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Article: Custom Jewellery: The Importance of Having a Family Heirloom

Custom Jewellery: The Importance of Having a Family Heirloom

Family heirlooms are priceless treasures that are passed down from generation to generation. Each significant family heirloom likely began as a piece of custom jewellery. We will discuss the importance of having such items in your possession.

Meaningful Family Jewellery

Family heirlooms are full of meaning and stories and memories. If your family has a piece of jewellery that has become an heirloom, chances are there’s a story to go with it. As it’s passed from generation to generation, the heirloom is a way to preserve the memories that accompany it; it’s incredible that a single piece of custom jewellery can serve to stitch the generations of a family together.

Old Fashioned Custom Jewellery

If you are lucky enough to have your great great great grandmother’s custom engagement ring, you are in possession of a real treasure. Classic heirlooms are valuable in more ways than one. They provide an opportunity for you to know something unique about your heritage and they can be a meaningful treasure to pass on to your loved ones. If you’ve found the girl of your dreams, you may even want to give your grandmother’s ring to your wife-to-be; the gesture is sure to communicate your feelings for her better than words ever could.

Creating New Traditions

Some classic heirlooms are getting old and might be losing stones or suffering other damages. You can bring your antiques to a Calgary jeweller  for  jewellery repairs, and they’ll be good as new. However, it’s also a good idea to create new traditions. In the age of minimalism and Marie Kondo house cleaning techniques, it’s still important for your future posterity to have something to remember you. If you have your own piece of custom jewellery to pass on, generations down the line will remember you and feel connected to your place in history. Come into Marlow Design where we can create and perfect any piece of custom jewellery.

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