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Article: Benefits of Choosing Lab-Created Gems

Benefits of Choosing Lab-Created Gems

Lab-created gems are identical to their original counterparts in their chemical composition. They are not fakes in any way. There are widespread misconceptions about these types of diamonds. “Created gems” are legally identical to genuine gems in terms of chemical, physical and optical characteristics. Expel all these misconceptions you may have about lab-created gems and learn about all their positives in this guide.

They Are Not Treated

One misconception about lab created gemstones is that they are treated. Interestingly, lab-created stones are not dyed, heat treated or irradiated. On the other hand, it is natural gems which are popularly being treated as a trend.

They Are Not Super Expensive

Lab-created gems typically cost much lesser than their mined counterparts. They deliver almost equivalent value without you having to spend a fortune. In fact, it can be impossible to tell the difference between a high quality, natural gemstone and its lab-created counterpart. The only difference is that the latter is much more affordable.

Never Compromise on Beauty

Another misconception about gemstones is that they are not as beautiful as the mined ones. Interestingly, it can be the very opposite in most cases. As these stones are created in controlled lab environment, the output is something that even richer and more even. Whether its clarity or color saturation, they can be more beautiful.

Lack of Inclusions

Another misconception about lab-created stones is that they don’t have inclusions like natural gemstones. Natural stones are loved, not only for their beauty but also for their imperfections. Interestingly, these gems can be created with inclusions just like their natural counterparts. The inclusions can form in them as part of the crystal growth process. In fact, the inclusions can be so real that it can be difficult to tell the lab-created gems from the natural ones. Lab-created diamond give you a positive reason to cherish them for a number of reasons. Above all, it has a splendid story of all the science and tech involved in making a diamond. There is nothing that robs sits value from it, and there is nothing that allows you to tell the difference from a natural one. In fact, it is also a natural diamond as it has the same characteristics and chemical composition as a mined stone.

Lab-Created Diamonds are Environment Friendly

There are excellent environmental reasons why more people now prefer lab-created diamond. Natural, mined diamonds are sourced by mining operations which cause significant damage to the ecosystems. But man-made diamonds don’t affect the environment in any way. They involve the use of modest amounts of natural resources for growing the stones. You could further offset the environmental effects of your custom jewelry by choosing recycled precious metals such as 18k gold or platinum.

More Affordable

Whether it’s purely clear diamonds or yellow, pink or blue diamonds, they are all more affordable than their natural counterparts without any differences in terms of quality and originality. Natural blue diamonds can cost up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yellow ones may cost lesser, mostly in tens of thousands. But identical lab-created diamonds in same colors can cost up to a quarter or even a tenth of the price. You can wear them without ever worrying that they lack in any way compared to the mined diamonds. Interestingly, white lab-created diamonds can be almost as expensive as mined white diamonds. There’s good reason for that. White diamonds are the most difficult to grow, but they are more readily available in their natural form. Without concern which color of diamond you choose, lab-created diamonds carry the same value and there is nothing that says that they are not original.