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Calgary Jewelry: 5 Trends to Try in 2018
March 16 , 2018 | Written by: Riko Specogna

You might hear the words, “New year, new me,” and you might be thinking about reading, diet and exercise goals. However, what if you were to completely rearrange your fashion by following some of the latest Calgary jewelry trends?

1. The Classic Setting

While it might not be advisable because of how it looks from the legal standpoint, this especially refers to the “Tiffany setting” in the industry. This is one of the trends for Calgary diamond rings, and it centers around using a simple band and a round stand held together with six prongs.

Triangle Side Stones on a Yellow Radiant-Cut Diamond

In 2018, the colored Calgary engagement rings have started to pick up a little momentum. In addition, the radiant cut that employs the use of colorless side stone accents have grown popular with Calgary engagement rings.

3. Rose Gold Rings Using Micro-pavé

For a long time, the micro-pavé has become a favorite for the Calgary jewelry, but set in rose gold has made this ring stand out. Most diamond experts believe this trend will stick around for a while.

4. Halo-Set Diamonds with a Cushion Cut

Halos have picked up some steam in 2018, and in particular, the framing with the cushion-cut stones has been the most popular. This choice has been a perfect framing, and it encircles a cushion cut diamond of almost any size. Customers can do a ring with the halo in a variety of ways.

5. Three-Stone Ring

This has remained popular for a long time, and ever since celebrity actress Meghan Markle was engaged to Prince Harry, her three-stone ring for Calgary diamond rings has become a wildly popular choice. This has been a topic of much fascination and conversation, and it has created a new trend in the Calgary jewelry industry.

These are some of the most popular jewelry trends to consider in 2018. A lot of people have seen the value in them. We have seen a significant rise in popularity in recent months, and it has continued to grow bigger over time.

At Marlow’s Diamonds and Design we can give you the best diamond rings. If your jewelry is in need of repair, sizing, or cleaning. Let us be your one stop! Questions? Contact us today for a free quote!

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Stackable Rings: How to Wear Them with Elegance & Style
March 27 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Whether you’re planning on spoiling someone for her birthday or you want to add to your own personal collection, stackable rings are the perfect way to go. This style has been the hottest trend in both costume and fine jewellery for years. As new fashions and bold designs become available, there are more ways than ever to express ourselves with rings. Not only are they stylish, but like charm bracelets, they can be personalized to suit your own style. If you’re worried about getting the right rings to start your collection, remember that there is no wrong way to wear a stackable ring. However, to make a statement that says elegance and style, here are a few tips.

#1: Mixing Materials
There are so many combinations of metals, gems and designs, that the choices can sometimes overwhelm us. If you can’t decide between silver, gold and rose gold colours, why not stack them all? There are plenty of pictures of stackable sets online that prove that mixing metals makes for interesting combinations that catches the eye and completes the outfit. Make sure to choose one metal that dominates the others to ensure you don’t overwhelm the overall look. This can be accomplished by wearing a chunky or eye-catching piece on your index or middle finger, like our 14k yellow geometric ring or the 14k rose gold geometric rope ring, and adding a midi ring of the same metal.

#2: Less is More for Formal Wear
The beauty of stackable rings is that you can mix and match depending on your outfit and the occasion. We’ve seen stackable rings complement styles for every outing. For more formal wear or to add a sophisticated and elegant look to your outfit, we suggest downsizing your stackable rings. A single ring on your fourth finger, like our 14k white gold skinny rope ring will pair perfectly with a statement piece on your forefinger, such as an accented two-tone ring or a tall stack of alternating rose, yellow and white gold beaded V rings. Adding an asymmetrical diamond and pearl ring will give you a touch of sparkle. Alternatively, stack your rings on your middle finger like a cocktail ring, leaving all other fingers bare.

#3: Gems, Stones and Pops of Colour
Metals aren’t the only thing to make your fingers pop! Add a beautiful touch of flair to your fingers by matching your stackable metal rings with hints of colour. The possibilities are endless. While diamonds, amethysts and rubies are always a safe bet, don’t forget to try different textures, like opals and turquoise. To make it easy on the eyes, we suggest separating your eye-catching gemstones with plenty of interesting metals in between.

What we love about stackable rings is that no one’s assortment is the same. Start your collection today or spoil that special someone with a stylish and elegant ring to suit any occasion. Visit Marlow’s Diamond & Design to browse our wide collection of stackable rings.
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Engagement Ring Aftercare and Maintenance
January 9 , 2017 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Owning a precious piece of jewellery like an engagement ring comes with a few things to know. Diamonds are forever brilliant… if you take care of them. To ensure that your ring stays in optimal shape and stands the test of time, here are some things to consider.

Treat your ring carefully

Handle your jewellery with clean hands at all times. Oils, food debris or any sticky residues can and will affect the clarity of your ring. Soaps and lotions can also contain ingredients that can affect its lustre over time. It’s best to always wash, dry and moisturize your hands before putting your ring on.

Another important thing to consider is removing your ring before using household cleaning products that can contain damaging chemicals! Exposure to chemicals like chlorine as an example can corrode base metals like gold.

Take your ring off at night. Hands can swell at night making taking off your ring uncomfortable in the morning. Plus, when you cannot calculate your movements at night, you might end up scratching or damaging your ring!

Store your ring away from other jewellery in a fabric-lined case

Diamonds are tough as nails but they are prone to scratches. Keep your diamond ring away from other jewellery in a soft fabric-lined case. This will lessen the chances of scratching.

Keep the ring away from humidity

Direct sunlight or humidity from heating can affect your ring. Make sure you store your ring away in a cupboard or drawer away from heat sources.

