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Article: Blogging Tips for Jewellery Designers

Blogging Tips for Jewellery Designers

As a jewellery designer, your focus is to reach out to your target audience with your creativity. Blogging is one of the best platforms for sharing your ideas with everyone. It doesn’t matter how much you advertise your brand or designs, blogging can work as a great communication channel that allows you to convey your message in more details and in a more artistic manner, if you know how to do it. Blogging can help jewellery designers achieve a lot more.

Jewellery Trends

Jewellery designers are the defining end when it comes to developing trends. You play a significant role in this end as a personal or trend designer. You could take your role a step further and discuss the latest trends in the industry and the marketplace. The closer the discussed trends are to your own practice, the better the chances that you will be able to deliver your audiences better. This will help you keep things real so that when your audience turns into your clients, they get exactly what they came looking for. You may discuss other trends in the industry, but it will be better to share information on something that you are a master in.


What can inspire you can also inspire others! They are also human like you. Besides, as a master jewellery designer, you will have the knack for finding perfection – and thus your inspiration could prove to be something “great” for your audience. So this is another point that you could share with your prospects through your blog.

Discuss your Niche

Many jewellery designers have their own niche, and a unique following as well. So creating blog posts focused on your niche such as wedding, engagement, seasonable, a specific type of stone or metal, or anything else could be the right way to get the attention of your target audience. Again, the benefit of focusing on your niche is that you will soon start building strong relationships with (and generating leads from) people who are specifically interested in what you have to offer. There could be nothing better than generating targeted audience for a Custom jewellery designer.

Seasonal Focus

This should be something that becomes part of your blog (not the blog itself). Every new season, you could focus on jewellery designs perfect for that time of the year. Valentine’s Day specialties is one example. Winter-special jewellery designs is another example.


Yes, you can never leave the celebrities out of the picture. Your audience will always be interested in learning about their favourite stars – what they are wearing and how they are matching it with their outfit. You may cover all the bling that all the stars like to flaunt or the more exotic and rare displays. There could however be nothing better than a celeb wearing your design. As a jewellery designer, it’s all about creativity. So the more creative you are, the more interested your audience will be to stick to your blog. Give them value and they will keep coming back for more.