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Article: What To Do When Stones Fall Out Your Custom Jewellery

What To Do When Stones Fall Out Your Custom Jewellery

Unfortunately, it's one of those things that can happen: the stone in your jewellery piece falls out. Whether it's your engagement ring (we hope not!), or your necklace, it can happen to anyone. Why it happens is important, but what is just as important is what to do when it happens. Jewellery is something that we take with us on lots of journeys in life, and regular yearly inspections at your jeweller are the best way to guard against stone loss.

Why Do Stones Fall Out Of Your Custom Jewellery?

While it is a shame that stones can fall out of jewellery, here is why it can happen to you:

  • Accidents
    Gentle knocks or scrapes over time can be enough to make your stone fall out. Consistent and constant knocks tend to lodge the stone out of place. It is why it is best in some situations (playing sports, for example) to keep your jewellery in a safe place.
  • Loose Prongs
    The most common reason for stones falling out of jewellery is when the prongs that hold them have become loose. A lot of people don’t notice it happening until it is too late. It’s another reason why you should get regular checks at your goldsmith in Calgary.
  • Wear & Tear
    As much as we would like our jewellery to last forever, that is not always the case. Wear and tear will set in, and over time, your jewellery won’t be able to hold the stone anymore.
  • Dirt Build-Up
    If your jewellery is constantly exposed to dirt, it will wear away faster, as it will find its way into gaps, which will slowly dislodge the stone.

What To Do After The Stone Falls Out Of Your Custom Jewellery?

When your stone does fall out of your jewellery piece, you must take immediate action. Take the following steps to ensure that you can get your stone back on your jewellery piece.

  1. Keep your stone in a safe place for the moment. Wrap it in a cloth so that it protected for the time being.
  2. Contact the custom jewellery store in Calgary where you purchased the item. Many jewellers have a warranty on their items and will replace the stone if you are still in warranty. However, if it is past the warranty date or you don’t have any coverage, you will have to look to get it replaced or repaired.
  3. Find a reliable and high-quality jewellery repair specialist in Calgary that can help you with putting your stone back in your piece. Depending on the quality of your item, the repairs might not be cheap, but the long-term quality will be worth it.
  4. You should also make the jeweller checks the setting and integrity of your entire jewellery piece to make sure there is nothing else wrong. After inspection, you can be sure that you won't have any more problems with your stone falling out.

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