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Article: Benefits of Platinum for Men and Women

Benefits of Platinum for Men and Women

There are many advantages of wearing platinum for both men and women. Its unique color is perfect for bring out the true brilliance and sparkle of all types of stones including diamonds. This is especially because the metal doesn’t reflect any color off the precious stone.

Why Choose Platinum?

One of the most important characteristic to platinum is that it is extremely strong and durable. So if you are going to gift a diamond ring or any other jewellery to someone (for a lifetime), there’s hardly anything else that can be better than platinum. Known for its strong resistance towards stress, this precious metal can also maintain its original sheen and looks even in the most extreme conditions. In fact, its strength makes it highly resistant against wear and tear. In fact, regular wear can create scratches and resultant patina on the surface which can further enhance its looks. Besides, you could also return the metal to its original form through polishing. Among other benefits, platinum has unique properties that make it perfect wearable for those suffering from various types of skin allergies. Here are many more reasons why platinum is considered perfect for both men and women for their jewellery:

  • Versatility – Platinum has a white and silky shine that can easily blend with all types of outfits and skin tone. Place platinum and other white metals together and you could easily tell the difference in terms of refinement, premium quality and class. It can be worn by anyone and with anything – so you will not have to worry about it when choosing a piece.
  • Lifelong Elegance – As already mentioned, platinum is for a lifetime. You may choose it for engagement rings, wedding rings, cocktail rings or everyday fashion rings. It is one of the rare few precious metals that don't lose their color or shine. In fact, platinum is a long term investment that you will never regret.
  • Rare & Exotic – Platinum is a rare precious metal. It is available in very small percentage, which makes it more exotic. Interestingly, even gold is available in even higher percentage in nature. Even if you have a single piece of platinum jewellery in your collection, it will be a big possession. This is why platinum engagement/wedding rings are considered to be even more valuable than gold rings.
  • Low Maintenance – Platinum’s high durability makes it one of the rare few precious metals that don't require much maintenance. In fact, you could continue wearing it for decades without doing anything. The least of your concern will be about any damages to this sturdy metal. Inexpensive and simple steam cleaning is the only kind of maintenance you may ever require. Among all these benefits, platinum has some unique hypoallergenic benefits. There are many people who suffer from various types of allergies associated with metals. Silver, gold and nickel are the common agents. But platinum is almost entirely inert when it comes to contact with the skin. So if you are looking for a precious metal that is safe to your skin, looks great for decades, doesn’t require almost any maintenance, and is a good investment, platinum is the perfect choice.