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Our Mission

Helping you wear your special moments

At Marlow Design, we strive to create jewellery that elegantly captures your story while championing a world of responsible luxury. 

Our processes combine sustainability with meticulous craftsmanship for custom pieces that set the standard in both design and future-friendly production.

  • Sustainability
  • Meticulous craftsmanship
  • High standards

The new age of jewellery shopping

We are revolutionizing the way people select and purchase jewellery, breaking free from traditional norms.

Navigating the world of jewellery often leaves clients at a crossroads. Online shopping offers vast options and affordability, but it’s easy to end up disappointed with the final product and lacks personal after-sales support. While traditional retail can provide a more personal touch, it can come with steep markups and a less private experience. 

We’re here to transform your experience, merging the best of both worlds and eliminating the pitfalls. Welcome to the new standard of jewellery shopping.

The Marlow Design Experience

Personalized jewellery design

Your story matters to us. At Marlow Design, all clients communicate with us personally. Whether you prefer in-person meetings at our downtown office, communication through email, Facebook, or Zoom or FaceTime, we are here to cater to your convenience. Share your story with us, and we will transform it into a wonderful piece. Our consultations and designs are always free and confidential.

Versatility for endless options

We have cultivated strong relationships with renowned international manufacturers, ensuring that we can fulfill your every jewelry desire. Whether you dream of a specific gemstone, a particular metal, or a customized design like no other, we will exercise all options to deliver without limitations.

Guaranteed perfection

Using masterful hand sketches, live sample jewellery, 3D renderings and wax models, you will know exactly what your piece will look like before it is created. You also have the opportunity to hand-select your main diamond or gemstone. With Marlow Design, your imagination is the only boundary. Feel free to modify your design until it is perfect – we are committed to guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Affordability meets quality

Every step is taken to ensure your price meets your budget without sacrificing quality. By minimizing overhead costs through a modest office space, carrying prototype inventory, and maintaining a small staff, we can guarantee either the best quality within your budget, or the best price for your chosen style. We believe that you deserve the best jewellery without compromise. Get in touch with us today for a complimentary consultation.