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Responsibly sourced diamonds & gems

Meticulous craftsmanship, ethical sourcing, exceptional quality

We believe that luxury and ethics go hand in hand. Marlow Design is committed to turning your stories into beautiful pieces while upholding the highest standards in ethics and sustainability.

Conflict-free diamonds

We are proud to offer Canadian Known Origin diamonds, in addition to diamonds that meet the stringent Kimberley Process, which is committed to removing conflict diamonds worldwide.

Our diamonds are purchased from vendors who share our commitment, with processes that ensure traceability from mine to market.

As leaders in the diamond industry, we will continue to seek innovative technologies, partnerships, and suppliers in our pursuit of creating a more transparent, ethical, and environmentally sustainable jewellery industry.

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Lab grown diamonds

Lab created diamonds are a popular choice for sustainable, ethical jewellery. They are grown in highly controlled environments using advanced methods and technologies that replicate the natural process. The result is a diamond that meets the same exceptional quality of mined diamonds with a lower environmental impact.

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Coloured gemstones

At Marlow Design, we are dedicated to providing gemstones that are ethically sourced and produced in safe working conditions.

Despite the challenges in obtaining information about gemstone mining worldwide, we are committed to transparency and accountability. We work closely with our suppliers to improve standards and traceability, promoting responsible practices in the industry.

We strive to work only with miners who utilize environmentally friendly techniques and operate in small cooperatives that foster fair distribution of costs, labor, and profits. By choosing our gemstones, you are supporting the transformation of dangerous mining conditions and encouraging a better future for the industry.

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Sustainable custom creations

For custom designs, we warmly encourage you to consider repurposing your existing fine jewellery. This not only preserves its sentiment but also supports our commitment to reduce waste and promote sustainable luxury. Join us on this transformative journey, where old memories become part of new stories, all while championing a more responsible future.

Our commitment to sustainability

Marlow Diamond is committed to striving for a sustainable future. We craft custom jewellery from recyclable casts, prioritize recycled metals, operate paperlessly, and promote virtual appointments to cut down on driving emissions.