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Article: Three Key Tips To Discovering Your Jewelry Style

Three Key Tips To Discovering Your Jewelry Style

Modern, vintage, contemporary. Finding or creating your perfect piece these days can be a struggle. Oftentimes we walk into a jewelry store hoping to be inspired, but get overwhelmed by the vast amount of pieces on the display and lose focus of key aspects that speak to us the most. Whether searching for existing engagement rings or custom jewelry, it is important to narrow down as many options as possible. This will create a clear vision in your mind for when you sit down with your jeweler, utilizing their expertise to hone in. Here are four key design tips to narrow your search:

Know your colour combination

This may seem like a no-brainer, as white gold is the primary choice in north america. Trends do shift though, and the all white look of the past 10 years has beginning to give way to rose gold accents, yellow/white blends, and even pure rose. Ask you jeweler or google for different combination's to know what you like your stones set in, your shanks on your rings to look like, the color of your chains, and what blends speak to you.

View different types of finishes

A completed design can often be enhanced through a bevy of different finishes. A men's wedding band can add an aggressive flair with a hammered finish, milgrain brings a vintage look to a wedding band, and filagree creates that contemporary accent. Taking the time to learn your different finishes can become immensely valuable in defining your style.

Decide on your gemstone saturation

Do you like the simple, elegant look of a single gemstone radiating beauty, or do you love your piece adorned in accent gems from top to bottom? While not a rule, oftentimes the art of the piece is represented in the flow of the metals, while if brightness and beauty is your main goal you can't go wrong with multiple gems. While there are many areas that can effect your jewelry style, these three base areas will make up the bulk of your decision. It's important to revisit this yearly as well, as we all change regularly and our tastes along with us. We also offer a free quiz at the shop that can help you narrow down your specific style further!