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Article: Know the significance and meaning of birthstones for every calendar month

Know the significance and meaning of birthstones for every calendar month

Gemstones are known for their rarity and beautiful radiance. Every individual can relate their birth month to a particular gemstone and so it is also termed as birth stones. Not many know of the significance of these precious stones. The following blog sheds light on the meaning depicted by every birthstone.

January: Garnet

Garnet depicts the value of truth and purity. The innocent glow from this stone provides the direction when in darkness. It attributes include faith and consistent love. When the person wears garnet in any form will feel an upsurge in the energy levels.

February: Amethyst

Worn by the Pope, this purple stone portrays a royal touch to the wearer. Peace and serenity prevails around the stone and that is the true attribute of this stone. From times immemorial this stone has found place in many magical and healing segments. It has high level of healing properties and can calm the mind.

March: Aquamarine

In Latin, Aquamarine means sea water. It brings in joy and happiness to the wearer. With the soothing properties they balance the mind and relax the senses. This stone appears in pale blue shades and attributes include good health and courage.

April: Diamond

Eternal love is truly depicted by Diamonds of different shades. The luminescent radiance and brilliance of this gemstone lures the attention of both men and women alike. It is even otherwise used for engagement rings for its symbol of clarity and love. Their long lasting nature is also a true representation of love that lasts forever between the couples.

May: Emerald

It is a mystical stone and comes with the properties of loyalty and faithfulness. The colour of green depicts inner peace and calmness. It had been used for improving the vision in the ancient era.

June: Pearl

The milky shades of pearl bring out the innocent chastity in the relationships. They are found in different colour shades like grey, black, white and cream. It is believed that the first pearls were churned out for the goddess of love, Venus. So, there is a lot of love and romance that radiates from this stone.

July: Ruby

With the attractive red, this is the next most expensive gems after diamonds. It in stils the power of warmth and devotion in the humans. Wearers will invoke the characters of nobility and is available in different shades.

August: Peridot

Wearing a peridot was known to ward off evil. They come in light green shade and depict calmness. They are found mostly in the rocks of volcano eruption.

September: Sapphire

Lot of historic stories depicts sapphire as a symbol of sincerity and truthfulness. With the blue that is radiant they provide good temperament to the wearer. Wisdom and dignity goes hand in hand in the presence of sapphire.

October: Opal

Creativity is in abundance with Opal as the gemstone. Wearer is protected from the evil eyes and envious people. Confidence is instilled into the wearer’s thoughts and so happiness prevails in their lives.

November: Citrine

Taken from the French word which means citron. Citron is the lemon and so is its colour that depicts a lemon yellow. A very happy stone, this represents loyalty and friendship. They are also known as the yellow topaz. They support mental balance and health to the wearer.

December: Tanzanite

Blue topaz generally has been used more recently by retailers as the December birthstone, but Tanzanite is a rarer and more powerful color. They represent prosperity and success.