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Article: Pamper to retain the intense green and soft stone-Emerald

Pamper to retain the intense green and soft stone-Emerald

Emerald, a royal possession that comes with a brilliant green is one of the sought after gemstones. Many women love to flaunt this naturally mystical stone in their rings. The stone is known for its soft nature and so its durability depends on the way it is taken care of. If you have invested in an emerald stone, then make sure that you feed it with tender love and care. To retain the richness and maintain its sheer shine, pamper it with the following caring solution. This not only will keep your emerald sparkling but also helps in avoiding scratches. Emerald like any other piece of jewellery requires regular cleaning but not many people indulge in taking care of their gemstone. Claims of durability of these gemstones are true only if proper care is taken. Otherwise the stone will lose its shine and radiance thereby making it look dull and lifeless.

Avoid daily wear

If the radiance of Emerald fascinated you then you are sure to invest in an exquisite piece of jewellery studded with this magnificent stone. Although you may be tempted to wear it every day to flaunt it with style and pride, never do so. Emerald is very delicate as they are naturally soft stone and can get easily chipped and scratched. Also, they cannot bear the brunt of everyday cosmetics, oils, rough work and so on. Preserve the charisma of this stone for that special occasion which can adorn you and leave the onlookers mesmerised.

Avoid heat

Emeralds are ensemble on to the jewellery pieces after it undergoes oil and other treatments. This is done to make it stronger and flexible. Also, the stone comes with natural fissure and some cracks which may not look good when studded on the rings. Such things can be removed when they pass through the oil and heat treatment. When you again expose the stone to extreme conditions the stone loses its property and may become more vulnerable to chips and scratches. Women must avoid using the emerald rings while doing kitchen chores.


Emerald requires regular maintenance to extend its life and maintain its shine. The heat treatment is not a onetime process and there is a need for frequently updating the same. Make sure that you take the emerald for reheating process regularly to the jeweller. Be prudent to pick the experienced and reputed jeweller to do this process or it may actually damage the emerald.


Unlike other precious stones, emerald should not be soaked in water for long hours to remove dirt. This will not only rip off the shine and elegance of the stone but also remove the oil treatment making it very soft and fragile. Take extreme care in cleaning the emerald with mild soapy solution. Avoid using warm water and even strong detergents. Make use of a soft wipe cloth and gently rub the surface of the stone to remove dirt. Harsh cleaning and chemical must be strictly avoided.


In case of any  calgary jewellery repair required that is studded with emerald, make sure that the jeweller removes the stone and perform the repair work. As rough blows cannot be borne by the delicate stone and it may chip or even break.


Abrasion can be a major problem if emerald is stored with other gemstones. Invest in a good quality fabric lined jewellery box and keep your ring safely in it. You can even store it wrapped in tissue in a box. Avoid cosmetics, lotions, hairsprays and body sprays as these might strip off the charismatic radiance of the stone.