential to change the look of the entire ring. When choosing a band, it’s important to consider width (do you want a thin band or a thick one?) as well as colour. Engagement bands are available in a number of materials including gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

Think About Setting

Setting refers to the piece that holds the stone in place on the band. Similar to the band, the setting can change the entire look of the ring so it’s important to choose this feature carefully. Pronged setting refers to a set of little metal claws that hold the diamond in place. There are usually four to six prongs in a setting, and they can be rounded, flat, pointed or V-shaped. Other types of setting include bezel setting, in which the gemstone is encircled by a custom-fit frame to hold it in place, and the channel setting, in which the gemstone is held in place by small gemstones encrusted into the band.

Purchasing an engagement ring is a big decision. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we offer custom engagement rings so you can create something that suits your partner perfectly. For more information about our engagement ring and custom jewelry services, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Earrings: A How-to Guide from Marlow’s Diamond & Design
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Earrings are one of the most popular accessories on the market today, and yet still many people find them intimidating to wear. The great thing about earrings is their versatility—they can act as a bold statement piece or as a subtle accent to your outfit. If you’re feeling unsure about how to incorporate earrings into your wardrobe, here is some advice from the jewelry experts at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Studs versus Dangling Earrings

The two most common earring styles are dangling earrings and studs. Both of these styles are beautiful in their own way. Dangling earrings makes great statement pieces, allowing the wearer to add a striking accent to their outfit. Studded earrings, on the other hand, can be used to add a more subtle complimentary element to your wardrobe. Choosing dangling versus studded earrings will depend on the context in which you wear them. Dangling earrings, for instance, may be better for a dinner party or night out on the town, whereas practical and subtle studded earrings may be better for professional scenarios such as interviews and business meetings.

Material Options

Earrings are available in a number of different materials and can feature a variety of gemstones, including diamonds and pearls. The type of material you choose for your earrings will depend on several factors, including your personal tastes and budget. Colorful gemstones such as turquoise or ruby are great for a youthful, fun and eclectic look. Classic stones and materials such as diamond, pearl, gold and silver are great way to add sophistication and elegance to any look.

Earrings are a great way to dress up your outfit and add a little bit of fun and personality to your wardrobe. Earrings are some of the most versatile accessories available, so the right pair can help you achieve whatever look you want. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we offer a variety of different earrings as well as customized jewelry services so you can get the hand-crafted pair of earrings that are best for you. For more information about our stunning earring designs and customization services, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

December Birthstones: Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna collection of gemstones

People born in December are lucky enough to have not one, not two, but three different birthstones. Tanzanite, zircon and turquoise are each known for their own unique and eye-catching shade of blue. Available in a range of styles, cuts, colours and rarities, it’s easy to find the December birthstone that best suits your personal tastes and budget. Here is some more information of tanzanite, zircon and turquoise, the three birthstones for the month of December.


Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite. Tanzanite is named after the country Tanzania, which is its country of origin. Tanzanite is so rare that it can only be found within a few square miles of Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is known for its exquisite blue coloring, which can range from pale blue to aquamarine. Tanzanite is a sensitive stone that can easily be damaged, so it’s better suited for earrings than rings or pendants.


The name zircon comes from the Persian word zargun, meaning gold-colored. Despite this word origin, zircon is actually available in a wide variety of colours, including red, orange, yellow, green and brown. However, the most popular colour for zircon is blue. Blue zircon is variety associated with the month of December. People have believed for centuries that zircon helps to promote sleep in the wearer, as well as ward off evil and encourage prosperity.


Turquoise gets its name from its bold and magnetic blue-green hue. The word turquoise comes from the French expression pierre turque (meaning “Turkish stone”) because it was introduced to Europe by Turkey in the 13th century. Turquoise is one of the softest gemstones, which is why it can be found in so many different carved shapes and patterns. Turquoise has been said to grant power and protection to the wearer.

Anyone born in December is fortunate enough to have three of the most beautiful blue gems as their birthstones. To have custom tanzanite, zircon or turquoise jewelry created for you, contact our expert jewelers today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.