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Article: Stackable Rings: How to Wear Them with Elegance & Style

Stackable Rings: How to Wear Them with Elegance & Style

Whether you’re planning on spoiling someone for her birthday or you want to add to your own personal collection, stackable rings are the perfect way to go. This style has been the hottest trend in both costume and fine jewellery for years. As new fashions and bold designs become available, there are more ways than ever to express ourselves with rings. Not only are they stylish, but like charm bracelets, they can be personalized to suit your own style. If you’re worried about getting the right rings to start your collection, remember that there is no wrong way to wear a stackable ring. However, to make a statement that says elegance and style, here are a few tips.

#1: Mixing Materials

There are so many combinations of metals, gems and designs, that the choices can sometimes overwhelm us. If you can’t decide between silver, gold and rose gold colours, why not stack them all? There are plenty of pictures of stackable sets online that prove that mixing metals makes for interesting combinations that catches the eye and completes the outfit. Make sure to choose one metal that dominates the others to ensure you don’t overwhelm the overall look. This can be accomplished by wearing a chunky or eye-catching piece on your index or middle finger, like our 14k yellow geometric ring or the 14k rose gold geometric rope ring, and adding a midi ring of the same metal.

#2: Less is More for Formal Wear

The beauty of stackable rings is that you can mix and match depending on your outfit and the occasion. We’ve seen stackable rings complement styles for every outing. For more formal wear or to add a sophisticated and elegant look to your outfit, we suggest downsizing your stackable rings. A single ring on your fourth finger, like our 14k white gold skinny rope ring will pair perfectly with a statement piece on your forefinger, such as an accented two-tone ring or a tall stack of alternating rose, yellow and white gold beaded V rings. Adding an asymmetrical diamond and pearl ring will give you a touch of sparkle. Alternatively, stack your rings on your middle finger like a cocktail ring, leaving all other fingers bare.

#3: Gems, Stones and Pops of Colour

Metals aren’t the only thing to make your fingers pop! Add a beautiful touch of flair to your fingers by matching your stackable metal rings with hints of colour. The possibilities are endless. While diamonds, amethysts and rubies are always a safe bet, don’t forget to try different textures, like opals and turquoise. To make it easy on the eyes, we suggest separating your eye-catching gemstones with plenty of interesting metals in between. What we love about stackable rings is that no one’s assortment is the same. Start your collection today or spoil that special someone with a stylish and elegant ring to suit any occasion.

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