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Article: November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

November Birthstones: Topaz and Citrine

Anyone born in November is lucky to have two birthstones: topaz and citrine. With citrine’s iconic orange-gold glow and the impressive variety of topaz, these gemstones provide a range of aesthetic options so it’s easy to find the citrine or topaz jewelry piece that matches your personal style. Here is some more information about November’s two beautiful birthstones.


Citrine is a variety of quartz that’s available in hues ranging from pale yellow to brownish orange. The name citrine comes from the French citron, meaning lemon, which reflects this gemstone’s bright yellow colour. The largest deposits of citrine are found in Brazil. Other citrine deposits can be found across the globe, including in places such as Spain, Bolivia, France, Russia, Madagascar and the U.S. Citrine is relatively hard compared to most gemstones, and is therefore a durable choice for large, statement jewelry pieces such as dangling earrings and necklaces. Historically, citrine has been worn as a protection against evil thoughts, as it is said to release negative feelings. Citrine is also known as “the merchant’s stone” because it is said to bring prosperity and success to the wearer.


Topaz, while most commonly available in a yellow hue similar to citrine, can come in a variety of colours ranging from pale pink to crimson red and deep blue. The name topaz comes from Topazios, the ancient Greek name for St. John’s Island in the Red Sea where topaz deposits were commonly discovered in ancient times. Topaz is a hard and durable gem that, like citrine, has the largest deposits located in Brazil. Topaz deposits have also been found in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Germany, Mexico and the U.S. Topaz is believed to have the power to protect and heal the wearer. Topaz is known as a soothing gemstone that can help calm tempers and eliminate nightmares in the wearer. Those born in November are fortunate to have not just one, but two birthstones. Citrine and topaz are both stunning and elegant gemstones to feature in your jewelry collection. For more information about these magnificent birthstones and to have custom citrine or topaz jewelry designed for you, contact us today at Marlow Design.