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Article: Top 8 Wedding Trends this Summer

Top 8 Wedding Trends this Summer

Top 8 Wedding Trends this Summer

As the temperatures keep rising, the number of bridal trends is also increasing this summer. There is something new and unique – from floral bridal headbands to statement colors to sequins to chandelier earrings to natural centerpieces and everything in between. Here are the top 8 summer wedding trends that can be found everywhere.

1. Floral Bridal Headbands

Floral headbands are feminine and elegant, and can be seen on brides from almost all age groups. Make sure to wear them with subtler wedding gowns if you don't want to look too sweet.

2. Artisan-inspired Jewellery Pieces

This summer it’s more about wearing something more personalized - whether it’s something from the vintage collection or something designed by none other than your best friend because she did that jewellery class. It’s more about looking original in real and rustic pieces.

3. Statement Colors

Crystal bridal jewellery is here to stay forever. But more and more brides are experimenting with something new. So don’t be surprised to find brides wearing bold and saturated colors including deep blues, radiant silver and black, and royal shades of purples. While the diamond ring is another ever-green trend, there is a move towards coloured stones this summer. An increasing number of brides are wearing coloured stones as an alternative to the traditional white diamond. Zircornia, emerald, topaz and several other gemstones including canary diamonds are the hot choice this summer.

4. Chandelier Earrings

Larger wedding earrings creating the wow factor, even when worn with plain bridal gowns. Wear them with sheaths and they will still create an amazing effect. These earrings are best worn with the updo. Avoid long or half-and-half flowing styles. Sequins give you the perfect way to add tons of glamour. Gorgeous dazzling sequined bridal gowns are the trend of the season.

5. Pineapples

How do pineapples fit into the summer wedding season? Pineapples are finding their way into bridal jewellery, adding tropical touches. They can be found across all types of bridal jewellery including, and even on bridal stationery.

6. Natural Centerpieces

Natural centerpieces are increasingly finding place in weddings this summer. So don’t be surprised if you come across cut citrus fruits making it to the centerpieces. But that is not all. There are many other options which can be unexpected yet appealing. This can include watermelons being hollowed out and used as centerpieces (it's both seasonal and fun) or including pedestal with moss or grass or wooden vases. These centerpieces can create a more natural and textured look.

7. New Wedding Themes

While garden and beach themes are more traditional for this summer. This wedding season, the themes are more personal. Mountain and famous beach themes are the new trends for weddings. Couples are creating their wedding themes around their honeymoon destinations. For example, if you are going to Hawaii for your honeymoon, include orchids in your bouquets and black lava rocks in the vases.

8. Makeup Trends

Bold lips, elegant pastels, and neutral grace are some of the hottest trends in makeup this summer. Create the bold lips with vibrant shade of red, orange or pink while keeping your eyes neutral to create the bold lips. A soft pink blush on the cheeks will do perfectly to accentuate them.

Beautiful pastels are ideal if you are going to have a floral or garden themed wedding. Use softer bursts of pink on the lips, eyes and cheeks. The neutral elegance look makes use of touches of colour in browns, pale pinks and peach to give a soft glow.

Whether it’s the bridal jewellery designers or outfit or the wedding theme, it’s more unique and more colourful this summer.