Clean your diamonds

Your ring will certainly come into contact with debris every once in a while — nobody is perfect! The way to combat the effects of this is to clean your diamonds regularly. A mild detergent such as a mix of ammonia and water is a great homemade cleaning solution to use between professional annual cleanings.

Have your ring cleaned professionally

Your ring should be cleaned and polished at least once a year by your jeweller. While small home-cleaning machines are available as an alternative to this, you should consult your jeweller before purchasing one to avoid using any old product that could damage your ring.

Don’t forget about ring insurance

As a new ring owner, you should consider insuring your ring — no matter how much it costs. If it gets lost, damaged or stolen, ring insurance will partially or fully cover the cost of your ring. This can be added to home or personal insurance plans however, they only come into effect when a ring has been appraised by a certified professional (so make sure to keep the original receipt!)

Following these considerations will ensure that your ring stays safe, protected and clean at all times so you can take care of it for the years to come. Have any questions on ring maintenance or aftercare? Get in touch with us today.


Your Necklace and Pendant Shopping Guide
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Necklaces are the most popular and classic style of jewelry. A nice necklace can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wardrobe. Accessorizing with a necklace is a great way to dress up any outfit. There are many different types of necklaces, chains and pendants available, and the right piece of jewelry for you will depend on your personal style and budget. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a necklace or pendant from the industry experts at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Pendant Styles

The pendant refers to the gemstone that provides the centerpiece of your necklace. Pendants come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours. When choosing a pendant, it’s important to think about what function you want it to serve. Do you want a pendant that makes a big statement? In that case, you may want to choose a larger or more colorful gemstone. If you’re looking for a more subtle accessory, choose a smaller gemstone with in subdued hue. Gemstones vary in price depending on colour, cut, size and rarity, so keeping your budget in mind when choosing your perfect pendant.

Chain Styles

The chain of your necklace is often as important as your pendant. When picking a chain for your necklace, think about how it will look with your pendant. Does the style compliment the pendant, or does it clash? Does the chain draw attention away from the pendant? Another thing to consider when choosing a chain is length. Do you want your pendant to rest along your collarbone, or do you want a longer necklace? These considerations will change how your necklace looks with the rest of your clothes.

Finding the right piece of jewelry can be difficult, and choosing the chain and pendant styles that work best for you can be its own challenge. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we offer custom jewelry design services, so we can help you design the perfect necklace for you. For more information about our custom design and jewelry repair services, contact us today.


What to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

An engagement ring is symbolic of the love and dedication between you and your partner. It represents the enduring commitment you have to one another, and the beginning of a new stage in your relationship. It’s important to choose an engagement ring that reflects the personal style of your partner, fits within your budget, and is classic enough to remain stylish for many years to come. Here are a few things to consider when shopping from an engagement ring from the jewelry experts at Marlow’s Diamond &Design.

Choose the Right Band

Many people are so preoccupied with choosing the right diamond for their engagement ring that they totally forget about the band. The band is almost as important as the central feature of your engagement ring—the band provides the frame for the central focal point of the ring’s diamond, so it has the potential to change the look of the entire ring. When choosing a band, it’s important to consider width (do you want a thin band or a thick one?) as well as colour. Engagement bands are available in a number of materials including gold, white gold, platinum and silver.

Think About Setting

Setting refers to the piece that holds the stone in place on the band. Similar to the band, the setting can change the entire look of the ring so it’s important to choose this feature carefully. Pronged setting refers to a set of little metal claws that hold the diamond in place. There are usually four to six prongs in a setting, and they can be rounded, flat, pointed or V-shaped. Other types of setting include bezel setting, in which the gemstone is encircled by a custom-fit frame to hold it in place, and the channel setting, in which the gemstone is held in place by small gemstones encrusted into the band.

Purchasing an engagement ring is a big decision. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we offer custom engagement rings so you can create something that suits your partner perfectly. For more information about our engagement ring and custom jewelry services, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Earrings: A How-to Guide from Marlow’s Diamond & Design
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Earrings are one of the most popular accessories on the market today, and yet still many people find them intimidating to wear. The great thing about earrings is their versatility—they can act as a bold statement piece or as a subtle accent to your outfit. If you’re feeling unsure about how to incorporate earrings into your wardrobe, here is some advice from the jewelry experts at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Studs versus Dangling Earrings

The two most common earring styles are dangling earrings and studs. Both of these styles are beautiful in their own way. Dangling earrings makes great statement pieces, allowing the wearer to add a striking accent to their outfit. Studded earrings, on the other hand, can be used to add a more subtle complimentary element to your wardrobe. Choosing dangling versus studded earrings will depend on the context in which you wear them. Dangling earrings, for instance, may be better for a dinner party or night out on the town, whereas practical and subtle studded earrings may be better for professional scenarios such as interviews and business meetings.

Material Options

Earrings are available in a number of different materials and can feature a variety of gemstones, including diamonds and pearls. The type of material you choose for your earrings will depend on several factors, including your personal tastes and budget. Colorful gemstones such as turquoise or ruby are great for a youthful, fun and eclectic look. Classic stones and materials such as diamond, pearl, gold and silver are great way to add sophistication and elegance to any look.

Earrings are a great way to dress up your outfit and add a little bit of fun and personality to your wardrobe. Earrings are some of the most versatile accessories available, so the right pair can help you achieve whatever look you want. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we offer a variety of different earrings as well as customized jewelry services so you can get the hand-crafted pair of earrings that are best for you. For more information about our stunning earring designs and customization services, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

December Birthstones: Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise
December 23 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna collection of gemstones

People born in December are lucky enough to have not one, not two, but three different birthstones. Tanzanite, zircon and turquoise are each known for their own unique and eye-catching shade of blue. Available in a range of styles, cuts, colours and rarities, it’s easy to find the December birthstone that best suits your personal tastes and budget. Here is some more information of tanzanite, zircon and turquoise, the three birthstones for the month of December.


Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite. Tanzanite is named after the country Tanzania, which is its country of origin. Tanzanite is so rare that it can only be found within a few square miles of Tanzania near Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzanite is known for its exquisite blue coloring, which can range from pale blue to aquamarine. Tanzanite is a sensitive stone that can easily be damaged, so it’s better suited for earrings than rings or pendants.


The name zircon comes from the Persian word zargun, meaning gold-colored. Despite this word origin, zircon is actually available in a wide variety of colours, including red, orange, yellow, green and brown. However, the most popular colour for zircon is blue. Blue zircon is variety associated with the month of December. People have believed for centuries that zircon helps to promote sleep in the wearer, as well as ward off evil and encourage prosperity.


Turquoise gets its name from its bold and magnetic blue-green hue. The word turquoise comes from the French expression pierre turque (meaning “Turkish stone”) because it was introduced to Europe by Turkey in the 13th century. Turquoise is one of the softest gemstones, which is why it can be found in so many different carved shapes and patterns. Turquoise has been said to grant power and protection to the wearer.

Anyone born in December is fortunate enough to have three of the most beautiful blue gems as their birthstones. To have custom tanzanite, zircon or turquoise jewelry created for you, contact our expert jewelers today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Winter Accessorizing: How to Wear Jewelry In The Cold
December 22 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

Now that winter is upon us, you may think that you have to put away your jewelry until it starts to get warmer again. However, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can no longer look stylish. You can still accessorize your winter outfits with jewelry, even when you’re all bundled up in the cold. Here are a few winter accessorizing tips from the jewelry experts at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Use Fashion Tape

One of the most frustrating things about wearing jewelry in the winter is having to deal with accessories that fly around in harsh winds and storms. Necklaces especially have a tendency to fly around, get caught in your scarf or hair, or even break in severe winter winds. This problem can be easily avoided by using fashion tape, a clear and easy-to-use adhesive that can purchased at most craft or fabric stores. This tape is almost invisible and sensitive on your skin, so you’ll barely even notice it. Simply place a small amount on the chain of your necklace to keep it in place all day long.

Choose Studs

Wearing dangling earrings in the winter can get complicated. Dangling earrings can get caught in your hair or clothes, which can be uncomfortable and painful. Aside from that, dangling earrings can also make it more difficult to wear a hat or scarf, leaving you more vulnerable to the wintertime cold. For these reasons, you may choose to avoid dangling earrings during the winter months. Luckily, there are many other earring options available. Try accessorizing your winter outfits with a pair of studded earrings. Diamond or pearl studs can add a touch of sophistication to any look. For an extra pop of colour, choose a vibrant gemstone such as a turquoise or sapphire stud.

You don’t have to stop wearing accessories just because it’s cold outside. With these simple winter jewelry tips and tricks, you can stay stylish all season long. Browse our complete catalogue for more winter accessory ideas, and to learn more about our custom jewelry designs contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.


Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide
December 21 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones. Jewelry makes a great holiday gift—a beautiful necklace, ring or pair of earrings is a very thoughtful way to show how much you care. Get your loved ones gifts to last a lifetime with custom jewelry from Marlow’s Diamond & Design. Here is a holiday gift guide from our team of expert jewelers.

For Him

Marlow’s Diamond & Design has a number of classic and sophisticated jewelry options for men. We also have a variety of sleek and contemporary styles, so we’ll have something for him no matter what his personal tastes may be. We have a variety of men’s rings, ranging from classic bands to more modern sports rings. We also have a range of customizable pendants. With the jewelry selections from Marlow’s Diamond & Design, you’ll have no problem finding him the perfect gift this holiday season.

For Her

Find the perfect holiday gift for her at Marlow’s Diamond & Design. We have a large selection of diamond rings, available in a variety of sizes, band widths, and framing. We also have rings with other gemstone centers, as well as a number of different earrings and pendants. We can also create a custom piece of jewelry for you using the design and gemstone of your choice. At Marlow’s Diamond & Design, we also offer repair and restyling services so you can give a favourite vintage ring or necklace an upgrade as a gift this holiday season.

Finding the perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones can be difficult. Jewelry is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that your loved ones can wear for many years to come. Make your holidays something special with jewelry from Marlow’s Diamond & Design. We have a wide variety of stunning jewelry pieces available, as well as custom jewelry designs and repair services. For more information about our jewelry and services, contact us today at Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Trend Watch: Stacking Rings! Great Way To Mix Textures And Metal Colors
July 14 , 2016 | Written by: stacking ring

The classic wedding ring was elegant, simple and cute. It was just a band of gold. You shouldn’t be surprised to see modern wedding rings which can be as flashy and colored as engagement rings. There is a growing tradition for layering, and stacking rings are the best examples.

The Growing Layering Trend

Stacking rings are quite hot right now, with fashion ramps, celebrities, and fashion sites flaunting more and more stacks of bands.

Layering was a trend mostly seen with clothes. It is now a great way to mix textures and colors in jewelry.

One of the best ways to get on top of the trend is to maintain cohesive and clean looks. In order to get the delicate looks, wear thin and graceful rings against thick ones.

In fact, you may do with just a single ring most of the time. If you can’t get enough with just one, try a midi ring on one finger and try some delicate styles on another finger.

The Magic of Mixed Metals

You can wear all the three colors of gold with your stacking rings. Create even more overall interest to the look by stacking gold colors on one finger and some other metal like silver on another finger. You could also create

Depending on your likes, they can range from simple, slender and subtle stacking rings to something studded with gemstones. If you don’t have the budget for diamonds, try something more affordable yet equally beautiful like moissanites.

