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Article: Tungsten as an Alternative Precious Metal for Men's Jewellery

Tungsten as an Alternative Precious Metal for Men's Jewellery

Tungsten as an Alternative Precious Metal for Men's Jewellery

When it comes to choosing a ring, looks are often the first priority. Tungsten is a contemporary metal option. It may not be as expensive as gold or platinum, it is highly durable and is capable of retaining its shine longer without the need for polishing too often. Your new jewellery will not retain its original lustre and looks for long without frequent refinishing. But tungsten is an alternative that can bear all the dings and scuffs can still continue with its looks even after years. You can find tungsten rings in different shades, ranging from smokey shades to shiny metal to sparkly black and everything in between. The designs on the other hand can range from be jewelled to simple flat designs. You could also have the jewellery engraved to wear something suited to your personality.


Tungsten is known for its durability. Jewellery made from tungsten is stronger and doesn't easily bend. Rings and other jewellery made from tungsten also have high level of tolerance against tarnishing. Your gold or silver ring can be easily scratched and will require repair. But there is no need to worry with your tungsten rings. These benefits make tungsten an ideal metal of choice for men who are engaged in professions where they need to use their hands. If your work involves lot of risk to your rings, tungsten makes a cost effective yet elegant alternative to gold, silver and platinum.

Long Term Polish

Regular wear doesn’t tarnish your tungsten jewellery. It will take something extraordinary to scratch, break or dent it. The jewellery will retain its polish for years without requiring any maintenance. The only care it needs is once in a month cleaning with soap water. Most people don't think of tungsten jewellery to be anything big. But when polished, its reflective surface can shine like a mirror. Imagine jewellery that keeps shining like a mirror and can sustain it without the need for re-polishing for years. This is a characteristic which is something unique to tungsten. All traditional precious metals are easily tarnished and require regular repair work.


Tungsten is also hypoallergenic. This makes it a good metal of choice for jewellery that can be worn by people with all types of sensitive skins. Many people are unable to wear jewellery made from traditional precious metals because of certain types of allergies. So when you wear pieces made from tungsten, you don't have to worry about any kind of allergic reactions.

Tungsten is Comfortable

Gold and silver may be the most popular options for making jewellery. Tungsten is not only strong and durable, it is also more comfortable than these conventional metals. Men usually wear wider and larger rings and jewellery. This typically makes gold and silver rings heavier. But tungsten is relatively lighter and thus feels more comfortable. The hypoallergenic properties of the metal also mean it doesn't cause any irritation of the skin.


Tungsten is inexpensive compared to most of the conventional precious metals. This is despite its enduring shine, high durability and non-allergenic properties. Even the long term maintenance cost of the jewellery will be almost negligible compared to its gold, platinum or silver counterparts. Tungsten is a contemporary metal option for your jewellery. It is easier and safer to store and take care of. It is ideally suited for those who don't want to spend a lot in the jewellery or its maintenance but still want to use it for long term. If you engage in activities where your jewellery is highly likely to suffer wear and tear, tungsten is easily a better alternative compared to gold, silver and platinum.