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Article: Calgary Jewellery: 5 Trends You Need to Try this Fall

Calgary Jewellery: 5 Trends You Need to Try this Fall

Calgary Jewellery: 5 Trends You Need to Try this Fall

As far as jewellery trends go, the trends for this fall have the feeling of sparkling extravagance. You have to understand how the impact of your jewellery rings will have as much importance as the dimensions of it. Designers reached a wow factor through different approaches by referencing nature and art.

Trend #1: Go Your Own Way Earrings

Alexander Calder, a famous jewellery designer, seemed to inspire these mobile earrings that fashionably dangle from the earlobe and look fantastic.

Trend #2: Trillion-Cut Diamonds

A diamond rings Calgary company can show you the best of these diamond trends. They look incredibly shiny, and at the end of the day, isn't that what diamond rings are all about?

Trend #3: East-West Style

Popular because they feel comfortable and fit naturally on your finger, the east-west style feels more comfortable than the traditional north-south setting.

Trend #4: Marquise-Cut Diamonds

A marquise-cut diamond will be curved on its side and have a sharp point on both ends of it. The oblong shape of the cut will make the stone look more significant than what it is. A marquise-cut diamond becomes one of the jewellery rings that works for budget-conscious consumers.

Trend #5: Two-Stone Settings

For the person who has a more-is-more mindset, two-stone engagement rings might be the dream choice for your loved one. You can play with the proportions until you find a style that works for you. Freshen up a classic cut stone with some of the unique settings. These are some of the Calgary jewellery trends this fall. Choosing a colour has always been a popular trend, and you can set yourself apart with a gray diamond. One of the things to remember when selecting a diamond ring is how trends come and go, but a ring that you genuinely like will set it apart for years to come. At Marlow Design, we can give you the best diamond rings. If your jewellery is in need of repair, sizing, or cleaning. Let us be your one stop!

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