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Article: August Birthstones: Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel

August Birthstones: Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel

August Birthstones: Peridot, Sardonyx and Spinel

You might be familiar with the concept of birthstones – each month of the year corresponds to a particular precious or semi-precious stone, which holds meaning for those born within a given month. But did you know that some months have more than one birthstone associated with them? In fact, the month of August now boasts three birthstones: peridot, sardonyx and spinel. Each of these birthstones has a distinctive look, unique history, and rich symbolism behind it. Anyone with a birthday in August is in luck, because these three birthstones provide an optimal range of stylish jewelry options. Here is some more information about these three beautiful and distinguished August birthstones.


Peridot is a gemstone that forms deep underground and is brought to the Earth’s surface through volcanic eruption. Its signature lime green colour sets it apart from other gemstones. It is believed that peridot has healing properties and the power to protect the wearer against nightmares. Many people also believe that the signature green colour of peridot helps to reduce anger and stress. The majority of peridot stones today come from Arizona, but there are also pockets of peridot stones in China, Myanmar and Pakistan. Peridot jewelry pairs well with an earth-toned and natural colour palette.


Sardonyx is a type of onyx that is reddish-brown in colour with white banding. Ancient Greek and Roman warriors would wear sardonyx jewelry into battle because it was believed to bring courage and victory. These bold gemstones are most commonly found in India, but they can also be found in Brazil, Germany, Uruguay, and parts of the United States. Sardonyx jewelry adds a bold, powerful accent to any outfit.


The third birthstone typically associated with the month of August is spinel. While often confused with ruby or sapphire, spinel is a gemstone with a character of its own. Spinel stones are actually rarer than rubies, although they can come in bigger sizes. Spinel usually comes in a deep red, but it can also range in colour from orange to light pink. Spinel can also be found in black, violet blue, yellow, and cobalt. Most spinel can be found in Southeast Asia, although deposits have been found around the world in places such as Australia, Nigeria, and the US. Spinel is believed to soothe sadness and protect the wearer from harm. Spinel jewelry is a great way to incorporate a pop of colour into your wardrobe. If your birthday is in August, you’re fortunate enough to have three unique and distinctive birthstones to choose from.

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