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Article: Trend Watch: Stacking Rings! Great Way To Mix Textures And Metal Colors

Trend Watch: Stacking Rings! Great Way To Mix Textures And Metal Colors

Trend Watch: Stacking Rings! Great Way To Mix Textures And Metal Colors

The classic wedding ring was elegant, simple and cute. It was just a band of gold. You shouldn’t be surprised to see modern wedding rings which can be as flashy and colored as engagement rings. There is a growing tradition for layering, and stacking rings are the best examples.

The Growing Layering Trend

Stacking rings are quite hot right now, with fashion ramps, celebrities, and fashion sites flaunting more and more stacks of bands. Layering was a trend mostly seen with clothes. It is now a great way to mix textures and colors in jewelry. One of the best ways to get on top of the trend is to maintain cohesive and clean looks. In order to get the delicate looks, wear thin and graceful rings against thick ones. In fact, you may do with just a single ring most of the time. If you can’t get enough with just one, try a midi ring on one finger and try some delicate styles on another finger.

The Magic of Mixed Metals

You can wear all the three colors of gold with your stacking rings. Create even more overall interest to the look by stacking gold colors on one finger and some other metal like silver on another finger. Depending on your likes, they can range from simple, slender and subtle stacking rings to something studded with gemstones. If you don't have the budget for diamonds, try something more affordable yet equally beautiful like moissanites. With some sparkle, the stacks can always get something more added to their grace. If mixing all the yellow, rose and white gold doesn't seem to be adding more variety, the addition of the right gemstones can certainly pep up your stylish ring. The trend has also caught up with newlyweds. Many stack different bands on their ring finger, creating a look with a stronger and bigger statement compared to the traditional engagement and band concept. Interestingly, the trend seems to be something that will be here for some time. Stacked rings are expected to stay here and will become even more popular. Don't be surprised if you see them taking over ring jackets. Increasing number of ladies love wearing their wedding rings all alone. The engagement ring goes on the right hand. When you choose stacking rings, you will find them to be much more versatile. They can work all alone, unlike ring jackets.

Mixing It Up

Stacked rings are so popular because they allow people to mix things up in many ways. You can mix and match rings to create any type of look you may desire. You can not experiment with the different gold colors but also mix up gold and silver, gemstones and diamonds. And this helps in expanding your wardrobe options like anything. You can try different types of outfits with these rings.

Something That’s Perfect for You

When it comes to stackable rings, there are only so many spots to fill. You should choose a few statement bands that can be mixed up to turn a simple stack into something that is not boring. A good way to find what is best is to try a few of rings in your collection by moving them around on your fingers. You can finalize a combination that looks perfect on your hands. Else you could play with different styles, shapes, metals and gemstone colors at the jewellery designers. Once you have created a few combinations, you may want to choose other rings that can help complete the look. Although this is not necessary because stacked rings can always go all alone.