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Article: Selecting your engagement ring can be a herculean task-A simple guide to make it easy

Selecting your engagement ring can be a herculean task-A simple guide to make it easy

Engagement rings are preferably diamonds for they symbolise the true love that prevails between the couple. From times immemorial, diamonds have always found a very significant place in stories of love and romance. Fairy tales depict the prince asking the princess hand for marriage with a beautiful solitaire diamond ring.

Why Diamonds for engagement ring? 

Have you ever wondered why diamonds are used for betrothal than any other precious stones? The answer lies in the properties of the diamond that is amazing and perfectly matches the occasion. It is a hard stone that comes with a lifelong guarantee. It doesn’t get destroyed by daily wear and tear. The purity and the innocence of this stone make it the ultimate choice to witness the best memories of the life. Today youngsters bestow their lady love with rich gifts and since diamonds are the most cherished gifts by women, diamond rings are much in demand.The diamond is durable and portrays the everlasting love that exists between the two individuals. The radiance of the stone doesn’t fade over time and remains to shimmer even after many years. A pricey possession, the diamond rings is usually handed over to the coming generation as an heirloom.

Look for four Cs

Picking your dream engagement ring can be a daunting task. But, as a newbie to this jewellery store you can do some homework to avoid being a prey to fake stones. Just look for the four C’s that decides the quality and price of the diamond. Colour - Clarity - Carat - Cut. Pure white diamonds with no flaws can be difficult to get. However, the purity of the diamond lies in its radiance. Pick diamonds that has very little spots and inclusions. Diamonds come in different cuts and the workmanship of the jeweller decides the precision of the cut which enhances its radiance ad sparkle. Diamond is always measured in carat which is the weight and not the quality measure.

Custom design or Designer rings

If you are ready to shell out some money and make a unique and ravishing piece of engagement ring then pick the best crafted ones by master jewellers. The latest trends of engagement ring include, custom designs wherein your ideas, dreams, desires are transformed into a beautiful ring special made for your loved one. Though this involves meticulous discussion with the artisan and designers, you ultimately get a ring that is unique and made perfectly for your love. Through the blend of modern cutting technology and the class of traditional designs, several contemporary designs are crafted on designer engagement rings. Details and intricate designs are created by concentrating on every nuances of the design and you get an engagement ring that is sophisticated and classy in style.


Solitaire can be an expensive affair but it truly represents the personality of the individual. Elegant, simple and precise, solitaire diamond engagement rings can just leave your lady love dumbstruck. The single diamond emits radiance and brilliance that is unmatched.

Online stores

You can also check out the online diamond store which will have a wider range of designs. Besides, shopping online always gets you some benefits through savings. Check for the reviews before finalising the store and enquire about their customer services and so on.

Warranty and grading card

Don’t forget to get the grading card for your diamond. This is a kind of certification about the authenticity of the diamond and its reasonable pricing. It gives you a sense of confidence and in case of any issue you can always present this card.