Custom Jewelry & Engagement Rings Calgary

Makers of Custom Jewelry, Diamond Rings & Wedding Rings in Calgary

Nothing speaks “sophistication” like Marlow’s stunning signature Custom Jewelry in Calgary Collections. When you come to us, you get spectacular precious stones in eye-catching unique settings, designed to set new standards in style and design.

Each one of our iconic pieces is crafted to perfection and you will find groundbreaking designer jewelry that is sure to send your heart aflutter. We draw inspiration from nature, use the purest gemstones and precious metals to create drama in every piece of jewelry in our line. If you are looking for exquisite Wedding Rings in Calgary or even Diamond Rings in Calgary, you have to go no further than Marlow’s Diamond & Design.

Our expert and skilled craftsmen use the sparkle of precious stones and the natural brilliance of precious metals to create pieces that have brilliance, life and fire. We are passionate about our business and that shows in the manner in which we explore the undying appeal of nature and create Engagement Rings for men and women as well as pendants and earrings in designs so exclusive and unique, they will take your breath away! If you have some ideas about the kind of jewelry you need, rest assured that we will craft it to perfection.

Timeless Appeal

Our focus is on creating magic in precious metal and gemstones to help you create the style statement you want. Traditional, classic, modern, contemporary, delicate or chunky- no matter what your jewelry design choice is, Marlow’s Diamond & Design will make sure that every piece we craft has a timeless appeal. Just as we draw inspiration from nature and many other elements around us, we also draw inspiration from the special women and men that wear our stunning designs.

Our jewelry is a balance of grace and power, love and desire, affection and friendship and helps you express yourself and create the style statement you want. When you will not compromise on quality and design expertise, you know that from all the Calgary Jewelry stores, Marlow’s Diamond & Design is the one you will come to. Every piece you get custom designed from us will be a reflection of who you are. Why settle for less?