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Article: When Is The Best Time To Buy Wedding Rings in Calgary?

When Is The Best Time To Buy Wedding Rings in Calgary?

Shopping for wedding rings Calgary is an exciting and special time. Whether you are looking for something traditional or custom, wedding rings are something to cherish. Here’s a look at the best time to buy wedding rings in Calgary.

Shop for Wedding Rings Calgary Three to Four Months Before the Wedding

It often seems like a good idea to buy an engagement ring and wedding band together. While there are times that this makes sense, it’s usually better to wait until three or four months before the wedding. This gives the bride a chance to get used to wearing her beautiful diamond engagement ring before deciding on a wedding ring. What you want out of a wedding band changes, so allow time to figure what you really want. Both the bride and groom should love their wedding rings Calgary.

Look for Diamond Rings in Optimal Shopping Months

If you have time to shop around for the best deals on  diamond rings, try shopping in March, July, and August. These are typically times when prices are lower than normal for the following reasons:

  • March – The holidays, including Valentine’s Day, are over and many shoppers don’t have much money left, so jewelry stores tend to reduce prices.
  • July – Vacation time means less demand for diamond rings, resulting in better bargains for prepared shoppers.
  • August – Last-minute vacations and back-to-school shopping fill people’s time, again causing a decrease in sales that leads to lower prices.

Find Custom Jewelry Calgary

If you’re looking for something extra special, consider custom jewelry Calgary. When creating a custom wedding ring, give yourself more time before the wedding. Finding the right custom jewelry Calgary requires extra effort, but it’s worth it to have a beautiful ring that’s all your own. Get the style you want with the price you love when purchasing a diamond ring from Marlow Design.