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Article: Gold & Diamond Jewelry – Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion

Gold & Diamond Jewelry – Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion

Gold and diamond jewelry has long been known as the perfect match when it comes to creating the perfect gift for someone you love. There is an element of simplicity yet sophistication to this combination. It doesn't matter whether it is a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings - they all have a unique class in this combination. So what makes yellow gold and diamond such a great choice for any holiday gift idea?

Endless Variety of Options

The malleability and versatility of gold and the large variety of diamonds and gemstones gives this combination so much room for creativity and customization. You can customize a diamond jewelry ring to your specific liking for design, size, and choice of stones and colors. Gold and diamond jewelry always has a classic appeal to it that is more lovable. It is difficult for anyone to ignore its magic. Even plain diamond rings in yellow or white gold can be lovely. You can set them with multiple small diamonds or other gemstones for more glamorous looks. They can be perfect gifts for anyone in your family. Gold and diamond stand as the perfect example of jewelry if you are thinking of something that sparkles and glitters! The best thing about gold is its versatility. It can take any form – from a graceful gold ring to a chunky necklace to a pair of stud earrings. Besides, it can go well with all types, shapes and colors of diamonds and other precious gemstones.

Tradition of Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry has long been given away as gifts to women, both in and out of the family, as part of special occasions and ritualistic occasions. Jewelry pieces in the yellow metal have always been given away as gifts on engagements rings, weddings, and to newborn babies in both western and eastern cultures. In modern times, custom gold and diamond jewelry pieces have become an integral part of special occasions like Christmas season, New Year, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In fact, gold is also seen as a great gift option for other occasions related to occupational celebrations such as promotion and retirements, not to mention they are common on anniversaries and birthdays. There is a slight difference in the way gold jewelries are bought in western and eastern markets. Low carat gold is usually the standard in the western markets and they are often seen as fashion items of adornment. But in the Asian markets, gold jewelry is cherished in its high carat form. While 22k gold is more commonly used in the eastern markets, 14k and 18k is part of modern gold diamond jewelry in markets like Canada.

Gold Jewelry Gift – Empowerment of Women

Gold is a form of investment tool in many places. In many cultures gifting gold is seen as a form of woman empowerment. When you gift gold and diamond jewelry to your mother, spouse or daughter, it becomes her property. This can be more or less true for 22k gold jewelry. Just like diamond, although to a different class, gold also has a standard for offering long lasting quality. When you gift a gold diamond ring, necklace or bracelet to someone you love, the jewelry will maintain its physical integrity forever. This is why the item can also stand as a symbolical representation of your eternal love for the person. This holiday season when you think of finding the perfect gift for your family, gold and diamond rings or pendants could be the perfect options. The receiver will cherish such a precious gift for many years. Besides, when someone receives a custom jewelry item on special occasions, it will remain as a reminiscence of the important times in their lives.