With some sparkle, the stacks can always get something more added to their grace. If mixing all the yellow, rose and white gold doesn’t seem to be adding more variety, the addition of the right gemstones can certainly pep up your stylish ring.

The trend has also caught up with newlyweds. Many stack different bands on their ring finger, creating a look with a stronger and bigger statement compared to the traditional engagement and band concept. Interestingly, the trend seems to be something that will be here for some time.

Stacked rings are expected to stay here and will become even more popular. Don’t be surprised if you see them taking over ring jackets. Increasing number of ladies love wearing their wedding rings all alone. The engagement ring goes on the right hand. When you choose stacking rings, you will find them to be much more versatile. They can work all alone, unlike ring jackets.

Mixing It Up

Stacked rings are so popular because they allow people to mix things up in many ways. You can mix and match rings to create any type of look you may desire.

You can not experiment with the different gold colors but also mix up gold and silver, gemstones and diamonds. And this helps in expanding your wardrobe options like anything. You can try different types of outfits with these rings.

Something That’s Perfect for You

When it comes to stackable rings, there are only so many spots to fill. You should choose a few statement bands that can be mixed up to turn a simple stack into something that is not boring.

A good way to find what is best is to try a few of rings in your collection by moving them around on your fingers. You can finalize a combination that looks perfect on your hands. Else you could play with different styles, shapes, metals and gemstone colors at the jewellery designers. Once you have created a few combinations, you may want to choose other rings that can help complete the look. Although this is not necessary because stacked rings can always go all alone.

Refurbish Old Jewelry: Maintenance Makes It Look New Again
July 7 , 2016 | Written by: Jewellery

Your jewelry can go through so much of abuse and stress that it’s often amazing that the old pieces don’t get fully damaged. Even if the wear and tear and the effects of time don’t do much to your old jewelry, the changing fashion trends can leave them obsolete.

If you have any such old jewelry pieces, have you ever thought of refurbishing them?

Benefits of Refurbishing

There are many reasons refurbishing your old jewelry can be a great choice.

– Your old piece of jewelry including rings can be refurbished to new pieces.

– The gems can be remounted into a fresher design.

– Using the same old metal and gems can help in saving money.

It is also a unique feeling when you wear your old jewelry pieces in new looks. When you refurbish your jewelry once every few years, it will also help maintain it and extend its life. It is also a cost effective way to enhance the pieces.

Jewelry refurbishing involves restoring the piece so that it becomes alive again. In some cases your jewelry designer may recommend creating a new piece of jewelry out of the old one. For example, the earrings may be turned from wire backs to posts or screw backs.

Reusing Old Gold

If you are thinking of reusing the gold from your old jewelry, you should know about the limitations.

– Single Casting Uses a Lot of Gold – Since only one piece of jewelry is cast, the process will require more gold. It will also take more time. This can increase the costs. This is because when the new jewelry is cast, the liquid gold will have to pass through a passage known as sprue. The gold over this passage solidifies. So you the gold will not only be used for the new cast jewelry but also for the sprue.

Although the sprue is given to you, it is not of any use. It is recommended to choose a jewelry designer who has regular re-casting work. It will help you save on the ‘sprue’ gold.

– Recycling the Alloys – There is no problem when recycling old jewelry made of pure gold. But most of the gold jewelry is made of 14k or 10k gold. Both these golds have 42% to 58% alloys. Using gold again and again is easy, but it is the alloys that create a problem.

The alloys, more so the ones found in white gold, can turn unstable. This can cause your new jewelry to show pit marks or suffer from discoloration. The alloys can also cause splits when the jewelry is working on the metal.

Giving a New Lease of Life to Your Old Jewelry

This is why it will be best to choose an experienced jewelry designer who knows the intricacies. They can help you make the right choice between refurbishing your old piece of jewelry and making something entirely new from the metal and the stones while minimizing losses and helping you save money.

If you are thinking of doing something with your old piece of jewelry. You can have it redesigned or refurbished into a beautiful piece of new heirloom.

If you have acquired a fine piece of old jewelry as an heirloom and you want to restore it, make sure to consider the benefits. You know the piece has lasted so long. If you make the right choice, you can give it a new lease of life that can make it last another lifetime – something you can hand down to the next generation without losing the original metal and stones.

The Growing Trend of Engagement Rings for Men
July 1 , 2016 | Written by: Silver ring

Engagement rings have traditionally been worn by women. But there’s a new trend where even men can have them. Women are no longer as shy in proposing, and then we also have the beautiful relationship between male couples.

Many men also love to look engaged and loved the same way as women do.

Men’s engagement rings are increasingly becoming popular. More men now think that the traditional rings should no longer be reserved for just one gender. After all, getting engaged is a big thing in life and everyone should celebrate it.

Design Considerations

There are some fundamental differences between the design of men’s and women’s engagement rings. It is well understood that a man’s ring doesn’t have to be as fancy though.

Typically, the primary stone in men’s engagement rings are not as large. The best way to describe the current trend in these rings is that they are ‘subtle.’

But diamonds continue to be the most sought after stone, even for men’s rings. But there’s no guarantee as to what color of diamonds they can be. So don’t be surprised to come across black diamonds, as they are gaining more and more popularity.


There are different types of metal finishes to choose from for a man’s engagement rings. But the polished metal is not the No.1 choice. It is still the top choice for women’s rings.

There is a significant amount of craze for the hammered or brushed finish. Many also prefer embossed features, cut-out metalwork and engravings. The best thing about this trend is that it has introduced fresh, more creative and thrilling elements in design in the jewelry industry.


‘Durability’ is one word that generally defines men’s engagement ring. More men prefer rings made in indestructible metals, such as titanium and tungsten carbide.

