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Diamond price match guarantee

Diamond jewellers committed to fair pricing

Your custom piece deserves the perfect diamond. Our team of diamond experts in Calgary will guide on choosing an ideal GIA or IGI certified stone for a perfect match with your budget and design.However, if you find a comparable diamond at a lower price, we can match the price.

How to get started

Please send us the diamond’s source,  the pricing, and its certification. If it qualifies for this program, we can either source that exact stone if it’s from an online supplier or locate a comparable one for you.

Our Calgary diamond store’s price matching program ensures you benefit from our expertise in determining the stone’s suitability, our Lifetime Jewellers Warranty covers you, and the final piece meets our exacting standards for quality and craftsmanship.

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Price match guidelines


The diamond must have the same qualities, including cut, colour, clarity, and carat as the Marlow Design Collection diamond. Please note that we reserve the right to determine if the diamonds are comparable.


We must be able to access the diamond’s certification, along with proof of the lower price.

Immediately available

The diamond we are comparing must be in stock and ready for purchase. Expired promotions or sales are not eligible.

To request a price match, please contact us via appointment, phone, or email.

The Marlow Design Collection

Lab grown diamonds

As beautiful as their natural counterparts, lab grown diamonds are a sustainable, affordable, and stunning choice.

Why choose Marlow Design?

100% craftsmanship guarantee

If your custom jewellery isn’t perfect, we will make alterations at our cost until it meets your expectations.

Custom jewellery excellence

Our years of passion, expertise, and experience means you will receive an exclusive piece, thoughtfully designed and crafted to perfection.

Our concierge at your service

Receive friendly, personalized attention from the Marlow Design team. We’re here to help bring your jewellery vision to life, and our team is just a call, email, or booking away.

Affordable diamonds in Calgary

Our jewellery store is located in SE Calgary. Book an appointment or drop by to see our showroom. We would love to talk about your custom, repair, or restyling needs.