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Article: Understanding the various types of diamonds

Understanding the various types of diamonds

The hardest and natural substance that is always dear to women is the diamonds. Every woman dreams of owning this pricey jewellery. Diamonds are not always white and the following post gives details of the various types of diamonds and its qualities. Diamonds are broadly classified into two types namely type 1 and type 2. Type 1 comes with a little nitrogen molecules and type 2 does not have nitrogen but instead contains other impurities. Diamonds are not only used for jewellery purposes but it has several industrial uses too. Statistics reveal that around 80% of the diamonds are mainly used for the industrial purposes. However, the remaining 20% which is used to carve out excellent designs on rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces comes in the following types:


These are the most sought after variety of diamond for its natural radiance. The white colour helps in better refraction of light giving a sparkle that will leave the onlooker stunned with awe. They are mostly found in various parts of the world and specifically the argyle mines boasts of a good quality of white diamonds. White diamonds are mainly studded into the engagement rings.


The colour of the diamonds resembles the champagne and is light straw colour. However, they are available in varied shades of straw and cognac. Some of the diamonds under this type are also available in darker shades and are often flaunted by the celebrities as style statement.


They are also popularly known as the canary diamonds. Available in shades of yellow and canary colour, these diamonds are also very expensive. The price tags increases with the brightness of yellow. Yellow diamonds are increasingly used to make fancy contemporary designs of jewellery.


It is the rarest and the most expensive type of diamonds. It is believed that from the total diamond production there are only 1% in pink diamond variety which makes it rare and irresistible piece to possess. The pink diamonds are symbols of love and romance. They can enhance the elegance of any gift like rings and earrings. However, due to its rarity there are higher chances of imitation diamonds.


One of the rarest types of diamond is the blue ones. It is rare and pricey possession. Many of the jewellers have even claimed to have never seen this variety of diamond but there are few dealers who make extravagant designs using this rare diamonds.


They come in very lighter shades of green as they lose their density when furnished. Green reflects hope and well being. When the diamond is exposed to radioactive material it turns green under given conditions.


A subtly coloured diamond, they give a very classy look. The colour in itself goes along well with any kind of attire. Its neutral colour is the reason for its extensive use in daily wear diamond jewellery and a hit among the working women.


They are much easier to select as one may not fall a prey to fake ones. They are thicker and harder. However, these diamonds will weigh lesser and a very adored form of simulated diamond is the cubic zirconia.


They are also categorised under the diamond segment but these are not natural stones. Manmade diamonds are called as synthetic diamonds and quite often jeweller may mix such inexpensive diamonds with the real ones. So, as a buyer you must be aware of such frauds and check for the four Cs to confirm if the diamond is real and natural. If you are planning to take the plunge into the diamond jewellery, it’s worthwhile to be aware of the different varieties.