What makes these metals unique is that they may be long-lasting, they are not meant to be cut or resized. But that is probably not on top of your mind with your engagement ring. Besides, there’s the practical benefit to them. You can wear them to work every day and will never have to worry about getting them damaged.

Even with these peculiar differences, there are some trends which are common. Although more durable metals are more popular, many prefer men’s engagement rings with mixed metals. Many even like to have colored metals as one of the mixed metals.

There will usually be a thick band in a single metal, which is mixed with one or even more thinner bands that contrast the main metal. These combinations are seen as the counterparts to the colored gemstones for women’s rings.

Elaborate Designs

Most of the men’s engagement rings are known for their subtleness and simplicity, but that is no reason for you not to choose an elaborate design. Many are trying to be as creative as they can be.

These fancier designs typically feature the large center gemstone, which can sometimes be dual-toned. In some cases, there may be multiple stones.

The diamond band is another fancier alternative. In this case the diamonds are set on the top of the band or they could cover the entire band. But it’s not something many men would be able to wear. You will have to consider what you could wear to work every day.

Men’s diamond bands usually have the stones which are preferred to not to be elevated. This reduces the risks of any damages.

As men start to wear and flaunt their engagement rings, the trend has given rise to new styles and has inspired innovation like never seen before. If you are planning something, keep these points in mind to make the right choice.

Mixed Metals Is A Great Way To Have The Best Of Both Worlds: Rose Gold And White Gold
June 22 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna diamond ring

There was a time when yellow gold was the most widely worn gold tone. Both men and women would almost invariably choose yellow gold as the preferred choice for rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry pieces.

One of the main reasons for this widespread popularity of yellow gold was its easy availability. Then there was the fashion industry influence. But rose gold and white gold have increasingly gained popularity. More and more people love their respective warm and crispy feel. It is interesting that both the tones have their unique feminine and masculine touch.

You no longer have to make an exclusive choice with the color of gold. You could always mix and match the different colors to create jewelry that stands out and makes you feel special.

What Makes White Gold Special?

White gold stands out with its color because it has traces of palladium, nickel and manganese in it. The presence of nickel provides it its additional strength, making it more durable for longer-lasting settings.

White gold is the ideal choice for you if you cherish the looks of platinum but don’t want to spend as much. White gold is more durable compared to yellow gold and you will not have to worry as much about dents and scratches.

White gold is lustrous, eye-catching and bright in any design. Usually, it is finished with rhodium, which belongs to the platinum family of metal, to provide additional bright white finish.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper, and is known by a number of names. You can call it pink gold or even red gold. Don’t be surprised if someone calls it Russian gold. It was quite popular in the country around the 19th century.

It is also quite popular, like white gold, for making rings. It may not be anywhere near yellow gold in terms of popularity, it is being increasingly preferred and almost works as an exotic choice – something that’s also rare to see.

Rose gold can work in almost all settings. Vintage-inspired, rose gold wedding and engagement rings are growing in popularity.

And what makes this pretty, rosy-colored precious metal even more special is that you can mix and match it with white to create a stunning contrasting effect.

The Mixed Metal Trend

Both rose and white gold, when combined can create a clean and crisp feel. The two-tone design mixes both the gold colors to create an intricate piece of jewelry that has a uniquely contrasting effect.

The warm hues of rose gold can be cooled down with the spellbinding whiteness and clarity of white gold. Rings can look stunning in this combination, but even bracelets can be startling.

A custom ring or bracelet designed with inputs from your jewelry designer can help create a stunning piece of jewelry, whether it’s a special occasion, for a gift or something precious you had been planning to present yourself for a long time.

A few years ago, it was thought of to be daring to mix and match differently-colored precious metals. That’s no longer the case. You could take things further and mix and match even yellow, rose and white gold to create pieces that can leave everyone stunned.

You can mix and match not only the precious metals, but also gems to create a look that stands for you or the person who wears the jewelry. A great piece of jewelry with intricate details will require a great designer. So make sure to get help from an experienced and accomplished expert who has worked with mixed metals.

How Sapphire Has Always Stood for Royalty & Virtue?
June 15 , 2016 | Written by: Sapphire

Sapphire, the typically blue gemstone, has been known to symbolize royalty, nobility, and faithfulness. It has been used for centuries for embellishing the robes of the royalty.

Its unusual and astonishing color has been considered as the standard for comparing other blue gems including tanzanite and topaz. Sapphire has been the color of romance and royalty for centuries.

Value & Importance

Sapphire may have been always associated with the blue color, but they are also available in other colors. It gets its name from ‘sappheiros’ in Greek which stands for lapis lazuli or precious stone.

Sapphire is one of the 4 precious gemstone family that includes diamonds, emeralds and rubies as the other 3. These stones have been highly sought after since the middle ages. Sapphire jewelry was especially worn by the clergy and the royal families during the medieval times, as it symbolized heaven. The clergy especially wore it in order to draw heavenly blessings.

The royalty has almost always worn sapphire jewelry or as part of their robes as it stood as a symbol of wisdom, holiness and virtue. The stone has also been associated with good fortune.

Kashmir sapphires are among the most highly valued sapphires. They are considered to be the finest specimens known for their outstanding royal blue. Interestingly, Kashmir sapphires are so rare that they are even hard to find at most of the auctions. But when they are there, they can fetch record prices.

Sapphires from Ceylon, Burma and Madagascar are also highly valued, but Kashmir sapphire has a unique, legendary reputation.

A 42.28-carat, Kashmir sapphire fetched a staggering $3.5 million at the Christie’s auction in 2008. Another 22.66-carat, cushion cut Kashmir sapphire in a pendant with surrounding diamonds, auctioned for $3.06 million in 2007.

Other Colors of Sapphire

Sapphire is considered the standard for measuring the blue of other gemstones, but as indicated above it is also available in a number of other remarkable colors. Amusingly, you can find sapphires in almost all the colors.

