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Article: Why Choose Platinum for your Ring?

Why Choose Platinum for your Ring?

Platinum is extremely durable as a precious metal. It is compared to white gold in its quality, but is more durable, brittle and expensive. The white metal is hard to bend and form into shape. White gold is more malleable and platinum rings can be more easily scratched. But when it comes to diamonds and precious stones, keep in mind that platinum is much more reliable because it can securely keep the stone in place. It is least likely to bend due to any reasons. There are many more reasons why this precious and rare metal is considered so special and the perfect choice for rings. Platinum has a class and aura that is unmatched. If you are a lucky one to wear it, you will easily be seen as someone special. They make the perfect metal for fashion rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings. Here are the main reasons why every woman (and man) must have a platinum ring.

Platinum is Both Shiny and Silky

It is easy to see that white metals like white gold and sterling silver being shiny and attractive. But platinum is unique in that it is not only shiny, it is also silky – a property which is very unique to a precious metal. This unique look and feel to this metal makes it the perfect combination for anything from your closet. The “silky sheen” gives it a special elegance and exotic feel that makes it stand out from the crowd. The best silver and white gold jewellery cannot deliver the aura, touch and color of this precious metal.

Platinum is for Lifetime

It goes without saying that platinum is one of the most durable precious metals. If you want to have your wedding or engagement ring, it will be best to have it designed in platinum. Unlike gold (in any color), this ring will never lose its sheen or color. You can wear it for decades and it will still maintain its looks and integrity. All the wear and tear can develop nothing more than a patina that keeps enhancing its looks.

Platinum is Rare & Exotic

If you are going to wear a diamond ring, it has to be in platinum. The metal may not outlast the stone, but it will certainly outlast you. Platinum is a long term investment because it is found in trace amounts in the earth’s crust. Most of the other commonly used precious metals like gold and silver are more abundantly available. So a platinum ring for your beloved will always be special.

Platinum Doesn’t Require Maintenance

If you don't want to spend anything on your ring in terms of maintenance, don't give a second thought when choosing platinum. Both gold and silver can tarnish and need regular care and maintenance. But platinum is known for its durability and strength. If you want to live with the patina, there’s no need to spend anything on maintenance. So if you want to get any type of ring for yourself or someone you love, platinum is a choice “forever.”