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Article: Trend Watch: The Most Popular Jewelry Designs for Fall 2016

Trend Watch: The Most Popular Jewelry Designs for Fall 2016

This year has been an exciting one for jewelry within the fashion world. Many designers are starting to play with different colours and materials as well as combine modern and classic styles. These bold high-fashion design choices are making their way into people’s closets as well. Here are some of the biggest jewelry trends you should keep an eye out for this fall.

Chunky Pendants

Both Calvin Klein and Stella McCartney featured necklaces with large, circular pendants in their Fall 2016 collections. These striking pieces often feature bright-coloured stones for an additional eye-catching touch. These statement necklaces are great for dressing up an otherwise casual outfit, or adding some colour and flair to a neutral wardrobe.

Multiple Rings

While have been gauche in the past, this fall the biggest trend is wearing multiple rings as once. Many designers, including the boundary-pushing Gucci, styled their fall runway looks with multiple rings placed on different fingers. The key to mastering this trend is not to overload your hand—just try two or three rings per hand to start. Wear thin band rings with smaller stones for a more subtle and refined look.

Minimalist Earrings

While necklaces and rings may be more opulent this season, many designers have returned to more simple and unadorned earrings. This fall, the popular look for earrings is minimal and modern. Many women are switching out their colourful and ornate earrings for more reserved silver pendants, hoops or dangling earrings. Pearl teardrop earrings are also a popular accessory this season. Simple and classic earrings are accessories that never go out of style, so it’s always a good idea to have a few pairs in your jewelry box.

This fall promises to be an exciting time for jewelry design. Whether you’re sartorially adventurous or more reserved and traditional, the jewelry trends for this season offer something for everyone. Put your own personal spin on the biggest trends of the season with custom jewelry from Marlow Diamond and Design. Our designers work with you to create a stunning piece of jewelry that is tailored just for you. For more information about our custom jewelry service, contact us today.