Sapphires are corundum and they have trace minerals that give them their unique colors. So, blue sapphires have titanium and iron. But when a sapphire has only iron and no titanium in it, it is yellow in color. Pink sapphire has chromium in it.

Yellow sapphire is quite popular. Most of it comes from the Far East, with Sri Lanka having the highest share. This type of sapphire mostly has orange-yellow hue.

Striking canary yellow sapphires come from Kenya, without the orange hue. In fact, you find a touch of green in the Kenyan yellow sapphires. This is what differentiates them from most of the other stones that come from the Far East.

The Birthstone

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. It is believed to help expel negative and evil thoughts. It helps in increasing positive effects of the planet venues.

Those with sapphire as their birthstone are believed to have characteristics similar to the stone. They are precise and analytical, which comes from the clarity of this precious gemstone.

The amazing blue stone is also thought to add insight as one of the traits to those born in September.

The glorious and striking blue of this stone has fascinated humans for thousands of years. It has the metaphysical attributes of clairvoyance, insight and interpretation attached to it.

These stones have also been seen as symbols of heavenly grace during ancient times.

With such a deep and rich history, sapphires make a royal choice for your jewelry. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement rings or any other occasion, sapphire jewelry can be almost unmatched in its class and aura.

Moi Et Toi “You And Me” Jewelry Is Trending
June 8 , 2016 | Written by: rings

The stunning moi et to “you and me” jewelry is making a comeback and is the latest trend. It is known by its prominent 2 center stones. It can have smaller diamonds that highlight and overall design. The two stones represent the two of you and your love for each other or two important people in your life, with the center stone representing the love of your life.

This is beautiful, romantic concept and has a long history!

What is “Toi et Moi”?

“Toi et Moi” stands for “You and Me” in French. The term is widely used for in the jewelry industry for rings which showcase two stones representing strong relationships.

These rings were common as engagement rings in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They symbolized 2 souls that came together, and its story apparently starts with the diamond-and-sapphire engagement ring given by Napoleon Bonaparte to his first wife Josephine in 1776.

Interestingly, Napoleon was just an officer at the time, and was not rich. Still, the ring was quite expensive for his stature. Interestingly, centuries after, the ring fetched a staggering $1 million at an auction house.

A Comeback

The Moi et toi trend had been widely popular until the 1940s. You could find it as part of estate jewelry from the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Edwardian era, as they often have the two-stone rings and other jewelry pieces.

But it has more recently made a big comeback for its elegant style and romantic appeal. Interestingly, there’s no limit to the design, style, stones and precious metals you can choose.

Importance of the You & Me Jewelry

The Moi et to style is typically seen in rings, earrings and bracelets.

Most of the time the earrings are asymmetrical. The bracelet sand rings will usually have 2 similar sized or identical gemstones which are set opposite each other.

Moi et toi rings stand for love and the coming together of two souls. There is a sense of timelessness to these rings. Not to mention how beautifully they sit on your finger. It is a unique and statement-making piece of jewelry that makes it so different from the traditional engagement rings.

At the heart of the “You and Me” design is the way the two stones harmonize each other’s beauty. It is not essential that the stones are of the same type or of the same color. You can have the diamonds mixed in different color spinels. In some cases, the diamonds have been found to be in different cuts, yet they complement each other well.

The New Trend

In the new trend, the moi et toi rings different from their traditional counterparts in a number of ways. Many people wear contemporary rings that don’t have precious stones. They can replace the stones with more ornamental and decorative elements.

So don’t be surprised to see white gold swirls, snake heads or flowers (in precious metals) on the new “You and Me” rings.

A popular style setting in the modern moi et toi trend is the gold ring that features opposing, tear-shaped stones – a diamond and a blue sapphire. They will have around a carat or less weight each.

An increasing number of couples are giving preference to this retro style. It demonstrates the strong passion Napoleon had for his future queen.

But that is not the only thing about the “You and Me” jewelry.

Many people prefer designing bracelets to share their love and bonding with their best friends and family. So it wouldn’t be out of context if you had a piece of moi et toi jewelry designed for your beloved, family member or best friend.

Best Gift for Your Bridesmaids – Wedding Day Jewelry
May 22 , 2016 | Written by: diamond necklace

She has been with you for as long as you can remember, and she has made it to your wedding to be right beside you. Custom jewelry gifts for bridesmaids can be the perfect way to show your gratitude to her. Personalized bracelets with a thanks message can be something that she will cherish for a longtime.

Go Unique with Your Gift Idea

It is a tradition for brides to give a small gift to their maids before wedding. It is a beautiful way to appreciate everything she did to help make your day greater. She has been helping you with everything from filling hundred of envelops to planning the parties to arranging the bridal showers. She really deserves a big thank you, and there can be nothing better than a custom piece of jewelry that strengthens the bond between the two of you.

Typically, brides have been giving their bridesmaids a beautiful robe. They would wear them on the wedding day to ensure that everyone and everything matches for the special photo-ops. Robes are great but, you would always want to have something that’s unique for your girls. It shouldn’t take you a lot of brainstorming to realize that you would want to gift something to your bridesmaids that’s both personalized and can be used again and again. It should be something they could wear and always remember you. A personalized wedding day jewelry can be the perfect gift to make her feel special.

Something She Can Cherish Forever

An elegant piece of jewelry is not only something they can wear to your wedding, it will be a gift they can reuse in future too. You can personalize this gift by having a unique piece designed for each girl, but from the same collection. Make sure there’s something common to the pieces – something that can also relate to your wedding.

Your best friend may love earrings. You can gift her a pair of nice drops. A bridesmaid who likes stacking bracelets can be given a personalized piece she can add to her collection.

