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Your custom jewellery experts

Marlow Marshall

Founder & Lead Designer

The story of how I entered the jewellery industry is non-traditional, but one that is infused in my day to day interactions. Growing up in Red Deer, I started my retail career at a young age. Witnessing the impact I had on client’s lives, I discovered a passion for transcending customer expectations with exceptional service. The joy from making even a small difference in their stories was unparalleled.

Moving into management, I honed my business skills and instilled exceptional service in my team. During a customer service award ceremony, where we won top honors, a recruiter from a rapidly-growing jewellery chain recognized my potential. I joined the jewellery world soon after and quickly fell in love.

After managing Canada's premier store and pioneering a Saskatchewan expansion, my true calling surfaced: custom jewelry. This passion became the catalyst for launching my custom design and jewelry concierge in 2014. Here, I apply my wealth of knowledge to turn personal stories and cherished memories into bespoke jewelry pieces, each uniquely reflective of the tale it embodies.

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Kat MacLean

Jewellery Designer & Client Experience Manager 

I am Kat, a Calgary-based jewellery designer with a decade of industry experience. With a keen designer's eye, I have meticulously established the foundation to provide my clients not only with exquisite creations but also pieces of exceptional quality.

Although my roots are in a small town in the heart of Alberta, my affection for Calgary is undeniable. Driven by a passion to explore diverse jewellery cultures, my global travels always lead me back to my beloved city, each journey enriching my understanding and craft.

Dedication and passion are the cornerstones of my relationship with the world of gems and jewellery. This commitment shines through not only in my craftsmanship but also in an enthusiasm to share my knowledge. Following my graduation from the Gemological Institute of America and The University of Arts, where I studied metalsmithing and jewellery design, I became a goldsmithing apprentice. Over the past decade, I’ve since flourished into a professional jewellery designer.

Beyond design, I'm a recognizable presence within the community, known for my charisma and altruistic nature.I also have a deep passion for art jewellery. My skills, enthusiasm, and integrity have endeared me to both lifelong clients and esteemed colleagues, solidifying my standing within this captivating profession.

Yousaf Ayoubi

Operations Lead

In 2003, I embarked on my professional journey in Central Asia, a region known for its emerging markets. Within this dynamic environment, I assumed a multifaceted role, closely collaborating with cross-functional teams encompassing product design, customer experience enhancement, and client retention strategies. My tenure was marked by a proactive approach to project management and extensive contributions to the administrative and coordination aspects of the Marketing and Corporate Strategy teams. Throughout this period, my unwavering commitment to fostering direct connections with our valued customers and clients remained a cornerstone of my approach, consistently exceeding their expectations through innovative product design and transformational experiences.

My career path further evolved to encompass the intricacies of business analytics and operational excellence, leading me to engage with the telecommunications sector and global luxury brands across Western Canada. Over the course of a decade, I had the privilege of managing several prestigious luxury brands in Calgary. Within this context, my role included close collaboration with a talented team, working together to orchestrate genuinely transformational customer experiences. I worke to conceptualize and implement a spectrum of strategies aimed at elevating the in-store journey, consistently delivering memorable moments to our clientele. Beyond this, I assumed responsibility for meticulous inventory management, overseeing comprehensive records analysis, and nurturing authentic and transparent relationships with both our cherished loyal patrons and new customers.

Transitioning into my current role at Marlow Design has provided me with the opportunity to contribute to a creative and dynamic team. Here, I actively engage with our design team, collaborating directly on strategic initiatives and operational projects. My journey with Marlow Design is underpinned by the privilege of being an integral part of our clients' narratives. This unique aspect of my work has truly been a blessing, as it fuels my ongoing enthusiasm for assisting our clients in wearing their special moments with pride and joy.