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Article: How to Choose the Right Sapphire Colors for your Ring?

How to Choose the Right Sapphire Colors for your Ring?

How to Choose the Right Sapphire Colors for your Ring?

Sapphires form part of one of the 3 gem-types under corundum. Ruby and padparadscha are the other two varietals in this category. Among other colors, sapphires are known mostly for their different shades of blue. In this guide, you will explore the different shades of this beautiful stone. But before that, it will be worthwhile exploring more about sapphires.

What Affects the Price of Sapphires?

These gemstones can cost differently based on a number of factors including their color, size, quality, cut and clarity. In fact, you can find two exactly similar sapphires with different prices because they originated from different parts of the world. Large deposits of sapphire are found in parts of Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Africa, Madagascar, and North America. In the North American continent, these gemstones are especially concentrated in Montana. The interesting thing about these stones is that rubies and sapphires often occur together. But usually, one stone variety will be found in more abundance than the other.

Popular Sapphire Colors & their Benefits

So which are the more popular varietals of sapphire in terms of color? How do these different colors benefit you? Read on to explore!


Black sapphire is known to help inculcate confidence in the wearer. A ring with this sapphire can help you develop more confidence in your own self. Other benefits include helping relieve anxiety and feelings of sadness. It helps you relax and makes you feel secure. It is also considered as a charm that helps with your professional pursuits and financial stability.

Padparadsha or Orange Sapphire

Wearing Padparadsha is considered to help with creativity. It is believed to descend the wisdom of positive creation from around you. This sapphire works by combining the factors of creativity with spirituality, helping the wearer achieve new heights in his or her pursuits. It is considered the perfect charm for singers, writers, and artists.

Green Sapphire

You will want to wear green sapphires if you want to bring more integrity and fidelity in your life. Wearing a jewelry piece with green sapphire is believed to help encourage the sensation of compassion. It can also help stimulate vision and help you feel better towards others, thus improving your social relationships.

Pink Sapphire

You will be wearing a pink sapphire if you want to add more resilience to your life. It can help in encouraging positive emotions of love and forgiveness. It also helps in increasing your acceptance levels in social circles.

White Sapphire

Do you want to improve your inner strength? A ring with white sapphire can strengthen your spirit, giving you the power to overcome difficulties in life. It will help you think with more clarity and improve your communication skills.

Violet Sapphire

Many people wear violet sapphire to find a path to spiritual awakening. It helps by stimulating meditation and opening certain spiritual powers. You will be wearing it seeking harmony and oneness.

Yellow Sapphire

Jewelry with yellow sapphire is worn to help bring wealth and wisdom into your life. This gemstone is believed to help you achieve financial success. Besides, it brings changes in you that help you focus more effectively on your goals and pursue your ambitions. So when you decide to have a new ring or any other jewelry designed with sapphire, it is recommended to keep these points in mind. You want to ensure that you will be wearing the best color that offers you the desired results.