Why Jewelry

Everyone loves jewelry and they are especially so closely associated with weddings. Besides, there are endless options and styles to choose from without having them to be expensive. Even a sweet piece, such as a bracelet, can be personalized with an initial or monogram or a message and gifted to your bridesmaids as a memento for the memorable time. It can be a celebration of your friendship in a piece of jewelry that has a value of its own. It will be completely different from anything else you can think of as a gift.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Options

There are endless bridesmaid jewelry options that can be timeless gifts for your true friends. You may choose similar style for everyone or different looks for each one of your bridesmaids. There is no limit to what you can gift your besties, and that too without breaking the bank. It can be an engraved triple-strand pearl bracelet or a bracelet with heart charm. It can be a freshwater pearl sterling necklace, a silver-plated bead customized bead charm bracelet, or a rhinestone toggle bracelet.

You could also choose from other options like crystal charm necklace, crystal earring and necklace set, pearl with birthstone crystal necklace, or a state necklace. You may also gift them monogrammed oval pins, rhinestone wedding party pins or engraved pewter cuff bracelet that is specifically designed for bridesmaids.

Your bridesmaids play an important role in your life. Why not gift them something you will be able to talk about even after many years. A wedding day jewelry gift can be something perfect. It could be something that will also remind you of one of the most important day of your life.

Restyle your jewelry for Modern Looks While Saving a Decent Amount
May 11 , 2016 | Written by: necklace

You may have an old wedding ring or some valuable family jewelry that has been sitting in the box. You may have inherited a piece of jewelry that you no longer wear. Why not restyle the piece and save money in place of buying a new one.

There are so many ways you can have your jewelry reworked to make it modern and better-looking. You can have the gems remounted to have an entirely fresh design. The gold and gems can be used to make a new piece and save money.

Restyling your jewelry is a novel way to breath-in new life into the pieces that have always been of great value to you but you couldn’t wear them due to the style restrictions. You must have your first engagement ring, or a piece you inherited, or something you bought many years ago and have not worn much. A redesign is also a great way to honor your life’s stories and people.

Reusing Stones

Reusing your diamonds in redesigned jewelry pieces can save you a lot of money. You would want to keep the following points in mind when doing so.

It is most likely that the diamonds in your old jewelry has single cut. Modern stones are mostly full-cut, and different in terms of the number of facets. While an old single-cut stone can have up 17-18 facets, a full-cut, round stone will have 58 facets.

There’s difference between the brilliance of the two types of diamonds, and the more romantic and warmer glow of the older stones may not match well with the new ones. This is where you will need the help of an experienced and accomplished designer – someone who can match the cut perfectly with your existing diamonds, if you don’t have enough of them to complete the redesign.

Another point you would want to keep in mind when using old diamond jewelry are the scratches. Old stones will usually have some wear and tear, especially the ones in your rings. Fortunately, it is easy to restore the luster without much expense. Latest processes involving chemical treatment and machine can remove the scratches. The stone’s size may be slightly altered based on how deep the grooves are. Typically, your designer can tell you the before and after size before changing the stones.

Special Stone Cuts

Old jewelry with stones which have special cuts like cabochon style can be secured by protecting their sides in the new jewelry. You can have your designer choose styles for your redesigned jewelry that’s both elegant and practical.

Reusing the Precious Metal

When it comes to using gold from your old jewelry, it is important to know that you will not get the same amount of metal when casting a new piece. Still it will help in significantly reducing the cost. But don’t worry, the unused gold will be returned to you.

If your old jewelry has 14k or lower gold, it may not be as stable during reworking. But an expert jewellery designers can still help you get the best out of it, while saving you money.

You can always have your old jewelry turned into something more beautiful and up to date in style so that you can wear it more often. An experienced jewelry designer can also share fresh design ideas for your jewelry pieces. You can have them sketch new designs and choose the one that perfectly meets your likes and style preferences. Restyling your jewelry can save you a lot of money while also giving you the unique opportunity to wear the same sold pieces that matter so much you.

The History and Evolution Of Modern Engagement Ring
May 4 , 2016 | Written by: rings

Marriage is considered to be the most sacred social institution between two people in love. However, the institution has a history. The custom of marriage started long after the evolution of human beings. The concept of marriage first came into being years back but the word “marriage” can be traced back in 1250 to 1300. However, the modern marriage and the marriage act evolved years letter and then came the concept of engagement ring. The engagement ring is also a promise ring which two people exchange before they get into the marital bond.

Engagement is a pre-marital ceremony but it is not as strong as marriage. Engagement is carried out through exchange of ring between the to-be bride and groom, or groom and groom, or bride and bride. The ring-finger is the stipulated finger. It is said that the vein of the ring finger reaches the heart and thus is the best place to wear the ring. Diamond is considered as the best suited stone for engagement, due to its pure look and extreme durability.

The History of the Engagement Ring

Mary of Burgundy got the first proposal with diamond engagement ring from Archduke Maximilian of Austria. A flat piece of ring with diamond placed in shape of M was given out to the lady. This was the first proposal with diamond but that is not the first time engagement ring was used.

Howe it all started?

The first concept of engagement came from the concept of taking control of the spirit of the mate. The cavemen used to tie string of grass on the wrist, ankles or waist of the chosen mate. This was a ritual which was performed in pre-historic age and thus that could be called engagement. However, at that point of time, the concept of marriage was not there.

The history can then be traced to 2800 B.C. The Egyptians were buried wearing a metal band on the third finger of their left hand. It is not sure if the ring had any connection with their mates but the rings were placed on the finger that has veins connected to the heart.

