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Article: Book Your Online Consultation

Book Your Online Consultation

Offering Online Consultations

Let us help you celebrate those upcoming special moments by assisting you in the design of your dream piece, from the comfort of your home!

With our 3D render technology we are able to have a full custom consult remotely via free screen share with Team Viewer, where we can build the piece of your dreams right in front of you. We also can select the perfect diamond or gemstone through highly detailed 360 videos, which we do during live consults as is. We also offer FaceTime consults and Skype to showcase samples and pieces further.

Free Shipping

For clients that wish to breathe new life into existing pieces either through repair or through resetting and restyle, we can offer:

  • Free insured overnight shipping of your product to us if you are out of Calgary.
  • Free insured courier pickup and drop off within Calgary.

Simply send us the details of the pieces you would like to send, we will provide a free overnight waybill, and ship back and forth for no charge. A purchase is not required for this service!

We want to wish you all our best during these trying times, and hope everyone comes out the other side healthy and in good spirits. 


Automatic Lifetime Warranty & 20% Discount

We want to let all of our existing clients know we have switched to an automatic lifetime warranty on both the stones we provide and the pieces themselves. This will cover loss of stones due to manufacturer setting failure (not damage caused by irregular impact or damage deemed excessive) and casting issues with the piece. If you have the current lifetime maintenance plan you will be grandfathered in, but otherwise we require a yearly inspection to maintain the warranty. If you haven't been coming in regularly we can have you come in for an updated inspection and reset your required yearly date, and will provide email reminders from then on. Due to the COVID-19 disruption, we understand this will take some time to book your inspection, and will be very flexible until the end of this year to apply this.

Any maintenance required to maintain the piece and any elective repairs like buffing/polishing and resizing you will receive 20% off the regular repair cost. If you are our out of town clients we can send a form to take in to a local reputable jeweller to renew the warranty.