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Article: How to Choose and Pack Your Jewelry Summer Vacation

How to Choose and Pack Your Jewelry Summer Vacation

Summer is just around the corner, which means that many of you are counting down the days to your big vacation. Whether you’re surfing the waves in Hawaii, exploring ancient European ruins or going on a South Pacific adventure, you will probably be asking yourself:

1. What sort of jewelry you should pack?
2. How you should transport it?

No matter what’s on your itinerary, follow these simple tips to enjoy a relaxing and bedazzling vacation.

#1: Leave the High-End Gems at Home

Sometimes the urge to bring that perfect set of sapphire and diamond halo earrings is incredibly tempting, especially if the jewelry you have your eye on goes perfectly with that little black dress you bought just for the occasion. But trust us when we say that the more valuable your jewelry, the more you will worry about it. Instead of taking in the culture, you’ll be preoccupied with anxiety over the safety of your jewelry back at your hotel. And weren’t vacations invented to give you a break from your fears and worries? If you think you’ll be too worried to enjoy yourself, why not swap your precious gems for imitation gems or consider leaving your jewelry at home?

#2: A Honeymoon Without Your Wedding Ring?

Okay, ladies. Let’s be real. One of the perks of getting married is that you get to walk around wearing that special piece of jewelry on your finger that your new partner not only picked out just for you but that you will wear with pride for the rest of your life. You just said your “I Dos” and, after months or years planning your big day, your wedding and engagement ring are finally reunited. So when we say that maybe it’s a good idea to leave your brand new wedding set at home, we understand you immediate reaction. Depending on the value of your wedding or engagement ring, leaving it safely tucked away in your jewelry box may be the best thing for you.

Worried about suffering from extreme separation anxiety? Try replacing your wedding ring with a less expensive but also beautiful alternative, such as stainless steel and crystal or white gems.

#3: Pack Carefully

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be allowed to adorn yourself with your favourite pieces simply because of the risk of losing a precious piece or getting it stolen. We understand that it’s your vacation and therefore you should be able to dress and accessorize how you see fit. Sometimes, wearing your more expensive jewelry can’t or won’t be helped. If you do decide to bring your fine jewelry, keep these simple things in mind:

  • Always pack your earrings together. It’s not enough to shove them in a pouch. This website suggests using buttons to keep your earrings side-by-side.
  • Don’t leave your jewelry loose in your luggage. Keep everything contained in a soft cloth or jewelry travel pouch.
  • Always keep your jewelry in your hotel safe, even if you’re just going out for a quick minute.
  • While travelling, bring your jewelry in your carry-on luggage to have it with you at all times.
  • Consider jewelry insurance for your more expensive items.

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