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Article: How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring?

How to Choose the Perfect Men’s Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings stand as a symbol of love and as exemplary fashion accessories that you will cherish for a lifetime. When it comes to choosing a man’s wedding ring, it must match your personality. Style is also an important factor, but it keeps changing with time. So how to choose the perfect men's wedding ring for yourself that’s not ordinary?

Choose Something that Stands for your Personality

The consideration about your personality is something best left to your fiancée. She will be better able to tell if you are a more classic and straightforward guy. A more classic gold wedding ring will be the perfect choice. But there are men who will not be interested in wearing something more plain and classic. In such a case, a dual-tone ring could be the right option. Wedding rings with inlaid stripe or woven/textured pattern are also perfect for wearing something nontraditional. Scientifically engineered rings or titanium bands are more suitable for men who are interested in something more technological. A man who gives lots of importance to his cultural background should have something related to his identity integrated into his ring.

Choose the Right Metal Type

Choosing the right metal for men involves a different process as compared to choosing a precious metal for women. The choice of the metal will depend on several factors including its durability, looks and comfort.


Gold continues to be the most widely used metal for men’s wedding rings, used both in its traditional yellow and relatively newer white color. But titanium is increasingly gaining popularity because of its high durability. It can also vary in its colors – from white to silver.


Then there is platinum, which is even more popular than titanium. It is known for its high density and feeling of heaviness. These are the perfect alternative to white gold rings, while adding more value and strength. It is worth noting that this white metal is extremely durable.


Tungsten may seem to be one of the less popular options when it comes to creating wedding rings. But its popularity is increasing at a gradual pace. It is known for its high level of resistance to scratches. Its visual characteristics imitate that of titanium and white gold, ranging from white to gray. Besides, tungsten is one of the rare few metals that can give you a permanent polish. You can wear it for years without worrying about any scratches or loss of shine or looks. Despite its high level of durability and longevity, tungsten is relatively cheaper.


This precious metal belongs to the platinum group of family. It may not be as dense as platinum, but it is highly durable and resistant to various kinds of wear and tear. Most people don't know that the metal is itself mined with platinum.

Choose the Right Gemstones

An increasing number of men prefer wearing gemstones in their wedding rings. But the choice will vary from one groom to another. Just like when choosing the right band for the ring, it’s essential to consider the personality of the person when considering the gemstones. Diamond rings, rubies and sapphires are quite strong and can be worn by almost everyone without concern for their profession. These are the most important factors you will want to take into account when choosing the perfect men’s wedding ring. Tungsten is a nontraditional metal option that gives you the opportunity to wear something extremely durable without spending a fortune. It doesn’t require the level of maintenance and care as required for most other precious metals. Besides, it can last a lifetime and still look almost the same.