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Article: 4 Ways Custom Jewelry Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

4 Ways Custom Jewelry Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

What's the first thing you think of when you hear the word "custom"? Is it something personalized to your specifications, like a newly renovated counter-top or an embroidered jacket? Is it something unique that you're sure you won't see anywhere else? No matter where our mind takes us with the word often we all fall on the same conclusion, that it's going to be more expensive whenever we customize anything. Here are four ways customizing jewelry doesn't have to follow this rule:

  1. Customizing Materials

    A couple walks into a high profile jewelry store and view a pair of earrings that would be perfect for her upcoming birthday. They don't seem too elaborate or overwhelming in gems, yet it is way beyond their budget, especially when they saw a less expensive version at the store across the mall. Little did they know that these particular earrings were 18k white gold with premium color and clarity diamonds, while option B was 14k white gold with more economical stones. Being able to tweak the materials used can make the new piece a reality.

  2. Reducing Required Maintenance

    No one disputes that keeping jewelry looking fresh and polished requires maintenance. When you choose a piece straight from the showcase though you can often receive unexpected charges. You take a ring home and its doesn't fit, it can cost up to $100 to size it. A chain is too short on the display model so you need to buy a new one for around $300. The piece has been touched many times so you may need to rhodium for $60 earlier than expected. By creating a piece to your specifications you're guaranteeing no extra surprise costs.

  3. Using The Market to Your Advantage

    A jewelry design consultant can use a fluctuating market to ensure that not only can you get the best price for your new piece, but the piece is primed to appreciate in value. Taking advantage of a low gold price you may be able to get a higher karat weight for your budget, or perhaps moving to platinum might be the more attractive option. Positive currency exchanges from another country may shift where the piece is manufactured, as long as quality is assured.

  4. Low Overhead

    This requires going directly to a private designer rather than a traditional brick & mortar retail store, but has very distinct advantages. By not having to fill a showcase full of inventory, paying a sales staff, or paying rent at a large retail location a designer does not need to charge the prices retail needs to stay in business. It also creates a more privatized experience, rather than having to jump back and forth between multiple sales associates. With these cost saving techniques deployed a custom piece is easier to attain than ever. A custom piece can be as simple as a change in color, or as elaborate as a full drawn out design. Don't let a premium cost stigma stop you from sitting down for a conversation with a custom professional!