The history of engagement rings progressed very fast after that. In 1217, bishop of Salisbury stopped the custom of mock marriage by using rush rings. He declared those marriages to be legal. In 1477, the first diamond ring was used for Mary of Burgundy. In 1700s, thimbles came into existence. However, many used to chop off the top and used it as rings. The supply of diamond increased with the discovery in 1867. Diamond rings became a popular choice. Tiffany & Co introduced six-prong ring that improved the brilliance of diamond in 1886. Rings became more affordable in 1890s. Intertwined hoops rings became popular in 1918.

The concept of a man’s engagement ring was made popular in 1920. In early 1940s the leading jewelry throne went to engagement rings. The rings evolved and many more designs were introduced. The rings that are now available in the market at still evolving. New designs are being made and new patterns are being created every day.

Different Methods of making rings and other jewellery: Die-Striking, Hand Rolling and Casting
April 21 , 2016 | Written by: Riko Specogna diamond jewellery

Purchasing a ring for your loved one is a blissful task from all aspects. You think of their lovable face and you think of the love that this one step is going to bring to your life. The definitive beauty is surely going to bring smile to their face. The diamond ring can do wonders whether you are purchasing it for a proposal or you are thinking of a gift for your anniversary. But have you even considered how much hard work goes into producing a single piece of jewelry or how the piece is actually produced? You can read on to get an idea of the process of making a ring.

Die-striking: It is a popular method of making a ring from raw metal. The method is used for the design of the ring in question without adding the stone in it. Dies are prepared in the factory and metal sheets are used in order to produce the perfect shape. The method is not only used for rings but also for necklaces, pendants, studs and many other types of jewellery. For this method, the metal requirement is high though the resultant amount is not much. Many manufacturers have abandoned this method but those who believe in perfection prefer it over other processes available. This is a method that makes the product more dense and strong enough to last for a long time. Once the shape is formed, the stone is inserted into the ring at the proper places. There are so many benefits of the method but the only problem lies with the extra fine designs. The fine designs cannot be done properly with die-striking.

Casting: Casting is another popular method of making jewelry designs. It is also known as centrifugal jewelry casting which starts with a wax pattern that is built and then placed inside the plaster to form a strong cast. Shapes are carved inside and the gold or other metal is poured in liquid form to form shapes. The method is highly popular and with the hard cast it is possible to make fine designs, too. This method can be used to form any kind of jewelry including necklaces, rings, earrings and much more. This method is still in place for many manufacturers, all over the world.

Handrolling/Carving: Carving or hand rolling is one more method used for making jewelry pieces. Though this method is not quite popular, it is still used for making big jewelry pieces. Hand rolling or carving is done by hand and it is one of the oldest methods used for making jewelry items. Very fine designs can be made using this simple method which is still popular in many countries of the world. Sometimes, a piece of wood is taken as a platform to hold the metal and then heat is applied to give the jewelry a proper shape. If a unique design has to be made where casting or die-striking cannot be used, this remains as the last resource. The method is good but it takes a lot of time to make a piece.

It is always up to the discretion of the manufacturer to use one of the above methods according to the availability and efficiency. There are certain companies that use all these methods according to the applicability and have tools to support the requirement. All the methods have their flaws and but they can be minimized by choosing the right technique and right applicability. It may not be that important to ask for the method of making the piece of art before purchasing, but knowing it will make you a strong decision maker.

Buy jewellery for your children with love, care and diligence
March 15 , 2016 | Written by: necklace

Children are also now getting into the bandwagon of style and fashion. They dictate their own terms of style and are maturing to become quite a fashion icon. With so many brands brining out exclusive collection targeting these tiny tots, it is time for the parents to gear up and get some know how about the children’s jewellery.

Today’s modern child is well aware of the brands and the latest trends in vogue. They are aware of their personality and like to flaunt simple yet unique piece carved exquisitely for their delicate skin. They grow up listening to fairy tales and are much more inclined towards beauty and accessories to enhance their appearance. Bracelets dangling with stars or a beautiful heart shaped pendant and so on takes on the innocent child to a dream world. Jewellery for the children can be categorised into the festive designer and costume.

The jewellery designer is much more sophisticated and includes intricately designed patterns. They are best for those special weddings and occasions. The costume jewellery is much more casual which is intended for daily wear.

But, you must pick the jewellery for your child with care. Unlike the adults, children have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. You must also consider the point of their play time and rough use too. Here are some of the points that must be given a thought when you pick your children’s jewellery.


When you pick rings, remember that your child will soon outgrow the size. The fingers are the most fast growing part and the size will change rapidly, so make sure the ring is sizeable. It is economical to buy costume jewellery as they are priced lower and comes with lot of choices. A ring around their tiny fingers will look amazing and adds glamour to their attire. You can pick from titanium, platinum and gold for rings. They last long and are much more durable.


If you wish to gift a jewellery piece for babies then picking the bracelet is a good idea. With so many styles you can really get the one that you are looking for. Children’s bracelet comes with hearts, gems, stars, and many more. You also get some phrases written on the bracelet chain which will be admired by your little one. Cuff bracelet is better option for bigger children while the chain or the link model is good for the babies.


Chain can be a little hazardous for small babies. It is better to use them for bigger children who can understand its safety too. You can pick some long chains with a simple pendant. Silver and gold are equally good for the young children. Rather than a dangling big pendant, keep the pendants small to bring out the innocence of the children. Floral patterns of pendant are in fashion for children and look good on older girls.


This is an accessory that cannot be resisted by any girl of every age group. A must have accessory that truly beautifies the children and suits every personality. There are a number of choices available from gemstones to precious stones. You can pick from studs, danglers and lot more. If you do not want to get the ears pierced then choose from clip on earrings which are also very good for children.

Complete set

You can also invest in a good jewellery set that comes with the necklace, earrings and rings. You also get hair accessories in some sets. This eases your selection process as a set will match your complete look and gives a very nice and attractive appearance.