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Article: 5 Occasions That Call For Custom Jewellery

5 Occasions That Call For Custom Jewellery

Jewellery has always played a part in showing how much you care for someone on a special occasion. However, some occasions are more special than others, and in those circumstances, you need custom-made jewellery.

The Special Occasions That Call For Custom Jewellery In Calgary

  1. Your Engagement
    There is no question that perhaps the most special occasion that calls for custom jewellery is for your engagement. Nothing screams out love and care more than having a custom engagement ring made for your partner. It will speak volumes about the effort you put in, as well as highlighting how special the occasion is for both of you.

  2. A Special Birthday
    A birthday is always special, but people always focus on the ‘major’ celebrations, such as turning 21, hitting 30 or making it to the 50. These are special moments in a person’s life and should be treated with love and care. Custom jewellery can go a long way to making it even more special.

  3. Anniversaries
    Being with someone for a long time means that you're intimately connected with them. Over time you grow to know what they love and don’t love - like what jewellery tickles their fancy. You can apply that knowledge by creating custom jewellery that works for them on your anniversary.

  4. Valentine’s Day
    Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to shower love and affection to someone special in your life. And while buying jewellery as a gift is gorgeous enough, it does not beat the likes of getting a piece of custom jewellery made in Calgary. It is going to mean so much more that you took the time out to get something created for that special person.

  5. Everyday Affection
    Sometimes you don’t need a special occasion to have some custom jewellery made. Sometimes it could be just because you feel like having something made for your partner. Custom jewellery that is made for the person will have a special meaning as you created it for them.

When it comes to showing off how much you care for your loved one, make sure you get custom jewellery for those special occasions. They will love it. Whether you choose a diamond, sapphire or ruby, come into Marlow Design for the perfect custom engagement ring.

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