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Article: How to Choose the Best Groom’s Wedding Ring?

How to Choose the Best Groom’s Wedding Ring?

Choosing the right wedding ring for the groom can be even more difficult than doing the same for the bride. Interestingly, there are so many metal and design options available nowadays. Unfortunately, with so many options, it is difficult to make the right choice. It is apparent the design will be different from the one worn by the bride, but even the choice of metal can vary depending on many factors. So here are the most important things to be considered when choosing the best wedding ring for men.

Consider the Groom’s Personality

The ring – its metal, style, use of stones and the setting must match that personality of the groom. If the man has a more conventional personality, a plain gold or silver ring could perfectly complement his nature. Simple gold band can be always the perfect classic option, but some may even choose silver. Adding diamond and precious stones can add personality to a plain ring. But be careful with what color you choose for the ring. Go for red stones if you have a bold personality. If you have a reserved nature, look for adding some modest pieces of diamonds. If the groom has a showy and outgoing nature, choose a ring that features elaborate designs. If you are tech-savvy and have a modern outlook, go for something creative and out of the ordinary. It is not surprising to see such men wearing tungsten, which is cost-effective yet highly durable.

Groom’s Lifestyle

Also consider the work and hobbies. You don't want to wear something that could be easily damaged by your work. If your work doesn’t pose any threat to what you wear on your fingers, you could choose almost any type of metal. On the other hand, you should choose a durable metal for the ring if your work involves high level of repetitive activities or something that could damage the jewelry. You don't expect to remove your ring every time you are back to work. So if you are looking for high-durability metals for men’s rings, consider the following options:

  • Choose lower karat gold because it is more durable than its higher-karat counterpart.
  • Platinum is highly durable (but it is heavy too).
  • Titanium is even more durable and also weighs less.

Choosing the Right Metal

Diamond is considered the standard stone of choice for men’s wedding rings. Diamond rings have a classic and sophisticated appeal to them, but more and more men are experimenting with other precious stones too. The groom’s personality will play a key role here. But you will have more freedom with the choice of the metal. Yellow gold has its unsurpassed classic appeal to it. But white gold is quite popular and is increasingly trending. But if the groom doesn’t have a knack for gold, platinum could be the ideal alternative. Platinum and diamond, when combined, can work as the perfect combination with rich, sophisticated and classy appeal. Men can also try other metals like titanium, tungsten and palladium which are highly durable.

Matching with Bride’s Ring

While considering the groom’s personality and the choice of the right metal, it is also important to match the ring with the bride’s wedding ring. It is not essential that the two rings should be similar. However, they should complement each other flawlessly. Even if there are many differences between the two, try matching these elements:

  • The choice of stone
  • Metal
  • Width of rings
  • Ring details & engravings

In simple terms, the two rings should not work together rather than working against each other.