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Article: Custom Birthstone Jewellery in Calgary

Custom Birthstone Jewellery in Calgary

There is a unique birthstone for every month of the year, and each stone makes a statement and says something unique. If you’re the kind of person that loves your birthstone, you likely look for ways to incorporate into every outfit! Here are 3 ways to stand out by wearing your birthstone.

1. On Your Hands
If you like it, then you should make a ring with it! A custom ring with your birthstone is the perfect way to wear your favourite colour every day. Rings never go out of style, and if you go to a custom jeweller in Calgary, you can have a say in designing a ring that fits your personality and lifestyle perfectly. You could get a subtle stone set in a thin band or an impressive rock that makes a statement. One of the best things about a ring is that you don’t have to worry about matching your outfit to your favourite piece of jewellery. You can also don your birthstone in a gorgeous custom bracelet or wristwatch.

2. Around Your Neck
Represent your birth month with a necklace! When you’re shopping for custom jewellery in Calgary, necklaces leave a lot of room for imagination and creativity. You could go for the bohemian look with a raw, chunky stone, or an elegant, glamorous visage with a dainty chain and brilliant stone.

3. In Your Hair
Your birthstone doesn’t need to be limited to traditional custom jewellery. Headbands and hairpins are every girl’s go-to accessory, and in addition to being practical and useful, they can also be beautiful. Consider wearing your birthstone in your hair with a sparkly headband. If you’re going to a wedding, hair accessories can dress up any updo and compliment your outfit.

Where to Buy Custom Jewellery in Calgary

Whether you want a piece of custom jewellery set with your birthstone, a piece of family jewellery or a custom engagement ring, a custom jeweller in Calgary can satisfy every request. Come into Marlow Design where we can create and perfect any piece of custom jewellery.

For the best diamond rings, family jewellery or jewellery repairs, resizing and cleaning, we have you covered. Let us be your one-stop jewellery shop! Questions? Contact us today for a free quote! Phone: 403-992-8452 Visit: