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Article: Factors to be considered when you buy gemstone online

Factors to be considered when you buy gemstone online

Factors to be considered when you buy gemstone online

Internet has taken the world by storm with its prevalence in almost every field. Business has become simpler with internet cutting across the barriers of countries and continents. People use this medium to access information and products of their choice. Jewellery business has also forayed onto the online store where the precious stones like diamond and other gemstones are put for sale online. If you are intending to shell out money to own a unique piece of jewellery studded with your favorite gemstone, then check out the following points.

Choose the gemstone

Gemstone comes in different prices and quality. There is the synthetic and the real ones which can be difficult to distinguish unless you do some research on the same. Synthetic are man made ones while the real ones are naturally dug from the earth. Synthetic gem stones tend to sparkle much more than the natural stones. However, to make your possession a classy and pricey one, choose the real stone which will have an innocent radiance and glimmer. Next pick the gem stone from ruby, sapphire, and emerald and so on. Not all the online store has a collection of all the stones. You need to finalise on what stone interest you and then start off with the next step that is searching for the reliable online store.

Browse online stores

Online platform has opened opportunities for even small jewellers to make a niche in the jewellery industry. With so many shops online, you need to make a comparison based on price, quality and reputation to pick the right one. This can be a time consuming process but worth the time spent. Browse through as many sites as possible and enquire about several aspects like collection, designs, quality, price and services.

Square down the list

Once you have checked out the various sites, then it is now time to square down the list to only four or five stores. Now prioritise by concentrating on these stores and start evaluating their features and qualities. At this stage you can enquire about the store through online reviews and friends referrals too.

Price comparison

Get the quotes from the jeweller for your favourite piece of jewellery. Look for store that can create custom jewelry so that you become a trendsetter by flaunting a unique piece of jewellery. This can be a major point that makes the stores stand out from the rest. Also, look for interesting deals and offer during the festive season which help you save money on making charges and likewise.

Reliable and genuine

Fake gemstones are available in the market and be prudent not to fall a prey to such jewellers. Ask for guarantee or carat card and so on which will prove the authenticity and genuineness of the gemstone. Well reputed store will be able to give you a gemstone that is natural and is perfectly priced for its quality and properties.

Reviews and referrals

Online stores cater to the desires of customer across the globe. The services of these stores spread across wider region which creates better customer base. So, you can check out the reviews of the customer online to know about the store and their products. Yet another way is through the referrals of your friends and relatives. Understand their personal experience while they ordered for gemstone online and get their feedback. This can be a vital point for selecting the right store.

Sales and service

Service is major element as you may need them in case of polishing, repair, and maintenance and so on of your gemstone. Check out their customer care and after sale service.