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Article: 5 Ways to Personalize Your Calgary Engagement Ring

5 Ways to Personalize Your Calgary Engagement Ring

Custom engagement rings can encourage you to get creative and show your loved one the beauty of your heart. You have plenty of starting points with engagement ring designs, and a consultant will often schedule an appointment with you to where you sit down and speak about how you will put your signature touch on the ring.

#1: Switch the Metal Color

You can request subtle changes to the metal and design a different look altogether. For example, you might change the type of metal out from white gold to palladium or a yellow or rose.

#2: Pick a Different Center Stone

The shape of the center stone can look as different as the styles you have chosen for it. You can modify the style however you'd like to accommodate for whatever shape of stone that you want.

#3: Switch the Ring Shank

You might even choose to switch out the shank and modify it. For example, the default might be straight across, but you choose to contour or taper it.

#4: Personalize the Pattern

The patterns and symbols can be added to the ring to give it a signature touch. You can pick out whatever pattern you want or have one of your diamond engagement rings laser engraved.

#5: Begin from Scratch

Calgary engagement rings have seen a rise in popularity among customers who choose to begin right from scratch. When you design your own ring from the beginning, you might bring in pictures or sketches or even ideas.

With Calgary engagement rings, the ultimate goal of the process becomes about simplicity and making it more fun and personalized for the people buying the rings. The key goal here is to bring the idea into reality. Even despite the exclusivity of custom engagement rings, it is typically much easier to stay on budget because you work directly with the jeweller to detail the ring.

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