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Article: How to Choose the Right Metal for your Engagement Ring?

How to Choose the Right Metal for your Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring is not just about the diamond and its setting. It is also about the metal which will hold the diamond. But choosing the right metal between gold, platinum and others shouldn’t be a complicated thing. Once it was mostly about choosing between yellow and white, but things are slightly different now.

People now love to experiment with non-traditional metals and colors, and you could also find such options more fascinating and inspiring. So when it come to your engagement ring, you should start with the choice of the metal and then you could have it custom designed to her style.

Gold Engagement Rings

We all know how versatile gold is, which makes it the most widely chosen metal for jewelry. You will want to consider the carat, as the value and hardness of the ring will depend on it. Gold rings are available in a wide range of colors – more than any other metal used for making jewelry.

White gold has been quite popular for a long time and is more expensive. When having your engagement ring designed in white gold, choose rhodium plated rings. The coating not only enhances the white color and looks, but also provides protection against wear and tear.

Rose gold is recognized to have its own aura in jewelry. It is romantic and warm, created by mixing yellow gold and copper. Yellow gold is the classic, fashionable choice that never fails to impress. It may have lost some popularity to white gold, yet it continues to remain in trend.

Platinum Rings

If it is going to be a diamond ring, it doesn’t take much thought to have your engagement ring made in platinum. It has a naturally white hue along with a luster that compliments the sparkle and brilliance and diamonds. It is increasingly becoming the popular metal of choice for both engagement and wedding rings.

But it is going to cost you the most of all these jewelry metals. This is because platinum is rarer and purer than gold. It is also highly durable, which means you will not have to consider your girl’s lifestyle. Besides, it has higher density which helps in protecting the stones.

Another advantage of choosing platinum is that its shine and color will not change over time. Unlike white gold, you will not have to replace it time and again.

If you want the best of both worlds – the value and affordability of gold and the looks of platinum, white gold may just be the perfect choice. But eventually the choice will depend on your budget, your preferences and your

Consider Your Girl’s Style

As we already mentioned, your girl’s style is the next factor to be considered once you have chosen the right metal.

Consider what your fiancé likes to wear. If she likes cooler hues and has a lot of silver-toned jewelry in her collection, it will be best to go for white gold or platinum. If she likes warmer tones, yellow or rose gold could be the perfect options.

You could also consider a combination of yellow and white gold. It will help in balancing all the other jewelry pieces in her collection.

Even if the ring is in yellow gold, you could choose to set the diamond in white metal like white gold or platinum. This will help in accentuating the diamond’s brilliance.

So consider all these points when making the right choice of metal for your engagement ring. If you are not sure about it, you could go for something that you personally like. However, it will be best to take the practical aspects into account before you make the right choice.