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Article: 5 Questions to Ask Your Calgary Goldsmith

5 Questions to Ask Your Calgary Goldsmith

Not sure how you can find a Calgary goldsmith that you trust? Asking a few questions can help you to decide if the jeweller you have chosen is reputable or not. Buying fine jewellery isn't like most of the other items because gemstones and diamonds speak in their language that only jewellery experts can speak. To the untrained observer, you may not fully grasp the quality you're dealing with.

Question #1: Do You Have Credentials?

You should choose someone with a good reputation and the right credentials. For example, are they a GIA graduate?

Question #2: Can You Provide References?

A good custom jewellery provider that has been around a while will have no trouble with providing references from happy customers. If they can't provide references, they may not be the best choice.

Question #3: What Kind of Services Do You Offer?

Respected jewellers will provide you with plenty of goldsmiths jewellery. For example, you may want repair services and custom design services as well.

Question #4: Do You Have an In-House Gemologist?

You may want a gemologist because they have been trained in precious stones and semi-precious stones. They will understand how to guide you through the process of finding the right stone for your budget and your style.

Question #5: How Do You Handle Appraisal and Certification?

Never take your jeweller's word for the price of a diamond. You should also ask for a diamond certificate that comes from a third party. Some of the respected labs include the GIA, GSI, IGI and AGS. The certification provides the stone's naturalness and describes the treatments used on it.

These are questions to ask your Calgary jewellery designers. It can help you to figure out which jeweller will be the right one for you. You can also learn how good a jeweller will be based on these questions.

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